2020 Land Rover Freelander February – updated SUV

Finally it happened: new 2020 Land Rover Freelander 2 model year and came with us. The second generation of high-end SUV began to produce in 2006., And the modernization of the previous manufacturer carried out recently in 2010. I am glad that despite the resulting changes, the cost of cars has not changed, now accounting for all of the same 1.233 million rubles. Below we look at the major changes that have affected the 2020 Land Rover Freelander February .

Let’s start with an update in 2010 was a little while to adjust the appearance of car, it has been upgraded 2,2l. engine. Last update was more global: in addition to exterior changes were made and the technical filling, interior in many respects. Now the car has expanded the list of options, which did not exist in previous versions of the car.

But we start with the exterior. The greatest changes were rear position lamps, which now look more volumetric and stylish, especially at night. False radiator grille received a chrome frame, enlarged bumper looks more solid. Changed and the headlights now they are supplemented by LED rings.

2020 Land Rover Freelander February photo

SUV stand side changed the front wings, which have now the enlarged wheel arches, which provide for the installation disks R16 – R17. Of course, at the request of customers and the possibility of installation disks R18 R19.

  • The main tires, the use of which is optimal for cars are 235/65 R17, 215/75 R16, 235/55 R19, 235/60 R18.
  • Independently can change smb.’s Shoes Freelander 2 in 255/55 R18, 255/60 R17, 255/50 R19.
  • Those who are not sufficiently above the arsenal, can install 20-inch wheels with tires 255/45 R20.

The rear part of the restyling Friedlander 2 changes little concerned, not including the new LED lamps inside the trunk. Compact “chopped” bumper, enlarged tailgate, extended rear door area all the elements perfectly calculated, fit harmoniously into the overall style of the SUV, a car designed to travel on different types of road surface.

The new 2020 Land Rover Freelander February photo

So almost all the exterior of the car changes, everything else is familiar with the Freelander perfectly recognizable forms.

Not too much has changed and external parameters of a body restyling Frilander 2: length – 4500 mm, width – 2005mm, height with roof rails – 1830 mm, wheelbase sizes – 2660mm, impressive ground clearance of 210 mm.

It provided the car painted in a sufficiently large number of colors: silver, white, gray, blue, camel, red, dark green, slightly different shades on the saturation depth of blue, brown and black. The presence of such a huge number of colors underlines the car belongs to an elite family.

Photo of interior 2020 Land Rover Freelander February

Interior Frilander updated in February has undergone much more significant changes than it looks. So, first of all it draws attention to the instrument panel, which is located in the middle of a 5-inch. screen. The center console has also undergone significant changes, and now exactly corresponds to the status of the vehicle. Several unusual (but no less comfortable) shows the location of the tachometer and speedometer smashed them in different directions.

2020 Land Rover Freelander February photo

trim materials habitually pleased with both the quality and availability of various colors.

In the center of the dash is a 7-inch. screen. With it you can easily manage multi-functional system, including the audio system, navigation, camera review.

2020 Land Rover Freelander February photo

The new Freelander 2 (in its most expensive trim) is available several types of Meridian audio system versions having a subwoofer. The first version of the system includes 11 speakers and diamonds, with a total capacity of 380 watts. In a second embodiment of the 17-five (825 W). This basic configuration has got a modest (by today’s standards) music system with six speakers (80 watts). Below, in the usual place, it is climate-control system, the main feature of which is the ability of the driver outside the car give commands to the heating or cooling of the passenger compartment. Naturally, the basic version has air conditioning.

Handbrake in the updated SUV is now electric, and cars can boast of a keyless entry, Terrain Response system, you can manage it from a central panel. As always performed at the highest level and chairs – comfortable and convenient, they got lateral support as well as an impressive range of adjustments.

Pictures 2020 Land Rover Freelander February

Even the base model received a seat electrically in six areas. Steel and more comfortable rear seats, from which, thanks to the raised by as much as 5 cm. Cushions now offers a great overview. Places in the back seat, as usual, in abundance.

2020 Land Rover Freelander February photo trunk

In the trunk easily fit 755l. payloads. In the case of the rear seats folded, its volume increases to 1670 liters.

Specifications of the new Freelander 2 has undergone relatively little change. For example, a suspension, as mentioned Terrain Response (all-wheel drive system that controls engine adaptation, Gearbox and suspension to various road conditions) remain as in the predecessor. The driver just as the touch of a button is able to select from the available operating modes: gravel, grass, snow, asphalt, dirt, sand, and electronics alone will provide a desired amount and distribution of traction. Freelander 2 also got a lot of other assistants to facilitate the driver lives: ABS with EBD; CBC, EBA, ETC, RSC, DSC, Hill Descent Control.

2020 Land Rover Freelander February photo back

Our 2020 Land Rover Freelander February is available with 2 diesel and 2 petrol engines.

  • 2.2 liters. Diesel (150hp) works with manual transmission or 6-speed automatic transmission Command Shift. In mixed mode, fuel consumption is 6,2-7,0l. “Diesel engine”.
  • This 2,2l. SD4 (190ls) equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission, has a function Command Shift. This engine is much less efficient – 9,6l. Mixed mode; Still 13,5l. in the city. This motor will drive cars to 100 km / h in 9,5s.
  • 3.2 liters. 6-cylinder LR-i6 (233l.s.) with 6 mortars. Automatic Command Shift will drive SUV to 100 km / h in 8,9s., Spending 15,5l. Claimed maximum 200 km / h for the engine completely are not a problem.
  • 2 liters. EcoBoost (power 240l.s.) is a new engine, designed to replace the “six”. This gasoline “quartet” has turbo-charged, and, of course, a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Compare Models & Prices

Compare Models & Prices

Despite the relative compactness of the new Freelander in , even the service car can not be called cheap. Price crossover for today starts with a mark of 1 233 000 rub. (Basic version -.. Rover Freelander 2 TD4 manual transmission with 2,2l Masthead option SUV (the EcoBoost, 240l.s., automatic transmission) “will delay” on 1967 000 rub.

Finally you can see the video test drive of the American SUV, won the respect of the real crossover fans.