2020 Lifan Solano 620

Popularity Chinese sedan 2020 Lifan Solano is growing stronger every year, and after the update in the fall of , the car has expanded the options for PPC choice and greatly improved the quality of interior trim, as well as increased the number of additional options. At this point in the line of 2020 Lifan, it is the top model Solano, but the manufacturer promises will soon lead to Russia a few notable novelties that might beat 2020 Lifan Solano . But the Chinese have not once said, even after the release of new products, they will continue to increase the production of 2020 Lifan Solano.

From the history of the model 2020 Lifan 620 Solano, we can say that the car has appeared five years ago in 2007, taking up a position as one of the most successful innovations of the Chinese. Two years later, Solano production was adjusted in Cherkessk, which allowed to sell cars in Russia. The model does not once subjected to renewal, but the last restyling allowed 2020 Lifan 620 Solano in to become the brightest of all the history of this model.

2020 Lifan 620 Solano photos

Appearance does not shine somehow beyond the natural design, stylish but small elements significantly improve the exterior of the budget sedan. He certainly is not poor, but not the exhibition class, it is a regular sedan with a look that was going on with a piece of design solutions applied to the budget car C-Class.

  • Regarding the dimensions, 2020 Lifan 620 Solano is equal to the length of 4550 mm, wheelbase 2605 mm takes, shirena equal to 1705 mm and a height of sedan left 1495 mm.
  • Glue front is 1470 mm and at the back of 1,460 mm clearance (clearance) equal to 150 mm. Weight 1225 kg sedan.

Serious Adding to the interior 2020 Lifan Solano 620 during the update does not happen. The whole emphasis producer fell on quality of finishing materials.

2020 Lifan Solano 620 Photo of interior

Assessing the sedan cabin, we can say that it has become more vivid and fresh, also positively affected the use of more high-quality plastic, which is much more pleasant to the touch. According to the manufacturer, they have upgraded the front seats, making them more comfortable, but we did not feel like a significant change. The trunk remained at the same level, with capacity of 650 liters.


At the moment, the new sedan 2020 Lifan Solano (620) , offers technical features which include two petrol power units. Engine made by analogy, both in-line, four-cylinder, 16 valve the DOHC, multi-point fuel injection system.

Photo powertrain 2020 Lifan 620 Solano

Displacement of the former 1.6-liter, at 6000 rpm This unit produces 106 horsepower. Peak torque is achieved at 3500 rpm and 137 Nm attain to the level. This engine will drive sedan weighing 1.2 t. To 100 km / h in 15.5 seconds, top speed is smooth 170 km / h. Fuel consumption 2020 Lifan Solano with this engine will be equal to an average of 7.4 liters in the mixing mode. Paired with the engine in the standard five-speed running mechanics (manual transmission), is also available optionally, a recent CVT CVT.

Photos 2020 Lifan Solano 620

The second motor is considered the top-end for 2020 Lifan 620 Solano, it has a volume of 1.8 liters. At 6000 rpm, the unit will issue a full 125 fillies, limit peak occurs at 4200 rpm, is 160 Nm. This motor benefits in acceleration to hundreds of whole 1.5 seconds of the first motor (14.0 seconds to 100 km / h.). Do not know about you, but I am with the purchase would not overpay for the engine, which is superior to the dynamics of acceleration just 1.5 seconds, even comparing with similar competitors, this is not an impressive result. But the engine is increased ceiling of the maximum speed to 200 km / h. Like the engine is considered to be the flagship, but it works only with a manual transmission, 5 speed manual transmission. Fuel consumption is around the level of 8.2 liters of gasoline.

2020 Lifan Solano photo

Chassis Lebanon Solano 620 uses a front independent suspension with MacPherson struts, rear Semi-dependent beam with trailing arms, all built on the basis of a strong body. After the update has been retuned suspension, resulting in Solano became more adapted to domestic roads. All four wheels are good disc brakes, front-wheel ventilated even delivered. Used mechanical parking brake, ABS and EBD system. To assist steering is power.

Very pleased, as a result of the restyling 2020 Lifan Solano, the manufacturer has made a huge emphasis on safety and has achieved good results, repeatedly conducted crash tests of the model. Fully upgraded airbag control program reinforced sedan frame and stiffeners in all doors.

Compare Models & Prices

In Russia 2020 Lifan Solano model year is available in two trim levels: DX and CX. The first embodiment relates to a motor using weak mechanical gearbox, the second refers to the two motors.

Packaging the DX, boasts: chrome false radiator grille, 15-inch steel wheels, foglights, adjustable in height and angle of the steering column, elektrosteklopodemnikami on all doors, a full spare wheel, heated side mirrors, front airbags, central locking, audio system with preparation 6 speakers, air conditioning.

Options CX adds the following: improved audio tape recorder with support for mp3, Aux and CD, alloy wheels, rear Parktronic, multimedia wheel and crown chip, this leather interior.

Salon 2020 Lifan 620 Solano

Price DX initial configuration with a 1.6 liter engine mated to a mechanic, will be in the amount of 430 thousand rubles. For a complete set CX with 1.6 liter unit and mechanics, the price will increase by 25 000 or of 450 000 rubles, and for the installation of the variator will have to pay 60,000 rubles, ie, CX 1.6L engine with CVT will cost 510 thousand rubles. 2020 Lifan Solano model year, with the top engine of 1.8 liters will cost 480 000 rubles (As has been written above, this variation is not covered with the CVT). On all cars of this brand, the manufacturer provides a warranty period of 5 years.

In addition, it can be said, in we will be pleased with another model, 2020 Lifan 630. This model is a suite 2020 Lifan 620 Solano. Basically all of the changes relate to the outer exterior (new bumpers, lighting fixtures, LED running lights, grille, alloy wheels), as well as the improved trim.