2020 Mercedes-Benz S-class Coupe – chic, expensive coupe

It seems that the time of the decline of the Mercedes, when the company presented models are not able to adequately withstand the battle with the main competitors (especially BMW and Audi), irretrievably sunk into oblivion. It is no exaggeration to say that the model of the past few years the German company are fascinating. Was no exception and the latest Mercedes S Class Coupe year, the presentation of which was held in Geneva recently – 6.03.g. Luxurious two-door coupe Mercedes S-Class C217 honored with the index, Sales in Russia, this model will appear this summer.

The basis of the new Mercedes S Class Coupe was the platform 4-door 2020 Mercedes-Benz S-Class W222 (in Russia officially has not been submitted), has undergone a significant decrease.

  • The model parameters are as follows: length is 5027 mm, width – 1899 mm, height – 1411 mm, wheelbase – 2945 mm.
  • The two-door car can be equipped with wheels 18-20 radii – depending on the wishes of the owner. Accordingly, affordable tires for 2020 Mercedes-Benz S Class – 245 / 50R18, 245 / 50R18, either 245 / 40R20.

New Mercedes striking harmony of forms: in front of the original memorized lights equipped with LED (Intelligent Light System) technology – Adaptive lighting (optional opportunity to optical decoration with Swarovski crystals!); falshradiatora nice grill in the middle of which flaunts the world-famous company logo; elegant bumper having side air vents and a wide air intake, which together gives the front of the predatory and recognizable look.

Mercedes S class Coupe photo

Feed coupe Mercedes C217 Ec looker with a great combination of brevity apparent simplicity: adjusted lines, without any unnecessary bending, give the rear of the new Mercedes really finished look that does not require absolutely no extras. In this painting fits perfectly streamlined trunk lid spoiler with stamped and placed horizontally ceiling lighting. Of special mention is stylish bumper with built-in nozzles for the exhaust (the force of the exhaust sound – adjustable).

Mercedes S class Coupe photo

Side two-door coupe is remembered stylish classic proportions allocated elongated bonnet, low roof racks streamlined, huge wheel arches, as well as a kind of mirror. The classic image of cars fit perfectly powerful fins that cross the lateral surface and form the sides of the crossover smooth transitions, while creating the impression of turns, if the sides of cars flows smoothly into clear water.

Mercedes S Class Coupe photo

We can say that the exterior of car failed German engineers and designers at 100% – look away from it almost impossible, while Mercedes S C217 can not be confused with any other vehicle. In general, the competitors Mercedes appeared the most serious causes for concern.

Mercedes S Class Coupe photo salon

When viewed from the passenger compartment 2020 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe, immediately catches the eye, the vast number of its elements is almost entirely borrowed from the Mercedes S-Class. However, on closer inspection, it becomes clear that the interior of S-Class Coupe is much more carefully thought out, so that the cabin has become more comfortable and convenient. The main advantages of interior compartment (when compared to the interior of said 4-door sedan), is ideally suited for active driving three-spoke steering wheel, a huge amount of wood and galvanized elements.

Photos of the new Mercedes S class Coupe

Not without its impressive list of equipment available for cars, both basic and supplementary. Let’s start with the availability of full power (which does not surprise), rear camera (or a panoramic camera), a color projection display Head-Up Display, which transmits a three-dimensional image 21h7sm a distance of about 2 meters in front of the driver – though the picture is hanging in the air; 2-color TFT display (one of which is located on the instrument panel, the second manages the multimedia system).

Images Mercedes S class coupe

From systems that help the driver while driving, select Intelligent Drive, which includes Pre-Safe brake (the system automatically stops the car if there is dangerously close to pedestrians), Distronic Plus (system of active cruise control), Lane KeepingAssist, Bas Plus, NightView Assist Plus, Adaptive High-beam Assist Plus, as well as the audio system Burmester. It is impossible not to note the presence of a panoramic roof, able to regulate the amount of transmitted light (for this is Magic Sky Control system); finish quality natural leather interior; 2-zone automatic climate control; heating, ventilation and massage seats; LED background illumination interior.

Salon Mercedes S Class Coupe

About “smart» Magic Body Control suspension (available only optional), you can talk for a long time. Stereo camera of the new coupe can not only consider approaching bumps in the road – and they will provide all the necessary information on the expected turning – up to their steepness. This car can carry body tilt by up to 2.50 – depending on the features of the upcoming rotation and speed, thus ensuring the safety of the passage of turns.


Outstanding technical characteristics of the new Mercedes S class are consistent with the luxurious interior decoration and elegant exterior. First of all, note the standard established with the Airmatic air suspension – front double wishbone, rear – multi-link; 4Matic drive; 9G Tronic – 9-speed automatic transmission, available to cope with the steep 1000nm. moment.

The engine of the new Mercedes S-Class the year

Currently available version of the 2020 Mercedes-Benz S500 Coupe, which has 4.7 liters. petrol V8 (model name – M278). Motor got two turbochargers, due to which is capable to develop 455 hp and 700 Nm. Somewhat later, in New York, will be presented “charged” version of the permanent studio AMG. However, today known for their approximate characteristics: 2020 Mercedes-Benz S63 Coupe AMG, supplied 5,5l. twin-turbo V8 (585 hp), 2020 Mercedes-Benz S65 Coupe AMG get 6,0l. V12 biturbo (630l.s.). The company says that AMG-version to the first 100 km / h Acceleration for 4,4-4,1sek. – In the case of removing the electronic speed limit.


The price of a new 2020 Mercedes-Benz S500 Coupe appropriate: from 6.5 mln.