2020 Mazda 2 Sedan : A new popular car body

The first appearance of the 2020 Mazda 2 was mnogoozhidaemym event. However, the car was originally presented only in a single type of body – a hatchback. It caused a big stir, but because the sedan out was a matter of time.

marked the beginning of the production of other body modifications, which were waiting for, in principle, yet at the same time with the hatchback – a sedan. Quite frankly, the novelty looks much more interesting and more concise than the Hatch. Although, as they say, the taste and color of friends … there is

Car 2020 Mazda 2 Sedan years produced in Thailand. It was from there he will come to other global markets, including Russia.

Well, now interesting to see what turned out to be a brand new sedan, how much it differs from the hatchback, and some original innovations offer its owners.

The machine is increased interest, as will be officially delivered to our domestic customers. In addition, according to statistics, prefer sedans more than hatchbacks. It is worth to pay tribute to the first body modification 2020 Mazda 2. It is in high demand, which led to a rather rapid appearance of a sedan.

The appearance of the new 2020 Mazda 2 Sedan

Appearance of a novelty fully reflects the new global design of the Japanese automaker. Despite the fact that this is a classic modern mid-size sedan, it has hints of sportiness in its form. For this, many are so fond of the new generation of 2020 Mazda models.

The front part is not particularly need to be presented since it is formed with the same accuracy as that of the hatch. This is a new branded trim grille polygonal shape, predatory head optics, classic round fog lamps in the “body” of a powerful sports bumper. It looks cool machine, anyway.

Picture 2020 Mazda 2 Sedan Side

Side of the car stands almost complete lack of a level surface. All kinds of waves, give the body vyshtampovki elegance, sophistication. Sills were very high, fanned wheel arches, like a sports car, and the roof had a real dome shape. Agree, in this component sedan still was better than the hatchback.

Photos seana back

The rear part is decorated with a neat, compact cap, leading to the luggage compartment, supplemented with a small spoiler. Also in the presence of a muscular bumper emphasize the sporty character of the new items. It is impossible not to notice the original rear lights, which in the best way not only to complete the architecture of the stern, but the entire vehicle as a whole.

The choice of buyers will be offered in two sizes of wheels with a variety of design solutions. The basic machine is equipped with wheels 15 inches, and in the more expensive models are already 16-inch wheels.


Dimensions of the car is quite in line with expectations from the sedan of the class to which belongs and the Japanese car:

  • length – 4320 mm;
  • height – 1470 mm;
  • width – 1730 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2570 mm;
  • ground clearance – 140 mm.

Clearance is not exactly be called a large, but for the urban destination of the car very well. Of course, on the road to this “Japanese” is better not to go, otherwise there is a high risk to get stuck already at the first hill.

Also, the manufacturer offers a pretty good list of the colors of the body, which in total consists of eight different colors. The list includes such colors as white, silver, red, black, gray, blue, snow white, red and dark brown.

Pictures sedan saloon 2020 Mazda 2

Do not think that with such small dimensions of the vehicle is not able to accommodate comfortably at passengers on board. Salon is designed for five people, including the driver. And back sofa space enough so there fit three people with normal growth under 185 centimeters.


If we talk about the luggage compartment, it is at the default location of the backs of the second row can accommodate 380 liters of cargo. Thus they fall back, creating almost three times more space. Alas, many disappoint basic equipment for the simple reason that can not accommodate the folding rear seats in it.


The very same interior is similar to the hatchback style. The simplicity, accuracy, precise fitting parts, solid-quality materials, excellent ergonomics. This is probably exactly what you expect from a modern mid-range sedan.

The machine retains a certain sportiness in the interior design. This manufacturer tried to reach by convenient multifunction steering wheel, wells instrumentation on the dashboard, close to the sports seats for driver and front passenger. Plus all the controls are placed well, finding its natural place in the center console and the center console.

interior architecture designed in such a way as to deliver maximum comfort to the driver while driving without distracting him from the road. Honestly, the idea was able to realize one hundred percent. We should also note the presence of the unit Center Commander. It is located directly under the fingertips of the driver, and with it controls all functions of the MZD Connect multimedia system.


While we can only speak about the packaging, which is offered in Thailand. On the 2020 Mazda 2 Sedan today sold exclusively in this market. Most likely, Europe and Russia will face similar equipment variants. The base sedan offers:

  1. spoiler on the trunk;
  2. exterior mirrors with electric adjustment;
  3. on-board computer;
  4. central locking;
  5. air conditioning;
  6. electric windows on all four doors;
  7. height adjustable steering column;
  8. sound system on four speakers;
  9. side curtain airbags;
  10. front air bags;
  11. Security HLA, TCS, DSC, EBD, ABS.

If the basic equipment will seem a little, you can buy the most maximally compressed version of the sedan, which will include:

  1. automatically foldable exterior mirrors;
  2. fog lights;
  3. keyless entry system in the cabin;
  4. climate control;
  5. multimedia system;
  6. multimedia touch color display 7 inches;
  7. voice control;
  8. navigation system;
  9. advanced audio system 6 speakers;
  10. Head-Up Display Active Driving.

The price of a new 2020 Mazda 2 sedan year

As previously mentioned, the car performed today only in Thailand. Moreover, there is only one now available for purchase through a network of authorized dealers.

Nowhere more than the sedan is not available. However, by year’s end promise to rectify the situation, starting sales in Europe and, most importantly, on the territory of Russia.

If we talk about the prices, the starting price of the sedan will be from 20 700 dollars. For the most expensive version will have to pay about 24,300 dollars. A total of three options available equipment, as well as various motors, directly affecting the price of the car.

Technical characteristics of the 2020 Mazda 2 sedan

The car has a fairly good technical characteristics, but it seems that the engines could be offered and more powerful.

Machines are already equipped with the basic electric power steering, and ventilated disc brakes front, drum rear. The expensive models all-wheel disc brakes complement.

In Thailand, the car offers a single uncontested motor, which belongs to the family Skyactive-D. This diesel power unit volume of 1.5 liters and 105 horsepower and a torque of 250 Nm.

Have i-Stop system and i-Eloop provides a very efficient fuel consumption. According to the manufacturer, for every 100 kilometers of road car takes just 3.4 liters of diesel fuel. The volume of the tank is limited to only 44 liters, allowing a full tank to drive about 1,300 kilometers.

No one doubts that a wider range of engines will prepare for Europe and Russia. In addition to the diesel generator set, it is expected appearance of three petrol engine capacity of 115, 90 and 75 horsepower.

Work motors will be a six-speed automatic or mechanics by 5 or 6 speeds depending on customer choice.

As you may have noticed, very powerful motor is not provided for the sedan. It is possible that over time, 2020 Mazda will release some extreme version of the 2020 Mazda 2 Sedan is, or else offer a special package with sports modification. While it may be an option, and with the emergence of a powerful engine in the line of powertrains available.

One way or another, but the car is positioned as an urban sedan with highly efficient engines, the main task – to save fuel and money of their owners. For this task, judging by the reviews of owners from Thailand, the sedan handles great. However, as the hatchback.



Exit the 2020 Mazda 2 Sedan has been a long-awaited event for many. Yes, before his appearance on the market will have to wait about 6-8 months, but to be frank, the car is worth.

Novelty has a more attractive design than the hatchback, excellent interior design, solid furnishing, as well as economical engines, with dynamic performance that problems should arise. Plus, the price tag of $ 20-24 thousand dollars looks very, very attractive.

Because look forward to the car in Russia. It is obvious that the problems of low levels we have sales and 2020 Mazda is not exactly face in European countries, pointing to the authorized dealers brand new sedan.