2020 Lifan Cellia 530

The presence of the Chinese car industry in the domestic market significantly increases every year. The Chinese do not plan to reduce the speed – it proves a regular occurrence in Russia of new models of various Chinese producers. Was no exception and 2020 Lifan, over a short period of time to present several of the updated car is already sold in Russia. One of these new products Celia 2020 Lifan 530, the sale of the previous version of which (520) we have quite successfully continued since 2008, and the assembly started in Cherkessk year later. In short, thinking about the need to keep the sale of this model on the level of its predecessor. The solution is quite reasonable, because in the meantime 2020 Lifan 520 has managed to gain the position of one of the best-selling Chinese cars. Therefore, the appearance of an updated 530 Cellia in the domestic market for , the event is quite predictable.

The Chinese manufacturer approached the issue of creating an updated model very carefully: to optimize the appearance of the cars were involved the best experts, a few dozen of the most successful options were considered. Good designers have worked and the level of equipment of the sedan has improved significantly. While the Chinese are rubbing their hands in anticipation of increased profits from new car sales (to be honest, really not bad), let’s see what awaits us in the brand new 2020 Lifan 530.

It is noteworthy that, instead of the new name of the new product (as is often the case in the Chinese car industry) received only the new index – 530. Most likely, this indicates either about the intention to imitate the European producers, or (more likely) leaves room for sales of the previous one, 520- th model.

2020 Lifan 530 Celia photo

Significant changes in appearance, touching the new 2020 Lifan 530, apparently went to his advantage against the backdrop of his older brother car looks very impressive. Many stylish sedan innovations give an elegant look. First of all, it concerns a completely new radiator grille, optics, as well as new bumper. Emphasize the image of an attractive new forms of discs, teardrop mirrors, and located on the sides of the body decorative vyshtampovka.

2020 Lifan 530 Celia photo

Helped 2020 Lifan 530 Cellia look more solid and increase in size. The Chinese have increased wheelbase car to 2550mm, a width of up to 1690mm, length – 4300mm. The height of the car is 1490mm.

Photos trunk 2020 Lifan Cellia 530

Note that in the forthcoming appearance of 2020 Lifan Cellia 530 many uncertainties. First of all, it concerns the types of bodies auto maker still has not said whether produced only sedan or as repeatedly informed third party sources may appear and hatchback, designed to replace the well-known Breez. Also, the manufacturer and silent about the many changes that are taking place inside the car.

2020 Lifan 530 Photo of interior

So far we only know that the new model set a new original panel, bears little resemblance to its predecessor.

Photo of the front row of seats

Photos of the second-row seat passenger 2020 Lifan 530

Specifications have not changed so much. For example, the number proposed for Cellia engine 530 unchanged. However, now all engines (as well as for Celia 520 – petrol) were qualitatively upgraded. With their predecessors in common only inline 4-cylinder layout. The most powerful power unit now has a volume of 1.5 liters (predecessor had 1,6l.). However, its power remained unchanged 103l.s. The smallest petrol engine volume was similar to its predecessor – 1.3 liters. Moreover, its capacity increased from 89l.s. to 94l.s. thanks to multiple enhancements. According to the information provided by the manufacturer, the most powerful engine for the 530 Celia much more effective the previous one. Unfortunately, concrete evidence that this statement is not backed up. All motors will be working with a proven 5-speed MKKPP. I drive it was also the front has not changed.

Absolutely no changes left rear suspension 2020 Lifan 530: in front of the familiar MacPherson struts, a torsion beam behind. The front axle is equipped with disc brakes on the rear wheels mounted drum brake. Note that the basic configuration of the new 2020 Lifan received a simple but effective air conditioning, power accessories, control of the steering column height, the smallest engine, sleek media system and the smallest of the engines. Also present ABS + EBD system. A more expensive option is equipped with a 1.5 liter. engine, parking assistant, as well as more powerful and functional media system. Price versions of cars for domestic consumers has not been disclosed, but on the territory of Ukraine is already possible to buy a 2020 Lifan 530 and costs 460,000 rubles. A sedan with a more powerful power unit will cost 480,000 rubles. If we take into account the previous model, it is dispensed at a price of 335 000 rubles, if the new model 2020 Lifan 530 – year will be more expensive by 100 TR whether to buy it? This issue is of concern to many.