2020 Lexus NX 200 t in

At 90% 2020 Lexus, 10% Toyota, is it possible? Did we answer. We present you the new compact premium crossover – class 2020 Lexus NX 200 t in .

If you also failed to notice the similarities between the two models of 2020 Lexus NX 200t and Toyota RAV4, you are absolutely right and you are not paranoid. As stated by the chief engineer of the company, the model NX platform “cute” crossover has taken the Toyota , completely modified through the use of exclusive design the 2020 Lexus .

Appearance of the car remotely resembles bronivik of Hollywood fantasy. The massive front grille is made in the corporate design of the brand. Its contours decorated with chrome bezels. On each side of the front bumper, “carved” narrow vents. The original solution was the installation of acute-angled lights daylight, emphasizing formidable headlight clusters that elegant “look out” from under the hood. On the side, the sharp bends and rough adorn the body of the Japanese crossover, giving it a dynamic and rapid appearance. The side mirrors also have their own individual sophisticated look. On wheels mounted “wavy” 18-inch wheels, “shod” in 225/60 all-season tires. NX 200t Foods recalled more senior in rank except the RX new headlights, two miniature exhaust pipes and narrow upper racks.

In general, clear lines, “carved” like facets of the diamond, can create the illusion of larger sizes charismatic model.
The interior of the model by several orders of magnitude higher than that of the RAV4. Here, you will find that all the hard plastic surface of the center console replaced by soft leather inserts with a neat line. The metal frame around the center console and mimics “diamond” shape of the exterior of the car. In the middle is a 7-inch LCD screen multimedia and navigation controls that are ergonomically located below. As always, in the 2020 Lexus pleases pleasant light of all the elements of the dashboard. Straight 4.2 inch display is located in front of the driver, “sits” between the large round speedometer and tachometer gauges. To the right of the steering wheel mounted engine start button. For rear passengers, here you will not find a lot of extra space, but it is enough for comfortable movement. Spacious trunk has a practical element, as the chrome strip on the bumper with rubber spacers. Another feature of the model was the application for smartphone that allows you to start the engine, lock / unlock doors, lower the window, check the fuel level and find your car in the parking lot. The last option implies an installation 80 – dollar beacon navigation with additional annual surcharge of $ 125 per year. wireless charging will be offered to users of iPhone, Siri, and many other “goodies”.

Under the hood is installed a brand new turbocharged 2.0 – liter engine with four inline cylinders. 2020 Lexus estimates its capacity to 235 hp and sprint to a hundred NX 200t will be mastered in 7.2 seconds. Under the quiet roar of the engine model is capable of accelerating to 200 km / h, consuming an average of no more than 8.5 liters per 100 kilometers. Excellent Strut, control systems and traffic safety guarantee confident behavior on the road.

2020 Lexus NX 200t in – over a comfortable crossover in its class, but its dynamic characteristics are far enough from its German rivals from Mercedes and the Audi , and the American models like the Acura RDX able to offer a V6 power unit. However, this is not a reason to abandon the model still 2020 Lexus brand, proven to be very reliable and comfortable. A price model in Russia begins with a mark of 1.997 million rubles.