2020 Mercedes-Benz CLS – what are the results restyling?

The company held a presentation of its Mercedes cars updated 2020 Mercedes-Benz CLS – sedan and wagon within the Goodwood Festival of Speed, held in mid-summer of this year.

Despite the fact that the car has not yet appeared in our sales, this is a temporary phenomenon. Very soon, the si

tuation is corrected.

But we have all the data in order to make a full review of the car, to explore all of its strengths and even weaknesses. Because we offer you together with us first examine the updated exterior 2020 Mercedes-Benz CLS, to look into the interior, to get acquainted with the proposed options for configuration, as well as find out the prices and specifications.

Since our domestic customers appreciate premium cars, and Mercedes for many is coveted purchase, interest in the new product would be clearly higher. Well, someone just wants to know what has given the planned restyling of these machines, and whether they have become better after.


To begin with, we note that the restyling in this case turned out to be global. The changes, though there are, but rather point. Well, then let’s examine the car from all sides.

Mercedes CLS photo

The front part is decorated with a new bumper, equipped with a more massive and large air vents, as well as an impressive aerodynamic bodywork. Raised grille abundantly shod in chrome and diamond mesh that only emphasized the uniqueness of the vehicle. By the way, it also is a huge label German auto giant. But the main decoration bulkhead – is optics. It is worth looking in more detail.

Thus, included in the optics for LEDs 24, arranged in each of the headlamps. They offer more than two hundred and fifty shades of brightness. Located on the windshield and a special camera control unit, through which a second light pattern may vary hundred times, depending on what the current situation on the road. The system also adjusts the length of the light starting and increased by sixty meters from the normal operation of distant headlights.

The experts who were involved in the creation of optics Multibeam, assure that it is able to illuminate the road 485 meters ahead, and do not dazzle oncoming traffic. Through smart LEDs, as well as data obtained from the navigation system, headlights change their mode of operation while approaching the tunnel. In addition, at intersections and when cornering, they will highlight the turn before the driver began to turn the wheel. When the driver opens the car, the headlights like a wake up and greet its owner pleasing blue glow. It looks like this, of course, great. Several upset by the fact that the smart optics is only available as an option.

Mercedes CLS pictures in profile

Profile of the car, regardless of body type, is fantastic. Here hard to find the words. It is better to see photos and videos, in order to personally verify the validity of our brief description.

Photos Mercedes CLS Rear

As for the stern, here, compared to dorestaylingovoy versions appeared a modified bumper, changed a few dimensions of ceiling. Of course, here LEDs are used in large quantities.

As a result, the exterior can be called great. Yes, although the changes are not so much, but they had enough in order to transform the already remarkable car crown design art.

Do not be amiss to note that the luggage compartment is able to accommodate about 1,550 liters of luggage. Of course, it is a configuration when folded backside back row.

Apparently, the dimensions for vehicles are the same, that is, the sample of the second-generation 2020 Mercedes-Benz CLS This means that kupeobrazny sedan is dimensioned.:

  • length – 4940 mm
  • width – 1881 mm (including exterior rear view mirrors – 2 075 mm)
  • height – 1416 mm
  • wheelbase – 2874 mm
  • ground clearance – 130 mm (due to air suspension, ride height can vary from 110 to 150 millimeters)
  • the amount of luggage – 520 liters.

As for the wagon, then it must also keep the size of its dorestaylingovoy version:

  • length – 4956 mm
  • width – 1881 mm (including exterior rear view mirrors – 2 075 mm)
  • height – 1416 mm
  • wheelbase – 2874 mm
  • ground clearance – 110 or 150 mm
  • the amount of luggage – 590 liters.


In general, changes in the interior was even less than in the exterior. But the blame in this Mercedes is unlikely to, since their TSSL has gorgeous, stunning and very comfortable interior.

Photo salon Mercedes CLS

The front panel consists of a modern, easy to read and informative radii of devices, color display of the onboard computer, the center console to the climate system and the Media. Handle transmission is located in a very convenient location for the driver. There is sufficient space on the arm, plus a comfortable access to all controls.

Photo Interior Mercedes CLS

Stylish multifunction steering wheel is adjustable in all directions. Combined with a comfortable seating area with pronounced lateral support, you can easily adjust the driver’s seat for any person with a different weight, height and so on.

