2020 Lifan Smile 330 – updated Chinese malolitrazhnik

On Russian roads open spaces since 2011 riding compact car 2020 Lifan Smile 320 won no small popularity. This is a real boon for girls who do not know how to choose a car. In early , it plans to begin selling an updated version of the 2020 Lifan 330 Smile (In China, a 2020 Lifan 330). The price of a new car slightly older, but in our opinion, the price will still be up to 300 TR for the basic package. For the fair sex of our population, it is one of the excellent options for small cars.

Evaluating the exterior design of the bodice, comes to mind American MINI Cooper and FIAT 500L, direct copying of models of course did not happen, but what are the prerequisites in the form of a body there. Compared with the previous model, the front part of the light acquired new technology in the form of round lamps and contemporary diode running lights. Inside, the changes affected the central panel, she is now more pronounced resembles Mickey Mouse. Just changed the style of the ventilation vents, now in the form of aircraft engines and found to skew the steering wheel, just like on a sports car.

New 2020 Lifan Smily will have the following specifications. The power unit volume of 1.3 liters with an increased capacity of 10%, giving out 100 horsepower. Consumption of Minicoy per 100 km is 4.3 liters. In China, there are rumors that 2020 Lifan working on a new 1.5 liter engine giving out 120 horsepower thoroughbred. As transmission is offered two options, or a five-speed mechanical variator. About CVT box on the Russian market is not what can not be heard, let’s hope that we do not lack it.

As mentioned above, the price of 2020 Lifan Smile in should not exceed the threshold of 300 000 rubles. According to our forecasts will be 299 000 rubles for a basic package. Currently 320th Smily is priced at 289,000 rubles.