2020 McLaren 650S

Some may assume that $ 1 million to win the lottery – the key to happiness. But we are ready to assert that the new 2020 McLaren 650S – more enjoyable and extraordinary prize.

Launched in mid-2011 MP4-12C 2020 McLaren was an excellent sports car. However, he really did not have enough brightness, expressiveness and expressiveness inherent in the competition: the 458 Italia and Lamborghini Gallardo. Therefore, the result of disgruntled engineers the 2020 McLaren , sorting through more than a dozen components, managed to create a more sophisticated model – 2020 McLaren 650S, presented at the Geneva Motor Show.

Compared to all of the same 12S, 650S model looks more masculine and aggressive. The body model is made of carbon fiber with aluminum components. Up front, the headlights have a menacing shape of a boomerang, and with relief air intakes reminiscent of a curved neck and head of an ibis bird. On the side, the car got quite massive air intakes and the muscular lines descending make sports car a more dynamic and rapid even when it is standing still. On wheels fitted forged wheels that are “packaged” in the “tenacious” tires Pirelli PZero Corsa (305 / 30-20 rear and 235 / 35-19 in the front). Separately, it is worth paying attention to doors that open like a flick of the wings of butterflies. Behind, 2020 McLaren got stricter LED lights arranged horizontally, a small spoiler and two exhaust pipes and a powerful dvuhreberny diffuser.

Inside, the passenger is in “power” soft bucket seats made of carbon fiber. General view of the interior charms: a neat line on the gray suede, which is decorated with a large part of the interior, aluminum and carbon fiber elements of decor, as well as a central torpedo made by analogy of military fighters. 2020 McLaren minimized the number of buttons, thus simplifying the interaction between driver and car. On the driver’s console, tachometer “sandwiched” between two data digital displays. The original design of “differences” and a three-spoke steering wheel is curved. However, there is a small flaw British engineers: the lack of space for things like a cell phone or keys.

Pressing the start button, behind your back “comes to life” 3.8-liter V8 M838T twin-turbo, which has received new pistons, cylinder heads, intake valve and cams. The result – a 641 horsepower, 678 Nm of torque, and 3 seconds of time to accelerate to hundreds. 650S have good manners at low speeds, thanks to a seven-speed automatic transmission with double clutch. PPC has 3 basic setting mode: Normal, Sport, and the Track, which change throttle response, gear change speed and tone of the exhaust.

The considerable contribution to you a high level of comfortable introduced innovative Proactive Chassis Control suspension system (BSS), which uses adaptive dampers instantly react to any changes in the road surface. Suspension also has 3 different settings: Normal, Sport and Track.

2020 McLaren 650S offers a dazzling acceleration, impeccable design, quick response to the accelerator pedal, a comfortable, but exciting ride and low noise levels. Cost of Echigo “dizzy” virtues is 18,950,000 rubles.