2020 Lifan X60 – a new crossover from China

2020 Lifan X60 – a new compact crossover in China, which was presented in Shanghai in the spring of this year. In China, 2020 Lifan X60 is already on sale, the price is around $ 12 500.

As everyone knows, the Chinese are very much like to take as the basis of their vehicles, which some Europeans, proven in the market and enjoys a good demand. In this crossover seen some similarities with the Japanese car Toyota RAV4 new generation, of course themselves lifanovtsy insist that it is entirely their development.

Specifications 2020 Lifan X60, can boast of a new engine with the abbreviation VVT (immediately comes to mind the Japanese development of VVT-i, which is used in the new engines Toyotas) and a volume of 1.8 liters, which allows it to squeeze out 133 horsepower. This engine VVT ​​LFB479Q 1.8 was developed in collaboration with the British company RECARDO (rekardovtsy themselves do not deny), and uses a lot of parts of German companies such as Bosch and Valeo. Perhaps the Chinese engine reaching a new level of quality.

As for the design of this compact crossover, it is similar to how most of these machines. Disc brakes on all four wheels with ABS. The rear multi-link independent suspension, front McPherson. Rack and pinion steering with hydraulic booster. The engine is attached well without any vibration, shock and other discomfort on the body is not transmitted.

Chinese claim that the crossover will not get all-wheel drive, as they believe it is not competitive. By 4WD price will rise and he will no longer be considered a budgetary crossover.

Of all the declared one we can conclude: We get a good urban wagon with high ground clearance (clearance) (very high quality turned out not strange for the Chinese) with a good interior. To use a good finish plastic and fabric. Foreign smell was not observed, there was only the smell of new sealants and adhesives, but he quickly blown away.

Shop in a small Chinese, certainly easier than toyotovskih typewriters, they made it quite simple. About RAV4 recalls only manage climate-control and the location of the vent. The advantages include transformation of the rear seats. Throwing a pillow forward and laid back, you can get almost perfectly flat surface for cargo.

2020 Lifan’a weight was 1330 kg, almost the same as the majority of cars C – class. Therefore, about the motor with 133 hp you can not worry, it will be enough for the eyes.

Many people wonder how consumption bodice x60, it is 8.2 liters per 100 km. Very good for a crossover, I would say it is certainly not up to the race, but the city would be enough to drive. The first two programs are very short, but the third prolonged due to this is the gain in fuel consumption.

2020 Lifan Motors wants to open spring x60 production in Russia, namely in the city of Cherkessk. whether success will crown a new compact crossover or not, we’ll see in a couple of years.