Of course, it is not devoid of comfort and back row, sit on that – is a pleasure. Places lacking in all directions. Even three adults there will be very convenient.

Photos Mercedes CLS the year

As for changes in the interior, they touched upon the installation of an entirely new multi-function steering wheel, controls where more convenient than in the previous. Also there was a compact hub. Another innovation – is a huge touchscreen color display, which is located on the center console. It has a size of 8 inches.


Despite the fact that even in the base 2020 Mercedes-Benz CLS cars are equipped with more than the rich, Mercedes still could not offer a wide range of options. Since the basic version will consist of the usual and standard for the premium equipment of the car, let’s call you a better list of options available for a fee:

  • adaptive cruise control
  • tracking intersection road marking system
  • Auto stop and start movement
  • emergency braking system
  • warning of approaching vehicles at intersections system
  • the blind zones tracking system
  • for being in his band control
  • The parking assistance system
  • parktronic
  • sky cameras
  • full power
  • Comand Online multimedia system
  • smart optics Multibeam
  • four-zone climate control and more.


It is already known that in Russia the first batch of sedans and wagons 2020 Mercedes-Benz CLS will arrive around the end of autumn or in the early winter.

For the version with the weakest diesel engine dealers are asked to 2.5 million rubles. The more powerful diesel or 333 hp gasoline version of the equipment will cost at least 2.8 million rubles.

Yes, the prices are quite high and expected. But it is unlikely to interfere with successful sales in Russia and in other countries where going to offer its restyled version of the model CLS company Mercedes.


Restyling led to changes in the technical component. So now that the technical characteristics are even more impressive.

Let’s start with the fact that there was a nine-storeyed Automatic transmission instead of the previous semidiapazonnogo machine.

As for the engines, they will be only six.

  1. Gasoline. Instead version CLS 350 will now offer the CLS 400 with an engine capacity of 3.0 liter, six-cylinder and 333 hp power forces with torque of 480 Nm. Version 500 is unchanged and includes eight cylinders 408 horsepower and torque of 600 Nm.
  2. Diesel. The youngest of diesel engines turned 220 BlueTec, which delivers 170 horsepower and 400 Nm. This is followed by 250 BlueTec with 204 horsepower with a torque of 500 Nm. But the most powerful diesel will get 258 horsepower and 620 Nm.

Also, in cooperation with Mercedes AMG will offer two versions of the hurricane:

  1. The first includes a bi-turbo engine capacity of 5.5 liters and 557 horsepower with a torque of 720 Nm. Complete with a seven-speed sports automatic engine gearbox.
  2. Second AMG version has the same volume, but increased to 585 horsepower power and 800 Nm of torque. In conjunction with all-wheel drive to the first hundred car accelerates in 3.6 seconds. The maximum speed is limited by the electronic collar. Guess at what mark? That’s right, 250 kilometers per hour.

However, if desired, can escape from this limiter. And then the machine will show his true capabilities, will drive you inside this beast up to 330 kilometers per hour, or even higher.

Photos of the new engine 2020 Mercedes-Benz CLS

In this case the manufacturer is proud that despite the high power, its engines are reasonably modest fuel consumption. Full details on this subject were not disclosed, but the Mercedes declaration indicates that the engine produces 557 horsepower in the combined cycle will “eat” less than ten liters of fuel per hundred kilometers traveled path.


The company Mercedes acts in her usual way. It produces a very interesting and even a little ahead of its time model, then it makes a small planned restyling. As a result, the car is still relevant, and receives innovation, the continuing validity of the model even for the next few years.

Pictures Mercedes CLS

About appearance can talk endlessly. And all the words will be commendable. What sedan that wagon turned feast for the eyes. Inside, even without major changes, it remains cozy, comfortable, stylish and incredibly expensive. Yes, and reviews of the owners dorestaylingovoy version is repeatedly confirmed.

Needless to say that the technical characteristics of outstanding? Earlier engines have been canceled, but the engineers were able to achieve even better results. Plus, it is nice pleases the figure of 9.9 liters per hundred kilometers from the 557-strong motor. I would like to know more, what will be the real expense. Especially in the city.

This is an expensive premium car. But, hell, it’s worth every penny to pay for it.

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