2020 Mini Cooper 5-door – the first of its kind

The new premium hatchback for the first time in its final form seemed to us at the beginning of the summer. What is true, it was only about the show on the Internet. One way or another, but the fall of the novelty will be available in the UK. It is not surprising that to date information about this unique 2020 Mini Cooper is already more than enough.

2020 Mini Cooper 5 door – photos

According to official sources, the new 2020 Mini Cooper 5-door – year will go on sale from mid-October. It is interesting that the car would be only £ 600 more expensive than the 2020 Mini Cooper with three doors. In general, the manufacturer lays great hopes on its five-door body, because it may pave the way to a much broader list of potential customers. So what is the feature of the five-door 2020 Mini Cooper and what so attracts the attention of motorists and the automotive media?

Let’s try to answer these and many other questions in our today’s review. We will study in detail the new product, look at its exterior, interior, discuss equipment, cost, and let’s not forget perhaps the most important – performance.


It should begin with an overview of what is in the history of 2020 Mini is the first such case. That is, the hatchback 2020 Mini Cooper has never been a five-door. Of course, now, many alleged experts will prove to us that there is a 2020 Mini Countryman and 2020 Mini Klabmen who have five doors. Only it is important to distinguish the concept hatchback that is a traditional body type for 2020 Mini, and other variants of body performance. The same applies to the 2020 Mini Countryman crossovers and Klabmen all rounder.

2020 Mini Cooper 5-door – photo

The car is unique in the fact that though he has much in common with the three-door version in the form of engines, platforms and even gears, still the presence of two-door carries 2020 Mini Cooper 5-door – year to a more practical car, which claims to be the the role of the family.

Let the model became a family, from that of its athletic, aggressive and gamble looks not a bit affected. But the car got more powerful bumpers, more efficient air intakes. In the photo and video materials can be seen now that the five-door 2020 Mini Cooper looks more attractive and harmonious. Yes, in addition to the front of the bumper has not received any updates. But hatchback retained elegant trim grille, classic round head optics, a brand label and a beautiful hood.

2020 Mini Cooper 5 photo Side

The profile in the five-door hatchback version looks even better than its three-door brother. Platform stretched, everything has become more solid, original and even more organic, with all due respect to the development of a three-door hatchback design. Only here the rear doors were still small enough that there is an opening of the door is not as great as we would like. Because it is a bit complicated landing on the back row of large passengers. But as the car is positioned as a family and even cars, the children of these doors is more than enough in order to penetrate into the interior.

Photos 2020 Mini Cooper 5 door –

Behind note quality and stylish optics and bright parking lights that perfectly complete the image of the car.

Let’s say a few words about yet changed some dimensional parameters:

  • length – 3982 mm (in versions equipped with new bumpers length of 4005 mm)
  • width – 1727 millimeters
  • height – 1425 mm
  • wheelbase – 2567 mm
  • clearance – 124 mm.

All this makes it clear that the length of the body became longer by 161 mm in height added another 11 millimeters, and the wheelbase has increased by 72 millimeters at once. As you can imagine, this is compared with the three-door version.


Here the big differences from the five-door version is not worth looking for. From the driver’s seat overlooking the traditional dashboard by 2020 Mini, quite ergonomic interior, comfortable seats in front, easily readable dashboard functionality, but it is clear the central console.

Picture 2020 Mini Cooper 5-door saloon –

Now, with regard to the back row. When compared to the three-door hatchback, here 2020 Mini Cooper 5-door clearly stepped forward. So, legroom has increased by more than seven centimeters and a half centimeters added to the roof.

2020 Mini Cooper 5-door rear seats photo

Plus, the salon has become even wider for six with a little centimeters. This is quite a good idea. But then again, when compared to its predecessor. In any case, if trehdverke could fit behind except Students with lower grades, but now it can even take an adult passenger.

Photos trunk 2020 Mini Cooper 5 door –

If we talk about the trunk, then there is unlikely to rely on the possibility of placing a large amount of luggage. But to go to a big market for shopping for the week is quite possible, since in its normal position the luggage compartment offers 278 liters of space. But if the rear passengers will not be back, and can be omitted as a result get a space at 941 liters, which is very, very bad.


