2020 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet

Constant attempts to bypass its main competitor Bentley Continental GT has led to the fact that 2020 Mercedes-Benz added to their sedan and coupe S-Class , the new S-Class convertible. Aristocrats, pay attention!

Below the waist line all remained unchanged. Those. everything from relief facing front and to the back of the sharp lines, steeped in style and luxury. Interior also completely copied from the hardtop model. The main distinguishing features of the third member of the S-Class family is concentrated in the top of the car, where is located the magnificent fabric roof.

Three-layer top is improved to the limit, that is, in principle, is not surprising. It utilizes a three-layer, acoustically optimized design, which aims to ensure the silence in the cabin while driving. The roof can be raised and lowered in less than 20 seconds at speeds up to 60 km / h. In the aerodynamic characteristics of the model plant tissue of the roof had no effect.

Choosing a convertible Mercedes S-class, in addition you will get some additional standard equipment, including heaters AirScarf neck area. In addition, the convertible is equipped with a new system Termotronik, which completely replaced the climate control system, the system regulates the climate in the passenger compartment, based on the testimony of 12 sensors and 18 sensors. Sensors read the data on the temperature inside and outside the car, solar radiation, air quality, condensation point, and so on. Yes, you read that right, in the S-Class has a sensor for determining the dew point.

Another new feature – automatic nine-storeyed box 9G-Tronic, which is already used in the SLK-Class and the new the GLC-the Class . New products will only be set in S550, while the new convertible S63 will be equipped with a seven-speed transmission AMG. S550 model engine has a power of 449 hp and a model AMG – 557 hp, which allows the latter to accelerate to 100 km / h in just 3.9 seconds and reach a top speed limited to 300 km / h.

The debut of the two models – S550 convertible and its rival Mercedes-AMG – the exhibition was held at the Frankfurt Motor Show.