2020 Land Rover Range Rover LWB – more elegant, even longer

Company 2020 Land Rover enjoys big enough popularity in Russia. Therefore it is not surprising that the manufacturer has decided to launch on the market we have a new SUV, which belongs to the premium class.

As many might have guessed, we are talking about the Range Rover LWB year, which was a longer wheelbase. Actually, now it’s like a SUV limousine, because its length is really amazing. So soon you will be able to meet 2020 Land Rover authorized dealer in his own city.

As the car is interesting to us, but still represented in the domestic market, we do not see the obstacles, not to conduct a full review of trends, discuss changes, and also to give a final assessment of this, of course, luxury cars. We organize everything on the already familiar pattern, starting from the exterior and interior, and then move on to the bundling, pricing and engine compartment. Ready? Go!


Range Rover LWB photo

Judging from the photo and video materials, the change in appearance as such it has not happened. But that’s only if you look at the car ahead. The same stylish, accurate optics, chrome trim grille, narrow grille bottom, screwed fog lights, and of course, the brand name on the hood of the car.

Range Rover LWB photo

But the side opens everything that makes it easy to distinguish from the normal 2020 Land Rover Range Rover LWB year. But let’s start with small things. On the decorative elements that are installed on the door, the manufacturer paid the letter L, then there is Long. You understand that this barely noticeable element to distinguish cars is unlikely to succeed. But stretched platform, just after the huge rear doors immediately make it clear that it is for the version of the SUV in front of us. Plus, the designers decided to repaint the exterior mirrors and covered with a special compound. Apparently, for better aerodynamics significantly SUV square.

Range Rover LWB Long photo

Let’s also see what changes have occurred to the overall parameters of the vehicle, in order to understand, due to what we have SUV Limousine:

  • length – 5200 mm
  • width – 2073 mm (excluding door mirrors)
  • height – 1835 mm
  • clearance (clearance) – from 220 to 295 millimeters
  • wheelbase – 3123 mm.

And what can be said on the basis of this? And the fact that the dimensions have not changed at all, but the increased wheelbase, which compared with a standard SUV added 201 millimeter.

Plus another nice, but maybe not a bonus for customers. The fact that the company 2020 Land Rover specifically for its Range Rover LWB has been offering just sixteen different color options. Of course, to list them all, we will not. However, smash his head on the buyer will have a choice of body colors.


As you know, the designers would hardly began to make major adjustments to the already luxurious car. But in this case the change arises. However, only in the back row. Ahead of it all remains at the highest level.

Picture Range Rover LWB saloon

By not prikopat ergonomics, the dashboard is made qualitatively, it is easy to read. Actually, it is hard to say who is better in the car – the driver and passengers. Behind the wheel of the SUV to sit everyone dreams. At the same time, and passengers receive the maximum comfort and convenience.

The standard rear offers a large, spacious three-seater sofa. At the same time it can be replaced by two separate set of high-end chairs, which are equipped with ventilation, heating, lumbar support and massager. Plus, there is the drive to adjust the seat for himself and powered tilt angle.

2020 Land Rover LWB photo interea

Another interesting point inside – is the presence in the remote and front passenger that sits behind it. With it regulated the seat in front, and thus can vary the free space in the legs and knees. If the customer will order a separate seat for the back row, the front two seats will have the drive position settings, which works in 18 directions and has a built-in memory. That is, you can save different settings for different drivers and passengers, and, depending on who sits behind the wheel and on, activate the settings stored previously. Of course, such a luxury is not offered in the base, and its order will cost more than 400 thousand rubles.

It should also be noted that the manufacturer directly offer eleven different variants of color combinations for the front trim, seats and door cards in his Range Rover LWB year. And because both inside and outside, have to think, what specific colors to draw your offroad limo, let’s call it so.


Of course, the new Range Rover equipment is going to be very, very rich and full of different features and bells and whistles. To us, that is, in Russia, imported car in four different trim levels, ranging from basic and secondary Vogue and Vogue the SE, ending with the most equipped Autobiography and Autobiography Black.

Differences basic version of Range Rover LWB year of the normal performance of an SUV with the standard wheelbase almost none. There were only:

  • panoramic sunroof
  • servo blinds for rear windows
  • New finishes and painting the body.

As for the more expensive kits, then there is you have to choose yourself, because the saturation of SUV options and components formed by individual order. Even if you order a second complete set after the base, a lot of options, you can still get the extra charge. Some of them, such as a separate sofa seating controls, we have already mentioned.

Pictures Range Rover LWB Long

Naturally, the car will be filled with all the modern Assist, security systems, climate control, navigation and so on. As you know, it just does not make sense to say, when it comes to the premium SUV.


And here is something to talk about, it’s about the price. She Range Rover LWB has already known, and therefore in a hurry to share this information with you.

Hardly worth the hope that the new product will be cheaper than its counterpart, that is an SUV with a standard wheelbase. That never happened. The car has become more expensive, as much as 725,000 rubles. This is an extra charge for an additional 20 centimeters of free leg.

Yes, elongated SUV from 2020 Land Rover is perfect in every way. But the price for it downright scary. What can you say about the starting price of 4.9 million rubles? And that’s just for the base version, which is obviously want to supplement the various options and new features. It just means that scary to imagine how much it will cost the top configuration with all available options.


About the specifications speak quite interesting, because even in the database is offered a very serious and powerful engine. In total there are three, so let’s talk about each of them separately.

  1. which produces 248 horsepower and boasts 600 Nm of torque. To reach the mark of one hundred kilometers per hour on the speedometer, the car with the engine required 8.3 seconds. Maximum speed – 210 kilometers per hour. A flow rate of 7.5 liters and 10.8 on the highway and in the city, respectively.
  2. The second most important motor and turbo, 4.4 liter eight-cylinder. Its capacity is 339 horsepower, and torque – 700 Nm. As a result, the dynamics of acceleration from zero to hundred – just 7.2 seconds. The maximum speed stops at 218 kilometers per hour. Consumes a motor of 7.6 liters on the highway and 11.5 in traffic in the city.
  3. The role of a top motor already carries petrol power unit. He received eight cylinders and 5 liters of volume. As a result, capacity has reached the mark of 510 horsepower, and torque – 625 Nm. When the vehicle weight of 2.4 tons, acceleration from a standstill to mark one hundred kilometers per hour it takes 5.4 seconds. Of course, the maximum speed is electronically limited, but because above 225 kilometers per hour Range Rover LWB year did not go. But also “eats” a lot of the engine, respectively. If the track consumption is about 10 liters, then get ready to see the city in its onboard computer figure of 21 liters per hundred kilometers of distance traveled.

Photo 2020 Land Rover Range Rover LWB Long side


2020 Land Rover presented a more elegant, luxurious and elegant SUV, even though the standard-wheelbase Range Rover did not complain of shortage of space. One way or another, but the owners of the reviews make it clear that Rover long wheelbase fans will be very much.

The only thing that causes some negative impressions – is the cost. Although the price for vehicles from 2020 Land Rover has always been high, but that did not stop buyers and connoisseurs of British cars.