2020 Lexus GS F : Charged sedan from Japan

Just a week before the start of the International Auto Show in Detroit, the company 2020 Lexus has declassified its new sedan charged. The model is called the 2020 Lexus GS F is very attractive copy in all respects, from the athletic appearance, finishing with outstanding performance.

2020 Lexus GS-F 2016 photo

Of course, a charged version of the sedan is based on the usual 2020 Lexus GS fourth generation. It is important to note the fact that this is a full-fledged sports car modification. Many people know that 2020 Lexus previously practiced in the usual sports equipment package. Here we are dealing with this car rebirth.

The novelty has received a number of changes in appearance, it has acquired new elements in the cabin. Plus, the car can now boast incredible technical parameters. And they look impressive even compared to the standard features GS, which is a low-power so clearly can not be called.

Photos exterior 2020 Lexus GS F

We begin by tradition from the external aspects that allow easily distinguished from the normal sedan version of the 2020 Lexus GS F year.

2020 Lexus GS-F 2016 photo front

The front part has got a completely new trim grille, made in the corporate style of the company. It has the shape of an hourglass, but the idea is based on the designers of thread spool. As many of you know, Toyota started out just with the release of the looms.

One way or another, but enlarged and upgraded trim grille was enclosed in chrome edging and front air intakes have found true sport shape. Head Optics acquired LEDs that favorably emphasized the car look.

The side of the sedan

Side note slightly swollen wheel arches, the large side doors with high glazing, sports building exterior mirrors, which, apparently, will add LED turn signal repeaters.

Photo rear GS-F

Behind the first thing that catches the eye are the four pipe exhaust system with a ladder arrangement principle as that known to many of the 2020 Lexus IS-F. Unfortunately, but his production has long been removed. Also, the rear part has a new optics and a spoiler mounted directly on the luggage compartment lid.

From external innovations, of course, it is worth noting the special side skirts, designer wheels 19 inches, as well as ventilation openings are located on the front wings.


Despite some changes in appearance, size should remain the same. Therefore, the charged 2020 Lexus GS F will be relevant the following figures:

  • length – 4848 mm;
  • height – 1455 mm;
  • width – 1840 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2850 mm.

Interior of the new 2020 Lexus GS F

For the daring and athletic appearance hides a very solid and interesting interior. A major innovation in terms of organization of interior space did not appear. Nevertheless, there are certain elements that distinguish the interior from the standard GS GS F.

For example, instead of the usual seat at the disposal of the driver and front passenger sport seats were with the appropriate level of lateral support and the ability to adjust the position at the expense of the drive.

Interior 2020 Lexus GS-F

Interior is made of leather, and has a two-tone design. On the pedals provides special metal plates for better sensations and other accelerator pedals. Throughout the interior space you can find a lot of decorative inserts, material for which acts Alcantara and carbon fiber.

Front seats

In general, the interior gives the impression of an expensive premium car. Actually, it is so any contemporary 2020 Lexus. What can we say about expensive sports modification.


In general, the feeling that you have under the hood of a herd of horses, especially not created out of the cabin. That’s good, because there reigns an atmosphere of calm, comfort, all aimed at ensuring a high level of comfort and ergonomics.

Rear seats

For it is in the original multi-function steering wheel, a digital instrument panel, a large infotainment screen in the center console. It’s amazing how the designers managed to combine the interior classical techniques and modern requirements to the internal decorating the car.

Components GS F

Officially, about the complete set of representatives of the company 2020 Lexus has not yet tell. Of course, it is necessary to wait for the richest equipment, as well as showing some interesting novelties.

According to unofficial sources, 2020 Lexus GS F grade may include the following equipment list, the availability of basic and extra charge:

  1. multi-function steering wheel;
  2. multimedia system;
  3. touchscreen multimedia system;
  4. navigation system;
  5. phone;
  6. Rear View Camera;
  7. tracking system for the blind zones;
  8. parking assistance system;
  9. parking sensors;
  10. adaptive cruise control;
  11. dual-zone climate control;
  12. signaling;
  13. package of safety systems;
  14. assists electronic security;
  15. system of tracking the physical fatigue of the driver;
  16. full power accessories;
  17. advanced audio system;
  18. LED optics, and so forth.

As you know, the equipment list will be much wider, but that of voiced enter as standard, and for which customers have to pay extra separately – today a mystery.

The price of the new 2020 Lexus GS-F

Alas, about the price the manufacturer is also silent.

We only know that the official sale of the charged Japanese sedan will start with the European market, and then get to the United States and Russia. The first customers will be able to get your 2020 Lexus GS F in the second half of this year.

For reference, a conventional GS presently available in Russia in several trim, list, depending on the equipment and the power unit. The basic version costs 2.45 million rubles, and the more advanced client costs 3.23 million rubles. You can also buy a GS with a hybrid power plant, which will make the purchase say goodbye to the amount of 4 to 4.4 million rubles.

Technical specifications 2020 Lexus GS-F year

Actually, now we get to the point. Agree, when it comes to sports cars or charged versions, the first thing that interested potential buyer – this performance.

In this component, the view of the new 2020 Lexus GS F remains ambiguous. On the one hand, it has impressive motor performance. However, against the background of the main competitors of his potential looks quite modest.

So, under the hood of a sports sedan version is located eight-aspirated power unit volume of 5.0 liters. The car boasts of having a combined fuel injection system, ie switching off half the cylinders under light loads. This has a positive effect on engine efficiency.

The engine took from another 2020 Lexus – RC F. Because of its parameters are known – 473 horsepower power and 527 Nm of torque. The car is equipped with only rear wheel drive, and a pair of motor vosmidiapazonnaya Automatic transmission. However, it provides for the possibility of manual gear change, and the availability of paddle.

Beautiful wheels

The vehicle is further equipped with an electronically regulated rear differential with a variable thrust vector, which is able to operate in three modes. Sedan got new brakes, suspension recustomized. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not yet started to call the dynamic possibilities of the 2020 Lexus GS F.

But given the options sounded, 2020 Lexus is likely to give way to its main competitors. They are such “monsters” as the BMW M5 with 560 horsepower under the hood, Mercedes E63 AMG with 557 horses, as well as the Cadillac CTS-V, in which the engine produces an impressive 640 horsepower.

Some reduce the lag from competitors 2020 Lexus will help the vehicle weight. So, it 2020 Lexus GS F is 1830 kilograms, 115 kilograms which is less than the BMW, and at least 195 kilograms, compared with Mercedes.

Perhaps 2020 Lexus will rehabilitate several modest rates of fuel consumption. Although the use of outside of the power unit is not encouraging in this regard. Anyway, soon everything will fall into place.


The appearance of a complete sports sedan GS modifications – is a serious step on the part of the manufacturer, as 2020 Lexus has finally implemented a large-scale revision, not just equipped the car sports package.

Anyway, amid new competition from Japan looks weak. Who knows, maybe 2020 Lexus will be able to beat them in other moments, but in terms of technical specifications is GS F at the moment is in backward list.