2020 Mazda 6 – updated car from Japan

Company 2020 Mazda arrived at the auto show in Los Angeles with several novelties. Among them was restyled crossover CX-5 , as well as two variations of body restyled 2020 Mazda 6 year. As you can imagine, it is a sedan and wagon.

2020 Mazda 6 2016 photo restyling

As expected, the news became more aggressive, more interesting, more modern and more desirable. Experts from Japan, updated body, almost entirely changed the salon offered a long list of new features. Plus the best part is that technically came the changes.

Just note that major changes do not look at the appearance. Innovation is, but rather can be called a point. But the interior was pleased and surprised, exactly like the new layout, parts in the engine compartment. But let us all in turn.


Official photo and video materials give us to understand that even such point changes can seriously affect the external perception of the car. As a result, the sedan and wagon began to look more solid, interesting and even a little bit more aggressive.

The updated 2020 Mazda 6 2016 photo

The front end sports a newer headlamps that have become adaptive and received LED stuffing. Changed several trim grille, concluded its chrome edging them, which at night is also highlighted. The lower bumper has a more athletic shape, and on the edges there was a plenty of room for LED lamps protivotumanok.

2020 Mazda 6 2016 photo Side

If you were not previously familiar with dorestaylingovoy sedan or station wagon version of the 2020 Mazda 6, find the differences, you will be quite difficult. But they are in the airfoil.

Photos side of the versatile 2020 Mazda 6 2016

Lies upgrading the appearance of several other wheel disc radius of 19 inches, as well as to equip the antenna in the shape of a shark fin on the roof. The vehicle has maintained its perfect smooth line, the correct shape and size side doors, wheel arches perfectly executed, and sporting exterior mirrors.

2020 Mazda 6 2016 photo back

Behind innovation hard to notice even the expert. But even there, the designers made some adjustments. So, they changed a few lines of the bumper, as well as sidelights changed since their LEDs. Plus, both body preserved convenient tailgate, beautiful exhaust nozzle and monumental bumper.

Of course, the dimensions of the sedan and wagon can not be the same. But after the restyling, they have remained the same, despite the change in the bumpers and not only.

  • 2020 Mazda 6 sedan Dimensions:
    • length – 4865 mm
    • width – 1840 millimeters
    • height – 1450 mm
    • wheelbase – 2830 mm
    • ground clearance – 160 mm.
  • Dimensions wagon 2020 Mazda 6 Wagon:
    • length – 4805 mm
    • width – 1840 millimeters
    • height – 1480 mm
    • wheelbase – 2750 mm
    • ground clearance – 160 mm.
At the moment, the manufacturer offers ten different paint options for its sedan and wagon. The list includes two choices of white paint, and silver, dark gray, blue, dark blue, bright red, black, and two more – a brown and silver color variant.


If the exterior has changed only slightly, the inside was a lot more changes. And many of them are very noticeable in the interior.

The updated 2020 Mazda 6 2016 photo salon

Let’s start with a new front panel, which is equipped with inserts of leather, new deflectors of the climate system. At the top of the dashboard is a large touch screen of 7 inches and a multimedia complex 2020 Mazda Connect. The central console made more on it placed the climate control unit.

2020 Mazda 6 2016 restyled interior photo

Front tunnel, which shared the driver and front passenger, also became more respectable. Where previously housed a mechanical parking brake lever is now located compact button electric brake.

Photos 2020 Mazda 6 2016 Interior

2020 Mazda has equipped not only the first but also the second row of brand new chairs and a sofa, which are more comfortable, more convenient. Ahead, we note a very good lateral support, and rear – a successful design that can easily sit on the couch even three high and large passengers.

That is, the interior can only speak to the positive. To find flaws, even with a strong desire will not work. The interior plan of the Japanese tried to downright gorgeous. No wonder experts call one of the showrooms of 2020 Mazda’s best-in-class and in its price category.


Of course, the equipment will remain basically the same as it was in dorestaylingovoy version. Only now the manufacturer will offer a wide range of new equipment. What will be included in the database, and what will be the options, not yet entirely clear. However, the list of new products, we will voice you:

  • front and rear fog lights LED
  • leather
  • heated front seats
  • rear couch
  • electric adjustment position of the front seats
  • 2020 Mazda Connect multimedia system
  • touchscreen color display is 7 inches
  • button electric parking brake
  • alloy wheels 19-inch radius
  • adaptive cruise control
  • adaptive climate control
  • tracking system for marking on the road and its intersection
  • the degree of driver fatigue monitoring system
  • for dead zones tracking system
  • emergency braking system when the threat of a collision in front and back and forth.

This is only a small part of what will be offered in an updated version of 2020 Mazda in June 2016. The list of options that are left of dorestaylingovoy version , you can see in our previous reviews.

We note also that the engineers worked on sound and noise isolation, thus reducing noise levels when driving on the highway at 25 percent, and when driving on bad roads – 10 percent. Of course, compared to dorestaylingovoy version.


In contrast to the crossover CX-5, which is in Russian sales will start together with global sales, sedan and wagon 2020 Mazda 6 will have to wait.

For the European market new products will be available early next year, while before the Russian official dealers 2020 Mazda 6 gets only in the summer, or can a little earlier.

New 2020 Mazda 6 2016 years Photo

As for the price, it is estimated, and makes up for Russia about 900 thousand rubles for the base version.


As we have said, the specifications for the updated sedan and the wagon a few corrected. For example, we worked on the suspension setting new shock absorbers to ensure a smooth stroke, and changed the front suspension lower arms. Version with a diesel engine is now offered with all-wheel drive system, but as an option.

Motors themselves have not changed. They are, as before, remains five. This three petrol power units and two diesel.

    1. Junior petrol engine has a capacity of 2 liters and power of 145 horsepower
    2. Forced version of the two-liter engine had 165 horsepower
    3. The eldest of the petrol engines – a 2.5 liter unit capacity of 192 horsepower.
    1. The role of the two diesel engines perform one motor with two degrees of boost. The first for a volume of 2.2 liters produces 150 horsepower,
    2. and the second – 175 horses.

Each of the motors can be equipped with a six-speed mechanics or six-speed automatic. Gearboxes and engines made by SkyActive technology.


Many already managed to catch the fancy of the latest generation of the 2020 Mazda 6 and the restyling – a great way to further expand the customer base of the company from Japan.

Photos updated 2020 Mazda 6 wagon 2016

One can not deny the fact that 2020 Mazda 6 year was solid, interesting and aggressive, even with minimal changes in appearance. Inside, there was an improved interior, although on the former no one complained. Yes, in terms of technical characteristics change a little, and the motors are not touched at all. But why change something that works so perfectly?

Pictures of the new 2020 Mazda 6 year

Current engines SkyActive – winners of many awards and competitions for the title of best powertrains. They have good capacity, excellent dynamics and remarkable savings in terms of fuel consumption. Modifying them can be, and in the company of 2020 Mazda, apparently, this is already engaged. But the sense to put new engines on restyling the version no. But for a new generation, it is obvious, we are waiting for a new era of engine by 2020 Mazda. To this already I want to see. Unfortunately, the company itself is no information on the development of new engines did not disclose. But we know that work is being done.