Something and accessories from 2020 Mini Cooper 5 door high enough. No wonder that the car belongs to the category of premium hatchbacks. In fact, the level of equipment of this tells us clearly. Here are some of their components, which are part of the hatchback in the database and as options:

  • high quality finishing materials
  • color display by 8.8 inches
  • navigation system
  • Rear View Camera
  • dual-zone climate control
  • proprietary Harman Kardon speakers
  • active cruise control
  • system, the probability of collision warning and run over pedestrians
  • automatic emergency braking
  • determining the system of road signs
  • Assist with reverse parking
  • Rain sensor
  • Keyless access to the salon and start button engine
  • the drive to the panoramic glass roof
  • heating for the front seats
  • on electric exterior mirrors and heating, plus folding function
  • parking sensors, and more.

It hardly needs to doubt what class this hatchback with some equipment. Of course, many options have to buy for a fee. However, it should also be aware that distinguish the 2020 Mini Cooper 5-door to each other will be, depending on the power plant.


And now is the time to find out how much is the cost really interesting five-door hatchback made in England.

The five-door 2020 Mini Cooper – photo

We already know that in his homeland five-door 2020 Mini Cooper will cost £ 600 more expensive than the three-door version. This means that the starting price will be between 15 900 … No, not dollars, unfortunately. Amounts expressed in pounds sterling. As for the Russian market, there osemeynenny 2020 Mini will appear in November. Its starting price will amount to 940 thousand rubles. For the most powerful version will have to pay more than 1.2 million rubles.


Each of these engines complies with Euro 6, and hence the exhaust rate they have is minimal. The car is offered with front-wheel drive and four variants of power plants. Let’s speak about each of the motors in more detail.

  1. The first petrol engine has a capacity of 1.5 liters and a turbocharger. This allows you to issue a 136 hp power at 220 Nm torque. To hundred with a six-gun mechanics and machine reaches in 8.2 and 8.1 seconds respectively. Maximum speed is 207 kilometers per hour, and the average rate – about 4.8 liters per hundred kilometers.
  2. The second gasoline engine has four cylinders and two liters of working volume. Its capacity is 192 horses and torque – 280 Nm. It works well in tandem with the mechanics and the machine on the six steps. Up to a hundred kilometers per hour and accelerates in 6.9 and 6.8 seconds respectively. Maximum speed with the mechanics – 232, and with a gun – 230 kilometers per hour. As for consumption, it is an average of 5.5-6.0 liters.
  3. The first diesel engine – a three-cylinder 1.5-liter tubomotor at 116 horsepower and 270 Nm of torque. Equipped with the same gasoline engines transmissions, accelerating dynamics but is significantly lower. So, to the level of one hundred kilometers per hour with a hatchback space required 9.5 seconds. Maximum speed – no more than 203 kilometers per hour, but the combined cycle consumption is very modest – only 3.6-3.9 liters of diesel per hundred kilometers traveled path.
  4. Last presented engines – four-cylinder diesel engine with two-liter Trubina. Torque he already 360 Nm, and power – 170 horsepower. Transmissions are the same, and to disperse hundreds took about 7.3-7.4 seconds, depending on the PPC. The maximum speed is higher than that of the first diesel engine – 225 kilometers per hour. As consumption is only slightly inferior to the less powerful diesel engine, since consumes about 4.1-4.2 liters of fuel in a mixed mode.

As soon as the manufacturer promises, the company will offer its customers two more versions. And it will be the cheapest of the five-door hatchback variations. They would be under the hood of a motor of 1.2 liters and 102 horsepower operating on gasoline and 1.5 liter diesel engine without the turbine. Its capacity is 95 hp


2020 Mini Cooper took a break, went out in the five-door version. Yes, as long as it can not be called a full-fledged five-seater cars as the rear still cramped for adults. However, reviews of the owners will be able to put everything in its place. Perhaps our criticism regarding the lack of space and will be superfluous, but still.

Photos from behind 2020 Mini Cooper 5-door

Before us is a beautiful car, which is impossible to ignore. Even if you do not want to buy it yourself. However, when the 2020 Mini Cooper 5-door will pass by you, there is a very small fraction of the probability that you will not spend his gaze. This is a monumental car, which was closer to the people and evolved from a hatchback to two in a fairly logical and desirable family car.