2020 Lexus RX

A couple of decades ago, nobody could not have imagined that one day there will be luxury crossovers that combine luxury sedan and SUV capacity. Then came 1997 and the two cars Autoworld changed forever. One of them was the Mercedes M-Class, and the second 2020 Lexus RX. This year the exhibition New York Auto Show was presented with “descendants” of both models.

The new GLE the Mercedes , which took place M-Class, and its Japanese rival. The fourth-generation RX differs from previous models radically new design: more angular, more recognizable, more … Japanese – ranging from large grille and tail lights taper to form.

Of course, it is not as avant-garde as his younger brother – NX – but it is specially created for the more conservative buyers. Which again have to choose between the RX 350 with a conventional V6 and RX 450h hybrid powerplant, both versions have been improved and are now issued at 300 hp The interior has also been upgraded, it has become more spacious and equipped with the latest equipment. All this should help RX sales remain the top segment of luxury cars the Toyota .