2020 Lifan Solano : a photo, price and packaging, video

I agree with you even more skeptical attitude to the beginning of the supply of Chinese cars outside China. And indeed, the first attempt and the first models appeared worse than all expectations, the car turned out to be of poor quality, dull or just copied the design, without the slightest hint of modern trends.

Photo 2020 Lifan Solano

Apparently, many Chinese companies are able to learn from their mistakes. Otherwise, the situation that is emerging today can not explain. For vehicles from China is really changing attitudes, and in the best possible way. Improve their design, interior is more comfortable, packaging, as before, offer a wealth of all kinds of equipment and technical data are not so far from the Korean and some European cars.

In principle, the Chinese have no choice but to evolve and improve, improve their cars offer consumers something new, more interesting, appropriate to their needs and wishes. A striking example of what China manufacturers are listening to customers was the release of the model 2020 Lifan Solano, which is a continuation of the model who wore the index of 620. The official name of the new items – 2020 Lifan Solano 630.

Preceded went on sale in China and Russia back in 2010, and during this period the car was achieved solid popularity and trust of customers. And this is a very important point. Of course, that pattern models present some shortcomings, revealing flaws that buyers are forgiven because of the low price and decent quality. The new 2020 Lifan Solano is intended not only to correct previous errors, but also to continue the successful path of his predecessor.

How this can be a sedan, we try to find out in our review.

Exterior 2020 Lifan Solano

If you put 630 and 620 side by side, find the differences will not be so easy. Changes were few, but all of which were made to address the major mistakes. Frankly, with respect to the 620 model it was something to complain about in terms of the exterior.

Photo 2020 Lifan Solano Front

The front end has changed quite seriously, getting a new trim grille, interesting shape head optics, as well as the original front bumper with dedicated sections for fog lights. There’s even a bit of a correlation with the Lexus models, the new model. It is an imitation of the coil or on the front of the hourglass. But it is doubtful whether it was a copy.

Photo 2020 Lifan Solano Side

Side of the car looks the same as before. Small wheel arches, compact wheels, rather large side doors, classic shape profile for a low-cost sedan. That is, it looks like a bad thing, but it was too standard. No novelty here is not observed.

Photo 2020 Lifan Solano back

Stern was much more fun. Comfortable and large boot lid, raised bumper, solid rear glazing that provides a comfortable driver’s view when reversing. There is also provided just a huge optics. It looks like this, of course, against the backdrop of the dimensions of the car. However, such a decision can be called successful.

Speaking of dimensions. They have undergone certain changes, but largely remained loyal to his class. In numbers, it looks as follows:

  • length – 4610 mm;
  • width – 1705 mm;
  • height – 1495 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2605 mm.

Interior 2020 Lifan Solano

Inside, the car has changed much less than outside. But here, some changes can be traced.

First of all, pleasantly pleased updated instrument panel, as well as a new block of buttons, responsible for management of the climatic equipment.

Photo salon 2020 Lifan Solano

Front seats they were, and have remained so. On the one hand, they are comfortable and soft, but their obvious drawback – the lack of any hint of lateral support. The finishing materials used is not of the highest quality. Plastic leaves much to be desired.

Photo steering 2020 Lifan Solano

In general, the interior turned out to be good in terms of the organization of space, ergonomics. Another thing is that the quality of material upsetting. And fitting elements is far from perfect, as the naked eye visible gaps, squeaky plastic. This budget does not call salon. It looks pretty good.

Photo of the front seats 2020 Lifan Solano

Salon is designed for four or five people, depending on the size of passengers. Pleasantly pleased that the luggage compartment remains unchanged. After all, its volume is an impressive 650 liters.

Photo rear seats 2020 Lifan Solano

Rear passengers will not interfere with the ceiling, because the growth of 190 centimeters is still reserve space over the top in a few centimeters. That is closely interior will not name. There could have something to praise Chinese engineers and designers.

As we have said, visible in the assembly gaps and misalignment. Although when compared to its predecessor, at the 2020 Lifan Solano improvement on the face. Clearance less, they are not as serious, and distortions at all, as we have seen, we have disappeared.

Of course, this ideal salon will not name even close. Still, the company learns from its mistakes, corrects previously admitted missteps, is moving in the right direction of development. And it is this fact pleasantly pleased. If 2020 Lifan continue to continue in the same vein, we do not envy the leading automakers, as there is a potentially formidable competitor on the horizon.

