2020 McLaren P1

The new pride for the British, and the new troublemaker for automotive enthusiasts. Introducing 2020 McLaren P1 – a new world of exotic, incredible speed and excellent physics, which you probably never thought of.

Dream embodied in the “flesh” was first presented at the Paris Motor

Show in . Exotic 2020 McLaren P1 with a lot of muscles and aggressive design is easy to distinguish from the crowd, even, even if this “background” – its competitors from Porsche and Ferarri .

Front hypercar has thin LED headlamps of prey in the form of a boomerang, a thin front bumper, bent in the form of a friendly smile and a splitter. Very low landing to the ground provides a high downforce at high speeds, in addition, the machine visually widens and looks more dynamic. In the middle of the hood, there are two “deep-water” vents and the roof is an additional air intake. Sideways, 2020 McLaren hypercar looks “smooth” somewhat sophisticated. Special curves on the doors, allow to direct the air flow. The side skirt additionally lined with “fin”, which reduces the air resistance for the rear wheels. The back side of ultrafast rival the Porsche 918 look like a powerful spaceship. Thin lines of LED lights “lick” the edge of the body, in the middle of showing off a powerful “jet” exhaust pipe, and bottom of the bumper is decorated with two powerful cone. The climax is an exquisite high-tech spoiler, made in the shape of a bowl.

To save weight the interior was made by Spartan. Carbon interior, massive D- shaped steering wheel with gearshift paddles in the form of tablespoons, tough bucket sports seats, air conditioning and controls – all that will see the buyer, opening the “swan” door. High technology will feature a large display located behind the steering wheel. Incidentally, the process of planting interior will resemble Molojen game Twister. A separate panel handed down the engine start button, select the operating mode and charging motor.

Speaking of engines, designed for ideal road racing track, the 2020 McLaren P1 received a turbocharged 3.8 – liter petrol engine capacity of 727 liters. from. and 720 Nm of torque. Both figures are already quite impressive in itself, but the company’s engineers “called for help” motor with an additional 176 liters. from. power. As a result, hypercar was 903 liters. and with a power of 900 Nm torque. The impressive 2.8 seconds and acceleration to hundreds and 16.5 to 300 km / h, significantly faster than the 918. Employing motor power P1 is able to “crawl” 12 km.

The machine can be operated in three modes settings: Normal, Sport and Race. Each mode has an individual suspension setup, the assembled technology of Formula 1, the control settings of the engine and control systems. Technologies involved to create the model, P1 allow the queue to become the hero of the film by Steven Spielberg. Note that all 375 cars have already been sold for 1 150 000 USD.

2020 McLaren P1 – a car can cause furious beating of the heart and a huge rush of adrenaline. After the trip you will have to decorate the nursery, giddy smile from ear to ear,.

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