2020 Lifan X80 photo price and packaging, video

Previously, many of those who wanted to have the confidence to go not only for the city, on and off-road, choose their large, powerful SUVs. However, it should be frank. Number of trips out of town, on nature, fishing, in some places, the road to which is poor, can not be compared with the activity of operation of the machine in normal urban environments.

Simply put, on the twenty-trips around the city there is one dressage beyond that can really need an SUV capabilities. And even this need not always. At the same time, large SUVs are always consumed a lot of fuel. Needed was a worthy alternative to the car can operate normally in the conditions of the city, without depriving the latter of money at the gas station owner, but at the same time, if necessary, is able to pass on would be the forest belt, get out of the pit, drive through a deep puddle of mud overcome. Crossovers – As a new class was created.

And today it is the most popular on the market. Yes, according to his ability to conquer off-road jeeps they are inferior, created specifically for such difficult conditions. But not essential. Plus ensures the confidence and economic operation in the city. Not surprisingly, the number of auto companies began to immediately create their own variations of crossovers.

They did not want to lag behind Chinese avtopromyshlennikom. Yes, their first attempts were disastrous, but with time the situation began to change. A striking proof of the progress of the Chinese automotive industry in terms of crossover became the vehicle output 2020 Lifan X80 year. The machine looks interesting, pretty well decorated inside. Most importantly, the new product is delivered to the Russian market, and therefore deserves increased attention to themselves on our part.

Exterior 2020 Lifan X80

2020 Lifang Company is rather young, as started its activities in 1992 alone. During this time, he managed to achieve good success, to create a series of cars presented, including in Russia. 2020 Lifan X80 is not an exception.

The first photos and videos began to appear in early . Even then we found out that the car will be offered with a five-seater and seven-seater interior option, the latter has received an increased wheelbase.

As for the exterior, there is a crossover looks like a full-fledged SUV, only slightly reduced size.

Photo 2020 Lifan X80 Front

The front part is decorated with a large, chrome trim grille with three large horizontal bridges. Grille flows smoothly into a solid head optics, which could not have done without the use of LEDs. Front bumper monumental, powerful and aggressive, complete sections under fog lights and daytime running lights.

Sideways and everything looks great. Protection from black unpainted plastic on the wheel arches, big wheels, comfortable large doors, almost perfectly flat roofline with roof rails, high windows, folding door mirrors with LED turn signal repeaters, ribbons.

By stern no complaints because the tailgate, bumpers, and even optics very well thought out. You can give a definite advance for appearance, since some serious flaws we have not yet discovered.

In appearance the Chinese crossover traces of the Japanese cars. Apparently, their experience and Chinese experts have adopted, but there is in any case we are not talking about copying or plagiarism.

By the way, among all the crossovers that the company has released 2020 Lifan Model X80 is the largest. A good design can be a major weapon in the fight for customers. Let us now see how the exterior corresponds to the cabin.

Interior 2020 Lifan X80

Surprisingly, here we do not see retirement of decisions, a low level of ergonomics and other errors, typical for Chinese automakers.

Photo salon 2020 Lifan X80

Instead – a modern multi-function steering wheel, stylish shift knob, a large front panel, multimedia complex, and more.

The second row offers passengers adjustable headrests, a spacious sofa. Quite comfortable there was also the third row. He does not play the role of a conditioned seat, designed exclusively for children. Even adults can get there without any problems.

The exact dimensions of the manufacturer has not yet announced, but it is reported that the size of 2020 Lifan X80 will correspond to such models as the Mitsubishi Pajero and Kia Sorento. As is well known, these two cars is far from small.

Options 2020 Lifan X80

Currently 2020 Lifang clearly not made it clear what equipment and what optional equipment is going to offer to their customers from Russia. But judging by the available data, the list might look like this:

  • multi-function steering wheel;
  • leather trimmed steering wheel;
  • adjustable steering wheel height and depth;
  • on-board computer;
  • multimedia complex;
  • touchscreen multimedia system;
  • sound system;
  • navigation system;
  • air conditioning or climate control;
  • Leather or fabric upholstery;
  • electric folding door mirrors;
  • LED repeaters in the door mirrors;
  • LED daytime running lights;
  • fog lights;
  • set of airbags;
  • heated front seats;
  • decorative inserts under a tree;
  • electric sunroof;
  • central locking remote control;
  • immobilizer;
  • signaling;
  • a set of security systems and so forth.

Most likely, Russia 2020 Lifan offer for fixed equipment, and the ability to complement the car several options for a fee.

Price 2020 Lifan X80

Officially prices 2020 Lifang company has not yet confirmed. But here it is important to take into account one thing. For 2020 Lifan X80 as the main competitor performs another Chinese crossover – Great Wall Haval H3. Competitor really decent, but the bodice and there is every chance to surpass him.

Of course, 2020 Lifan can not afford to put a higher price tag than Hava X3 because it will negatively affect in the fight for customers. Because it is expected that both will be represented by a crossover in the same price range.

Since the Great Wall is already available and its price tags are known, then we can assume how much it will cost the purchase of crossover 2020 Lifan X80. We are talking about approximately 750-800 thousand rubles for the base version, or about 830 thousand rubles for the top equipment.

Given the availability of additional options, the cost may rise. However, experts believe that even the most filled with all sorts of equipment variation 2020 Lifan X80 will not cost more than a million rubles.

Collect the car will be in Russia, which will also save more on drafting the final price tag.

If we take into account the appearance of the car, its interior, the wealth of equipment and, of course, reasonable prices, it is possible that after some time 2020 Lifan X80 will be released in the leading position among crossovers and SUVs in terms of sales among all car data segments, which deliver to Russia from Chinese automakers.

Prospects for the novelty of 2020 Lifan enough light. Most importantly, the car was exactly the way it positions the company. Plus a lot depends on the Russian side, because that our masters have to deal with the assembly. Lack of missteps in this case will allow to appreciate the SUV with five or seven seats.

Specifications 2020 Lifan X80

If we talk about the technical specifications, the manufacturer is to be used as their own development, and borrowed from the Japanese partners.

By the way, as a partner, but rather a supplier of engines, is a company Mitsubishi. For 2020 Lifan X80 provides for the use of atmospheric engine capacity of 2.4 liters, whose power is 165 horsepower. Incidentally, this same engine is installed under the hood of the flagship sedan of the Chinese company – 2020 Lifan 820.


Well, having a detailed overview of the Chinese crossover 2020 Lifan X80 year, there were some thoughts about him.

First of all, the machine is pleasantly pleased with their appearance. This is perhaps one of the most beautiful crossover released in China in recent years. I do not disappoint, and interior and pleasantly pleased with the equipment. While it is not communicated to the prices, but they are expected to be adequate, accessible level.

Add to that two solid power of the motor, which are well suited for the crossover of this size and weight. The result is a very promising device that can deservedly be the best-selling and popular Chinese SUV on the Russian market.

In any case, time will put everything in its place. The main thing is that during the assembly of Chinese cars, our experts do not make any mistakes, and not sent to the market in the worst performance of the car than was planned in the company 2020 Lifan. Unfortunately, such situations are not uncommon.