Options 2020 Lifan Solano

Generally 2020 Lifang notes that there are three configuration options for the Russian market, but in fact there are two. The fact that the second and third grade differ by only one element – the presence of CVT transmission.

With titles equipment the company also did not particularly bother, calling the basic comfort and more advanced – a Luxury, ie Luxury.

The basic equipment includes:

  • base engine;
  • Manual Transmission;
  • forged wheels;
  • chrome package elements;
  • Security EBD, ABS;
  • air conditioning;
  • interior cloth wheel;
  • two front airbags;
  • sound system on four discs;
  • parking sensors.

It looks pretty good, considering even the presence of fog lamps, electric windows and the rest of the more obvious equipment.

If you complete comfort seem a little, you can order a version of the more expensive equipment. Here you will get:

  1. leather upholstery;
  2. immobilizer;
  3. six audio speakers;
  4. alloy wheels;
  5. remote door opening system, etc..

Price 2020 Lifan Solano

As mentioned above, the car 2020 Lifan Solano year is offered in three trim levels. Although the latter is no different, in addition to the CVT variator, but the prices are significantly different.

Thus, the base model will cost in the amount of 440 thousand rubles. If, however, stop your choice on a full equip, then prepare to pay about 465 rubles a minimum.

But a car with a CVT instead of the standard manual transmission starts with a price tag of 520 thousand rubles. Agree surcharge for CVT is essential.

As expected, the significant price compared to its predecessor 2020 Lifan Solano is not changed. But the increased quality of the interior execution, there are some new options, plus the car looks now much fresher and more modern. In fact, this is exactly what expect from 2020 Lifan its potential clients in the first place. They waited. Now we learn how change the technical characteristics of the car.

Specifications 2020 Lifan Solano

We begin, perhaps, with the suspension. Behind the use of semi-trailing arms the system, while the front we are dealing with MacPherson struts.

This architecture is enough to confidently and comfortably move to the middle and low speed. But when driving more than 100 kilometers per hour irregularities will be felt and bring some discomfort. high-speed driving mode is not particularly suitable for this car. Machine behaved rather badly, and when entering the sharp turns, because the car noticeably heels. There is added plus the lack of lateral support and the corresponding departure from the chair.

Management has become easier and more convenient. Largely thanks to electric power steering, which was not previously. However, the feedback electronics is poor. As a result, periodic dips in the management, if you lose the connection with the machine, it does not answer the helm. It is not good.

As for the engine compartment, there is no need to choose this time. At 620 immediately offered two engines, 2020 Lifan Solano but will cost only one.

It is about shestnadtsatiklapannom power unit volume of 1.5 liter that produces 74 horsepower dull. Torque thereof reaches 131 Nm. The engine provides acceleration from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in an endless 15.5 seconds and top speed is 170 kilometers per hour.

Fuel consumption pretty good – about 7.5 liters per 100 kilometers in the combined cycle. Due to the volume of the fuel tank of 58 liters, you will be able to travel about 800 kilometers, without visiting the gas station.

You can choose from to complement the engine five-speed manual gearbox or a CVT CVT. Alas, the selection box does not give special advantages, since the dynamics and the maximum speed will remain at the same level.

In the camp of 2020 Lifan report that eventually powertrain line may expand. When exactly this will happen, and whether the expansion of the Russian market touches, remains unknown. At this point you have to settle for this 74-horsepower engine.

Video test drive 2020 Lifan Solano


Indeed, 2020 Lifan Solano was able to change a few opinions about how the company 2020 Lifan, and the Chinese automotive industry as a whole. On the one hand, the manufacturer takes into account their mistakes, seeks to correct them according to their capabilities. But everything does not always work, but the effort can be seen with the naked eye.

Still, while talking about the bright prospects early. Too much “raw” are obtained by machines, there are too many complaints to him, which considerably outweigh all the virtues. And the strengths of the car in the face of 2020 Lifan Solano really is. It is the competent organization of the cabin, despite its quality, nice list of options, attractive, updated look, a huge trunk.

Only here it is not clear why it is so difficult to equip a car engine that will generate at least 120 horsepower? Then the ratio of the car will change instantly, and the cheap plastic is not evident, the gaps between the elements will become even more noticeable. But alas, from us here already nothing depends.

Let us hope that in the future, 2020 Lifan will correct these errors, and eventually be able to reach a level of quality, a fight not only to other manufacturers from China, and even to put in place some of the companies, which are only due to its big names allow to frank failed to establish a model inflated price tags.