2020 Mazda 2 New – a single step from the new traditions

As is known, the output of the new crossover CX-5 is powered by 2020 Mazda marked the beginning of new traditions in the manufacturer’s design. Their new automobiles and future generations of existing models received traditional appearance, made in a single style. This happened with the 2018-2019 Mazda 6 , 2020 Mazda 3 , and now the turn to the 2020 Mazda 2.

Today, a new generation of 2020 Mazda 2 hatchback year fully ready to run in production. However, the official presentation of the Japanese decided to spend the autumn, as part of the annual motor show in Paris.

To the delight of millions, the company 2020 Mazda has decided that its 2020 Mazda 2 new generation before they declassify this event. The result is closer to the completion of the summer managed to find out what will be the appearance at the hatch, what he boast technical characteristics, and even what would be the interior.


Already on the photo of the new car can be seen that it is entirely made in the framework of the new corporate identity of the Japanese manufacturer, which was called Kodo. This narekat that 2020 Mazda has released another car similar to each other is difficult. Yes, they are similar, but they are different and insanely attractive.

Compared with the previous generation 2020 Mazda 2, the current 2020 Mazda 2 year became brighter, more dynamic, sportier charismatic. They can not even put a number, as the old 2020 Mazda 2 will be on the background of new items and some dull gray piece of metal.

2020 Mazda 2 2016 photo

The front part shows a compact head optics with LED elements for the daytime running lights. Also excellent and left front bumper, in which the corners of the logical and right fog lamps. Incidentally, although the bumper and massive, it does not create the impression of excess weight for the machine. Traditional grille trim and elegant slit in the lower air intake complement the image of the car and create a very attractive appearance.

The new 2020 Mazda 2 2016 photo

If you look at a novelty in profile, you’ll see a very bold lines, passion, dynamics, even without movement and sports notes. At the same time designers are very well thought out question of practicality. This can be seen on the basis of a long, close the door and a large space for the landing of the driver and passengers. Sill get high, especially on the back of the room, but it only gives the muscles hatchback.

New 2020 Mazda 2 2016 photo

The back of the stands a large bumper with diffuser, a small luggage compartment door with spoylrom and stylish optics. In principle, there are no claims does not and can not.

Summing up the exterior, the new 2020 Mazda 2 became really interesting, stylish, bold, fashion. This is a car, the wheel which you want to sit and who want to own. Also note that for the female half of the machine is adapted more, although men are unlikely to give up such a hatchback.


Even before the release of information about the interior of the 2020 Mazda 2 year, the manufacturer promises that will increase the quality of finishing, improve ergonomics, make the interior more stylish, modern and great record for its class.

Interior Photo new 2020 Mazda 2 2016

In fact, 2020 Mazda has kept its word. As a result, as seen in the video and the photo inside was bright and airy. Behind it can accommodate three passengers at once without problems. Driver and front passenger even luckier because they can sit on comfortable chairs with high excellent lateral support.

2020 Mazda 2 2016 photo salon

As for the driving position, there will be a stylish instrument panel, steering wheel with three spokes and a compact size, on-board computer, and even a projection screen in front of him. What is true, the latter is only available as an option.

Photos front of the 2020 Mazda 2 2016

The front panel 2020 Mazda 2 year performed in a simple style, equipped with baffles of the climate system, reminiscent of aircraft equipment, as well as a large touch screen to control the media, and not only. The center console is a small, but it is ideally positioned climate controls and a number of other buttons. Manage settings and multimedia easily, smoothly and successfully installed a gearbox.

About the interior could be said more briefly – it’s great. Inside it is very spacious for this class of car, all done qualitatively, modern and tidy. Find fault even if you want seriously to anything.


Unfortunately, about packaging 2020 Mazda has not announced anything. Obviously, the equipment of the car will be very, very solid, even in the basic version.

We’ll have to wait for some time. Most likely, the information regarding the complete sets of equipment and options specifically for our market will be during or immediately after the completion of the Paris Motor Show, which will take place this fall. And so we wait for official information and do not waste your time on speculation and assumptions.


Fortunately, about the cost of new items is well known enough. At least now you can begin to collect the indicative amount, so one of the first to become the owner of the 2020 Mazda 2 hatchback, as soon as he gets to the Russian dealers.

2020 Mazda 2 2016 photo

Of course, the first to experience the delights of the new generation 2020 Mazda 2 will be able to residents of Japan. That car there will start selling in October this year. In Europe, 2020 Mazda will carry their hatchbacks in January next year.

As for the price, the car will offer European consumers at a price of 12-13 thousand euros. Until we get a hatchback should spring . The rate is approximate. Anyway, 600 thousand rubles can be prepared safely. It will cost about as much in the basic version of the new generation 2020 Mazda 2.


Surprisingly, even this manufacturer did not want to keep secret until the official presentation. Perhaps the desire to declassify the car is a commercial strategy aimed at increasing the attractiveness of new products long before its sale. So potential buyers will be able to become better acquainted with the hatchback, to examine its merits and decide to wait for the market, rather than waste your time on other competitors’ cars.

Photo Motor 2020 Mazda 2 2016

Anyway, about the technical characteristics of talk is always interesting. Especially knowing that when creating 2020 Mazda 2 Company ispolzvat SkyActive technology. This means that production is based on hatchback using excess strong and durable steel as well as light and compact suspension.

At the start of the car sales offer four motors, one of which is a diesel, gasoline, and three. They will be equipped with both mechanical and automatic transmissions. Each of the PPC will be 6 stages.

Now for the motor.

  1. . Engine turbo 1.5-liter Its capacity of 105 horsepower, and torque – 250 Nm. It complies with Euro 6 and spends the combined cycle of just 3.4 liters of diesel fuel.
  2. The petrol engine of 1.3 liters and 100 horsepower under the hood.
  3. The petrol 1.5-liter engine with 115 horsepower and 90, depending on the modification.

Yes, the information on motors not complete, but also it is worth to say a huge thank you to the manufacturer. They uncovered many details about his interesting novelties.


Having got acquainted with the new generation 2020 Mazda 2 New year, we can say that the producer has kept the promises given before the release of official information about the hatchback. It looks nice, sporty and dynamic and technical characteristics are unlikely to leave anyone dissatisfied.

Of course, about the new car from 2020 Mazda will still learn a lot at the Paris Motor Show. But according to available information it is clear that it is a formidable competitor in the market, which must be in demand and very popular. In particular, if the price will indeed be at a level which is expected to see the hatchback.