2020 Lexus CT 200h – a hybrid hatchback after restyling

2020 Lexus company held for its compact hatchback planned, but still easy restyling. Interestingly, it was presented officially at the end of last year, and sold in Russia since the beginning of this year. In Europe, the novelty came only after the annual motor show in Geneva.

As expected, 2020 Lexus CT 200h -, the firm acquired a false radiator grille, as well as received a number of external and internal upgrades. Actually, it is this, and will be dedicated to our review. Together with you, we try to understand what was the new 2020 Lexus CT 200h hybrid, which modernization occurred with the body, what innovations we have prepared the interior, as well as whether there is any change in the engine compartment.


Say at once, the new compact 2020 Lexus has changed in appearance only in its front part. And on a photo and video materials it’s easy to notice. Interestingly, the youngest members of the family premium arm of Toyota, was also the most recent, who have found a new corporate image of cars sold under the 2020 Lexus brand.

2020 Lexus CT 200h – year pictures

If you look closely, this false grille resembles an hourglass. But the manufacturer is sure that she looks like a spool of thread for. Why so? To do this, look at the history of Toyota. So you can see that at the beginning of its existence the company dealt not machines and looms. Hence, the decision to perform a corporate identity in coil format strings.

2020 Lexus CT 200h – photo

Ahead, as a result of installing a new trim grille, new wings, altered hood and front bumper. It is possible to give the appearance more aggression and sportiness. Such a step designers made on the basis of marketing analysis. In their view, the new design will attract young people to the compact hatchback 2020 Lexus CT 200 hybrid and increase its marketability.

Photos 2020 Lexus CT 200h in profile

In profile, the car also received a slightly new look, which is not difficult to learn through new desyatispitsevyh wheels, wheel arches and a shark fin on the bonnet, which actually plays the role of an antenna.

Photo rear of the 2020 Lexus CT 200h, the –

As for the stern, then to achieve the desired appearance of the sports on the back of a massive installed bumper, increased diffuser and used pseudo intakes.

2020 Lexus CT 200h photograph

Of course, changes in appearance could not but affect the overall performance summary. So they became the updated hybrid hatchback is as follows:

  • length – 4350 mm
  • width – 1765 millimeters
  • height – 1445 mm
  • wheelbase – 2600 mm
  • ground clearance – 130 mm (15-inch disks).

Obviously, the 2020 Lexus with its compact making quite a lot of emphasis on the Russian market. Therefore the choice of exterior colors, we offer an extensive, consisting of eleven options. Plus the paint has a feature that is resistant to scratches. That the engineers were able to achieve through the use of a special self-leveling varnish, which cover the top layer of paint.


In terms of interior change was not so much, although this one did not hurt. Inside there were some touches that give the interior a fresh and exciting look.

Photo salon 2020 Lexus CT 200h –

Most new products went to the driver. At the head of the update is the new multifunction steering wheel, modified instrument panel with color change lighting function, as well as TFT display of 4.2 inches which is already offered as an option. It can display information on the multimedia system and is controlled by buttons located on the steering wheel.

Interior Pictures 2020 Lexus CT 200h gibrad

The buyer can choose among the wide list of fabric colors and leather trim for the seats, and a variety of decorative inserts. Thus, the interior of the fabric can be black, beige, brown, blue or red, and leather seats are available in black, beige, brown and light-brown version. As decorative elements and inserts plastics used metallic colors, black plastic, bamboo, wood, dark brown, and the tree shimamok.


For the 2020 Lexus CT 200 h Russian market of – is available in five different models, from the base up to the premium, but already in the database equipment layout is impressive and consists of.:

  1. rain and light sensors
  2. audio to six speakers
  3. automatically folding mirrors with electric heating
  4. dual-zone climate control
  5. Optitron instrument panel, operating in four lighting modes
  6. Foot illumination at landing in the salon
  7. alarm system with tow
  8. eight airbags
  9. a wide range of security systems and assists.

If you take the more expensive versions, then in addition to all of the above, you will get:

  1. alloy wheels 16-17 inches
  2. fog lights
  3. heated front seats
  4. keyless access
  5. front and rear parking sensors
  6. leather
  7. Rear view camera
  8. headlight washers
  9. LED lights beam
  10. advanced audio and multimedia system
  11. navigator with maps of all Russian cities
  12. actuator in the driver’s seat and 8-way adjustment
  13. 4-way power front passenger seat adjustment position
  14. adaptive cruise control.

Trunk, despite the installation in its underground battery hybrid power plant in its normal position and can accommodate 375 liters of luggage. If you omit the rear row of seats, the space will increase by about two and a half times to 985 liters.


This hybrid 2020 Lexus CT 200 prices are well known, because they have to share, and we are.

The official dealerships new set at the beginning of the current year and for the most simple packaging manufacturer asks 1.3 million rubles. For higher equipment level will have to pay is already 1.37 million rubles. The third variant of equipment worth 1.5 million, and the fourth, the previous top-end configuration, costs 1.66 million rubles. As for the most expensive version, then such a purchase would have to allocate about 1.8 million rubles.

We can say that hybrid hatchback from premium manufacturer proved relatively low, if we take into account the fact that 2020 Lexus before us, and even when compared with the cost of competitors with the same level of equipment.


Under the hood of the 2020 Lexus CT 200 h hybrid installation was the year -, which was originally created for the Toyota Prius. It consists of the aggregate of the petrol engine of 1.8 liters and an electric motor, which is responsible for the movement of the rear wheels. Its capacity is 82 horses.

Nevertheless, the total power of 136 horsepower, since the possibility of the battery has been limited. Due to the well-developed suspension and steering, drive a 2020 Lexus – a real pleasure. 2020 Lexus shows the level of the most expensive of the models on the quality of handling, cornering and steering obedience.

Dynamics is also quite good, considering that this is a hybrid. Up to hundreds of machine dials a place in 10.3 seconds, and the maximum can accelerate to 180 kilometers per hour. It is enough for our roads.

But lets start the car, and even drive about 5 kilometers at speeds up to 45 kilometers per hour, without making any noise. It is responsible for this electric motor.

As for fuel consumption, the manufacturer says about its appetite hybrid hatchback of approximately 4 liters per hundred kilometers, regardless of whether you move around the city, or traveling on the road. Such indicators can be achieved, but at a measured driving.

If you do not particularly pay attention to the speed and pressure of gas, whereas in the city you’ll still spend a little bit – about 7-8 liters. Quickly go on the road, too, can be, and the flow rate will be about 6-6.5 liters, which is quite nice.


Well, we got acquainted with the updated car 2020 Lexus CT 200 h – years and can say a few words in a sentence.

The car apparently became more interesting in appearance, solid and sporty. Outside and inside there were very helpful and pleasant change, although they are not so much. But the other was not worth to expect from the restyling, it’s just a planned upgrade, rather than the release of a new generation. Plus, the owners of the reviews clearly indicate that a new version of a compact hybrid hatchback they like even more than the previous. Is not that the manufacturer sought? Therefore, the task performed 2020 Lexus.