2020 Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR – the most powerful SUV manufacturer

Company 2020 Land Rover has always been famous for its SUVs. Range Rover cars are very popular all over the world. Not long ago, the world saw the second generation Range Rover Sport 2, which immediately won the hearts of fans of the brand and not only.

And now, literally, in August of this year, on the world stage came the updated SUV reputable manufacturer. Speech at this time is already about Range Rover Sport SVR year, which is by far the most extreme off-road car ever manufactured by 2020 Land Rover. It makes it so the engine power. But the technical details we’ll tell you later. First, it would be desirable to evaluate the appearance of the Range Rover Sport SVR and explore interior of this SUV.

Of course, from the second generation Range Rover Sport remains there more than enough familiar elements. However, in the 2020 Land Rover did not want to do banal engine change. Therefore made adjustments to the exterior and interior.


If you do not look closely, and especially to know in detail the exterior, the Range Rover Sport 2 , and the change will be difficult to notice the inexperienced eye. Therefore we recommend to see a photo of the car, and explore the SUV with the help of video review. So you can understand the beauty of your changes.

Range Rover Sport SVR 2016 photo

The front part has got a modified bumper and new grille. The front wings can easily notice a completely different air intakes, which gave the appearance of Range Rover Sport SVR year even more aggressive. Of course, there was brand label manufacturer and has not changed hood.

Range Rover Sport SVR 2016 photo

If you look at the side of the SUV, then immediately catch the eye, new side skirts, wheel arches and impressive, of course, the delicious wheels of 21 inches, which are already standard equipment for this vehicle. They are like no other perfectly fit the exterior of the car.

Range Rover Sport SVR 2016

Behind the change is smaller. So, among other things, it should be noted increased spoiler, diffuser and modified exhaust system pipes. For the rest, we face an elegant, impressive and insanely attractive Range Rover Sport 2.


The car’s interior was created based on the concept of an SUV appearance. Here you will not see the bright flashy elements, a large abundance of colorful paints. The manufacturer tried to make the most practical interior, elegant and functional. Well, all changes from the normal version of the SUV here at least.

Photo of interior Range Rover Sport SVR 2016

Driver’s and front passenger’s seat is well thought out, they got the delicious lateral support that is necessary for such a powerful SUV, an impressive space in the legs.

Photo Interior Range Rover Sport SVR

The driver can count on the multifunction steering wheel, easy to read instrument panel, not littered with unnecessary components of the center console. It is really a minimum of parts, but everything is in its place and easy to get the driver’s hand.

Range Rover Sport SVR 2016 photo back seats

At the rear, for some reason, the designers did not make a full bed for three passengers, as did almost two separate chairs. As a result, the three of us will not be placed very comfortably. Of course, the discomfort will experience only one who will sit in the middle. Themselves as the rear seats are excellent and are made in much the same style as the front seats.


Since this is a special version, expect a variety of on a complete set here is not worth it. We can only say that this car is all that is required to the driver and passenger. Particular attention should be filling the car computer. In the SUV Range Rover SVR it is possible to adjust the car’s many programs of work, including adaptive chassis.

Of course, to evaluate the possibility of a powerful car, it is necessary to examine in detail the instructions to him. The car is seriously computerized, but it is easy to understand and manage. So you do not have to sit in the lounge for an hour and tune the car for themselves, in order to be able to finally go.


As reported in the company’s 2020 Land Rover, their new Range Rover Sport SVR year will be sold directly through the official dealer centers manufacturer. Buyers do not have to go to a specialized company, or some other way to order an SUV.

The new Range Rover Sport SVR photos

As a result, to buy a Range Rover Sport SVR, can simply go to your nearest dealership and place your order. By the way, selling the most powerful SUV will start in the first half of next, that is, . First, the opportunity will receive the residents of Great Britain, where the car will be offered at a price of 93,500 pounds.

In Russia, the Range Rover SVR will appear a little later. Experts estimate the cost of a novelty in our market is about 6 million rubles. This is almost one million rubles more than the standard version of the Range Rover Sport 2 at its maximum equipment and drive power in an impressive 510 horsepower .


Now, actually, you can move on to the fun. And the most interesting thing in this SUV – is its technical characteristics and dynamic performance.

In the history of 2020 Land Rover does not have never been so powerful and audacious car. Even before the car to market there were a lot of rumors and speculation as to what would be the engine power and what will be its general parameters.

After a fairly long wait came the official information.

So, Range Rover Sport SVR , under the hood is located
five-liter petrol engine, equipped with a mechanical supercharger. This allowed engineers to achieve gave
550 horsepower and 680 Nm of torque. This is 40 hp and 55 Nm exceeded performance of the original model, ie Range Rover Sport 2.

Especially for the treatment of such power experts reconfigure previously used “automatic”. Now the box shifts gears fifty percent faster than it was before.

The manufacturer said that up to sixty miles per hour the car is dispersed for 4,5 seconds. The same time is needed most powerful version of the SUV Porsche Cayenne . If we talk in kilometers per hour, while a hundred Rover will need 4.7 seconds. The maximum speed to disclose fully the producers did not, and so hung up on an electronic collar motor. As a result, now the Range Rover Sport SVR accelerate to more than 261 kilometers per hour can not. It would be interesting to know what speed can develop this SUV, if you remove all the restrictions and to release a long line. Certainly in the 2020 Land Rover was conducted similar tests, but the results did not articulate.


We were able to get acquainted with a very interesting SUV, which was an important step and achievement in the history of the manufacturer. Their Range Rover SVR was not only fast and powerful, but also bought a nice, aggressive, assertive appearance, which is clearly the car to face.

Range Rover Sport SVR Pictures

It will be interesting in the near future to study the reviews of the owners of this powerful SUV. Very soon, the opportunity will be, as the start of sales is not far off. I would also like to know the official price of this beast in our country. Surely there are many who want to buy this car. It is not excluded that the first Range Rover Sport SVR year we will at the same time with the start of sales in the UK. Of course, they will not begin to romp through authorized dealers.