2020 Lifan X50 : photo, video test drive characteristics

Now the presence of a wide range of Chinese cars in our country is no surprise. But if some manufacturers, we did not know, the other during the time of his presence had to achieve a certain position, consumer confidence. Because interest in these machines increased.

Photo 2020 Lifan x50 & nbsp; year

Since the buyer trusts, then the manufacturer provides the required quality. Knowing the pricing policy of the Chinese car industry, many of today there is a desire to buy a good car for little money. This component of the company 2020 Lifan quite succeeded, since its models are sold actively on the territory of Russia and CIS countries, taking advantage of a well-deserved popularity.

Not so long ago, in the framework of international Beijing motor show, which took place in , 2020 Lifan company presented its new compact crossover, which is named 2020 Lifan X50.

To name a full-fledged crossover vehicle does not turn language. Rather psevdokrossover or SUV, is based on a compact hatchback. Either way, a relative novelty is the four-door sedan producer as limber they painfully similar.

Exterior 2020 Lifan x50

In principle, this visual similarity with the sedan Celliya ends at X50 as crossover looks more recklessly, sporty, interesting. Suppose they have the same platform, but in the component appearance SUV clearly wins.

In the photo and video materials can be said that a special solidity of the Chinese novelty attached plastic kit. He is doing a decorative role, it gives a small car crossover appearance, plus protects the body from damage on the perimeter.

Photo 2020 Lifan x50 & nbsp; Front

The front of us meets a powerful bumper, solid air inlet formed in the shape of a trapezoid, original slots under the fog lamps based on light-emitting diodes, interesting optics. All this together creates a very attractive picture.

Photo 2020 Lifan x50 Side

On the side we see the swiftness, the desire to show their abilities on the road near the car. The original glazing line, powerful wheel arches, excellent light-alloy wheels, sloping roof, quite competently-designed doors, short bonnet. It is currently charged hatchback. Although all of the same plastic protective body kits make it clear that we are dealing with a compact crossover.

Photo 2020 Lifan x50 back

The rear part deserves huge praise for the designers address. They obviously did not copy anything, but were able to create an incredibly attractive image. It would seem not so often manufacturers are paying so much attention to the stern, trying to create the most attractive from the front. But then the back of the front is even more interesting in many respects. Something even resembles modern solutions from Alfa Romeo. Accurate tailgate with spoiler on top kaplievidnye lights, heavy bumper, the original line.

Well, for the exterior can be put very high score without doubt share.

In order to confirm that the vehicle meets the performance is quite modern psevdokrossoverov in size, give you some figures showing the true dimensions of the 2020 Lifan X50:

  • length – 4100 mm;
  • width – 1722 mm;
  • height – 1540 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2550 mm;
  • ground clearance – 200 mm (or even more).

Interior 2020 Lifan X50

In principle, the interior was a good continuation of the exterior. Bright interior, interesting design, a fairly high level of ergonomics.

Photo salon 2020 Lifan X50

Designers managed to work out nice dashboard, center console, intelligently distribute controls, getting rid of the feeling of massiveness, fullness. Plus added some sporting touches as a small steering wheel rim, bright yellow illumination on the instrument panel.

Photo of the front seats 2020 Lifan X50

Unfortunately, there has not been without drawbacks. Alas, the front seats are very flat, have only a very subtle hint of lateral support. In fact, it is not. But there lifter, adjustable column, allowing you to tailor the driver’s seat for height, weight and other parameters of any person.

Photo rear seats 2020 Lifan X50

Since the wheel base is small, expect a wide open space on the second row is hardly worth it. However, if people sit there with athletic growth of not more than 180 centimeters, they would be comfortable. Close to passengers in this regard, it will be harder.

Photo 2020 Lifan x50 boot

As for the trunk, then the standard position of the second row back its volume is 570 liters. If necessary loading area can be increased by lowering the seat. But the smooth surface is still not formed, because the rest is pretty high ledge.

2020 Lifan x50 Components

But the car accessories from China very impressive. Of course, this is largely a tradition for the Chinese auto industry to produce a machine with a very rich base equipment. And crossover 2020 Lifan X50 is no exception obviously became, as the basis of a wide list of useful equipment:

  1. The ESP, ABS, EBD;
  2. six airbags;
  3. front fog lights;
  4. rear fog lights;
  5. LED daytime running lights;
  6. LED turn signal repeaters in the door mirrors;
  7. chrome grille;
  8. chrome door handles;
  9. alloy wheels of 15 inches;
  10. leather seats;
  11. heated front seats;
  12. electric power steering;
  13. electric windows on all doors;
  14. adjustable driver’s seat in six directions;
  15. air conditioning;
  16. electric door mirrors;
  17. heated outside mirrors;
  18. standard audio system in the 4 speakers;
  19. central locking with remote control;
  20. rear parking sensors.

Price 2020 Lifan x50

2020 Lifan X50 car sold in China since September last year, while in Russia, the start of sales is scheduled for spring around the year.

At home, this compact crossover can be purchased for as low as 60 to 90 million yuan. This is about 350-530 thousand Russian rubles.

If we talk about the prices for Russia, they should be at a level ranging from 520 thousand rubles. It is not bad, considering the basic equipment.

Specifications x50

More than once we were disappointed at how unsuccessful see technical data on the background of the exterior, interior, car equipment. And in most cases it was a question about the Chinese cars.

Alas, nothing special but we 2020 Lifan X50 failed to please. Front-wheel drive is not particularly powerful motor. In fact, given the size and weight of the machine, then this engine may be enough, in order to meet the needs of the driver. But expect a sharp and rapid acceleration is not necessary.

And all because that is located under the hood aspirated petrol engine capacity of 1.5 liters. It produces only 103 horsepower and 133 Nm of torque. Working engine can with a CVT or a five-step mechanics, at the buyer’s choice. The manufacturer claims that the average consumption of the car of 6.5 liters per 100 kilometers.

In fact, even such a motor is to rejoice. After all, the Chinese did not offer us another, even less attractive engine available on the China market. It is offered to buyers as an alternative to the 1.3-liter gasoline engine, whose power is 94 horsepower, and torque – 119 Nm. Yes, and it works only with the mechanics.

Video test drive 2020 Lifan x50


Well, access to our market trends such as the 2020 Lifan X50 year looks pretty good. For that kind of money to find a decent analogues are not so simple, if you look.

Of course, the company still has room for improvement and development. But let’s be frank. Basic equipment in psevdokrossovera great, looks great machine, and inside everything is done at a very high level. The small size of SUV and light weight allow quite content with 103 horsepower. Yet this three-digit number, which means the accelerator pedal the engine should respond more or less well.