2020 Mazda 5 – beautiful family station wagon

Presentation of the current, the 2nd generation of the 2020 Mazda 5 – (according Autoexpert – one of the most beautiful compact wagon offered in the domestic market), held in Geneva in 2010, but then started the production of this model.

For such statements there is every reason – to 2020 Mazda 5 – model year, decorate a neat tapered headlights, large bumper air intake is very original form, reminiscent smile – the front part of the new 2020 Mazda 3 car resembles in many ways.

– 2020 Mazda 5 photos

Beautiful elements that accentuate the look of the front of the car, a dark steel inserts on the sides of the front bumper, which house fog.

– 2020 Mazda 5 photos

Stern looks original, but it is more solid, aided by large ceiling lighting with a large tailgate. The overall picture is crowned by a small bumper made in sporty style.

Photos 2020 Mazda 5 -, the side

The most attention-turned side of the new 2020 Mazda 5 – flowing bonnet, set at a large angle windshield, high window-sill line, large doorways rear sliding doors. Also on the side of car stands out thanks to the undulating vyshtampovok forming profiles of the front wheel arches and flowing along the body up to the rear.

Photo wagon 2020 Mazda 5 – year

It should be noted and improved aerodynamic performance cars, through which developers were able to reduce the hit to the front of the mud and the water flows. Also, the manufacturer focuses on the materials used for production of car body – high-quality galvanized steel, due to which wagon received a guarantee from the rust on the body of 12-years old!

  • Dimensions of the new 2020 Mazda 5 are as follows: length – 4585 mm, width – 1750 mm, height – 1615 mm, wheelbase indicators – 2750 mm, clearance – 130 mm.
  • The basic version has 205/55 R16 tires, comes with 16-inch light-alloy. wheels, more expensive versions are equipped with 205/50 R17 tires on 17-inch. alloy wheels.
  • Notice and opportunity to install on car tires 195/65 R15, 225/45 R17, 225/40 R18, or with alloy wheels of appropriate dimensions.

For the new car provides a considerable number of color variants, with the basic colors of all third black, pearl and metallic. Other colors are available for a fee: blue, silver, white, red, gray, blue – about 13,000 rubles.

Photo salon 2020 Mazda 5 – year

Salon meets the usual arrangement of main controls: multifunction steering wheel, “dressed” in the skin, it provides for two adjustment parameters. Informative instruments settled in quite deep wells, the front panel is different hard plastic, convenient console has a small screen, which is the information content is poor as to make out little characters have to squint all the time. Torpedo massive, here placed controls all functions and systems – from the audio system to handle PPC.

The first row of seats is quite comfortable – no problems will be able to accommodate even those whose growth exceeds 190 cm, this contributes to a large number of adjustments. Also, the front seats have received electric heating and excellent lateral support.

Photos 2020 Mazda 5 – Front row seats

Landing on the back row of handy – contribute to this huge doorways and sliding doors, which optionally provides for a drive. The rear seats are soft, comfortable location three passengers contributes to comfortable cushion. Among the shortcomings should be noted the lack of legroom. Chairs can be moved 270 mm, folding and unfolding, turning the interior into a 5 or 7-seater.

Roof 2020 Mazda 5 photo

The luggage compartment 2020 Mazda 5, in the presence of 7 people in the cabin instead of 158 liters. cargo, with folded seats 3rd row will increase to 426 liters by folding more and 2nd row, we obtain the capacity of 780 liters. – If the trunk is loaded to glass. In the case of the addition of two rear rows of seats turns flat cargo area with capacity for 1480 liters. cargo (provided “under the ceiling” downloads).

Interior materials are high quality plastic and fabric, optional leather trim available. Note and a large selection of a variety of accessories designed to personalize the car – luggage, sporting fixtures, a lot of lighting options, a variety of covers, spoiler, floor mats, and blankets.

Price and equipment

In Russia, 2020 Mazda May modenogo year is available in 2 trim levels:

  • Starting Touring is equipped with fog lights, headlight washers, climate control, heated front seats, 4 electric windows, central locking, audio system, heated electric mirrors, trip computer, ABS, EBD, EBA, DSC , TCS, 8 Mew pillows.
  • The next version of the car, the Active, added xenon, parking sensors, light sensors, rain, tire pressure, as well as cruise control.
option Engine Price Fuel Drive unit
Touring 2.0 AT (144 hp) 999 000 Petrol Front
Active 2.0 AT (144 hp) 1090000 Petrol Front

The price of a new 2020 Mazda 5 g Rossi starts with a mark of 999 000 rubles. – So much asking for basic equipment Touring; in the case of adding the electric doors, installation of rain sensors and light, as well as parking sensors, the cost increases to 1.043 million rubles. In the salons of official representatives from the Active equipment worth 1.09 million rubles.


The new 2020 Mazda 5 has received the following specifications: an independent front suspension (MacPherson), a multi-link rear circuit, disc brakes, electric power steering (change effort, regardless of the speed), front-wheel drive platform.

The new wagon is equipped with a gasoline 4-cylinder engine (144 hp), is aggregated with 5-speed automatic transmission, which allows you to select gears manually. The power unit accelerates the weighing almost 1.5 tons. Auto up to 100 km / h in 13.1 sec., Providing a top speed of 186 km / h. The manufacturer declared consumption of 6.5 liters. in komborezhime, and 11.2 liters. when driving in the city. In the opinion of the owners of cars, it can be argued that the actual consumption of 7.5-9.5 liters. while driving on the highway, as well as 10-13,5 l. while driving in the city – a significant impact on consumption has a driving style.

Photos 2020 Mazda May model year

On the test drive the 2020 Mazda 5 has demonstrated all the qualities of a family car: good Steering descriptiveness minor roll during cornering, elastic suspension and shock absorbers. All this allows us to feel quite confident cars even on the broken roads completely covered with pits – suspension copes well with them, and the insulation prevents the salon extraneous sounds. Note that in the case of driving on poor-quality pavement or road, the informativeness of steering is not going anywhere – all the bumps will be transmitted to the steering wheel.

Pictures 2020 Mazda May

When driving on the highway, having a good cover, wagon showed himself perfectly, we can safely say that the movement over long distances is the basic purpose of car – in comfortable seats can be long enough without feeling any discomfort. Of course, talking about the dynamics of any severity is not necessary, but it is unlikely this is the main thing for the family car.