2020 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG Coupe – with a claim to the title of a luxury car

Indeed, this Mercedes has all the chances to become the most luxurious car in the coupe in the history of the brand. Despite the fact that the created 2020 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG Coupe on the basis of a four-door version that is essentially an analogue with a reduced number of doors, it does not take away from the compartment of his merits and charms. That is why 2020 Mercedes-Benz Es 65 AMG Coupe can safely be considered the most elegant, unique and just incredibly beautiful car from a company from Germany.

Today, we’ll contact you to tell in detail about the new product, to disclose all the charm of its design, try to describe the interior as well as introduce you to the technical side of the issue. The car deserves to be talked about a lot. But our task – to bring to you the most important thing that you should know about this coupe.


If you look at a photo of the car, it becomes clear at once – the difference two-door four-door version of the minor. This does not mean that the designers did not have enough imagination to it, in order to alter the car and make it different from its counterpart. The thing is, and so the abolition of the design, which is developed under the four-door variation. Because the development of the coupe have point changes. But they were able to make the car even more attractive and elegant.

Mercedes AMG S65 Coupe

The front of the new acquired elements of chrome edging on the grille. Also, the presence of chrome inserts clearly noticeable on the lower air intake. Optics designers did not touch, leaving her as a dynamic, augmented slightly aggressive and LED components.

2020 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG Coupe photo Side

If you look at the car from the side, here the first thing that catches your eye – this is a completely new wheels. From now on the 2020 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG Coupe manufacturer offers dvadtsatidyuymovye discs with shestnadtsatispitsevuyu shape perfectly suitable for impressive size wheel arches. Powerful large massive door and door mirrors complement the image.

Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe photo

Rear view is fascinating. It is very carefully approached the body kit and create the bumper, set the four tailpipes, which are now paired and are located on both sides of the back. Plus optics nice surprise. What is true, many expected more headroom for rear lid. However, it was decided to keep it compact. Like it or not, but this car is not meant to in his trunk stuffed sacks of potatoes or sugar. But ordinary luggage to fit without any problems and not force throw bags to the back row of seats.


To see more acquainted with the interior, it is advisable to watch the video and learn the car from all angles and from all sides. So you will become closer to the 2020 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG Coupe and will be able to see just how gorgeous it was a coupe.

Photo interior Mercedes AMG S65 Coupe

Do not forget that the project was developed AMG. This clearly makes it clear – from the interior we should expect a similar riot of emotions, as well as from the view of the exterior. So, we can see inside the car sports seats, enclosed in leather upholstery.

Mercedes AMG S65 Coupe interior photo

Plus they have a built-in heating and ventilation. And all this is already in the basic equipment. The instrument panel has a size of 12.2 inches, which concentrates on itself quite a lot of attention. We execute it in style, just a specially tailored for the interior design features. By the way, through this panel, you can literally get all the information about the systems and the compartment units.

Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe photo salon

Describe similar interior is virtually impossible. After all, here we are talking about the highest level of skill of unsurpassed style, ergonomics and stunning imagination simply incredible comfort level. Because such a vehicle should be examined in person, or at least through the photos and video reviews.

Interior pictures Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe


Many probably wonder what will be equipment from 2020 Mercedes-Benz S65 Coupe, and the buyer will be able to get in the basic equipment. As we mentioned earlier, the database will display at 21.2 inches, as well as the following components:

  • adaptive suspension, which can be adjusted in advance to the peculiarities of the road
  • Lithium-ion battery, reducing weight by 20 kilograms
  • 20 inch wheels
  • pad on the stainless steel sills with white illuminated
  • leather sports seats with position memory
  • system electric seat adjustment provisions.

For a surcharge, Mercedes will offer its customers:

  1. branded audio system Burmester
  2. Nappa leather trim interior
  3. carbon-ceramic brake are lighter than standard 20 percent
  4. Night Vision System
  5. system circular view
  6. a full range of modern security systems and all relevant
  7. adaptive cruise control.

Plus, the client can choose which color is his car Centre the instrument interior. So, the Mercedes AMG Coupe offers to make interior in black, brown or color combination.


Of course, it is unlikely one would expect that such a car will be sold at a low price or enter into the category of low-priced coupe. Not at all. This car, which will have to pay very, very much.

Images Mercedes AMG S65 Coupe

Brand new coupe in Germany will be offered at a price of 244 thousand euros for the basic package. In Russia 2020 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG Coupe will have to do later in the year or at the beginning of the next. Russian buyers, experts advise to prepare about 13 million rubles in order to get the opportunity to purchase an elegant coupe in base equipment. By the way, in comparison with its four-door brother, coupe turned more expensive by 1.4 million rubles. If we compare with the S63 coupe, the novelty was already expensive by as much as 4.4 million of our Russian rubles.


Such a moment as the technical characteristics of this compartment is really fascinating. What is true, expect something new in comparison with the four-door sedan from Mercedes is not necessary. And all because, under the hood of the coupe proved to be all the same engine.

Photo Motor Mercedes AMG S65 Coupe

And I have to change the power unit at all cost, if he so excellent? Of course no. Because of the novelty from German avtoproizvolitelya under the hood turned
six-liter twelve-petrol motor. Moreover, it is also biturbirovannym. Due to this, the engineers managed to squeeze out of the engine an impressive
630 horsepower at 1000 Nm of torque. Indicators of really amazing.

Forget the manual gearbox. It will not be here. To cope with such power and torque can only be a modern machine. It was set such, and to couple to the motor. This seven-speed box from AMG, which is ideally shifts gears and allows you to use the full potential of the engine.

But there is some disappointment. The fact that the S63 coupe offered with rear-wheel and front-wheel drive, but the S65 at this opportunity will not be, because all power is transmitted to the rear wheels exclusively. That did not stop the car to become faster four-door sedan and coupe previous.

Photo chassis AMG S65 Coupe

2020 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG Coupe accelerates from zero to a hundred in just 4.1 seconds, two tenths surpassed Mercedes performance cars mentioned above. At the same time the European version, as well as Russian, is likely to be constrained by an electronic collar. Because of him the most on the car can be dispersed only to 250 kilometers per hour. Several more fortunate Americans. The fact that Mercedes has decided to also supply electronic limiter for your coupe, which will be delivered to the US market, but in this case the limit is set at around 300 kilometers per hour.


Needless to say much about this car? Hardly. Its appearance and specifications are already talking about a lot, if not everything.

Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe Pictures

This machine is a dream, you can afford not everyone. But that is exactly what makes such as coupe original, unusual and elegant. Mercedes AMG together with the enormous efforts to create your project and fully met the expectations of their fans. Soon will appear reviews of the owners, who will share their own impressions of it definitely is largely unique car.