2020 Kia Veng in a new body, the (information, videos, photos)

The company 2020 Kia is working hard in order to expand the range of their vehicles. To this end, the automaker releases its representatives in the various classes.

Suffice significant event was the release of a compact car MPV Venga, which first appeared on the scene in 2010. In general

, the ancestor kompaktvenov segment was the company from Japan – Honda. It was her model called Jazz became the legislator of a new direction. At the moment, these leaders can be distinguished in this segment as the Hyundai Matrix, Nissan Nout and, of course, personally Honda Jazz.

In connection with the active development of this segment, the company 2020 Kia seriously prepared to ensure that a fight for leadership. A striking proof of this was the presentation of awards for innovation in the field of industrial design development.

2020 Kia Veng has already been introduced to the market, and in became for her a period sufficiently serious restyling. It is with the updated Compact MPV and we’re going to introduce you today.

Photography appearance KIA Venga

Despite the fact that the automaker itself from Korea, the machine does not look like the product of Asian origin. This is largely due to the fact that the main market is Europe. Because the designers took as a basis the needs and preferences of European consumers. Hence the image of the car is quite European.

Photos KIA Venga 2016, in the new body

General trends of European origin is confirmed by many facts. For instance, the chief designer is a native of Germany, and the model name is derived from the Spanish word “Weng”, which means “let’s”. Plus, Wengen conducted at the power plant in Slovakia.

It is noteworthy that the car looks much smaller than it actually is. Due to this, it seems that the car is small, but when we climb up into, you know, how spacious it is.

Restyling significantly transformed the little car. Because it is worth noting some changes in the image.

The new body 2020 Kia Veng photo front

The front part is decorated with original bumper with air intake and bottom sections of LED fog lights that, in combination, also serve as daytime running lights. Weng also received a traditional form of false radiator grille, which is now equipped with all of the latest model. Also note the large optics and compact bonnet.

KIA Venga photo Side

On the side there is a high window sills, compact side windows, solid wheel arches, where 2020 Kia has not regretted elegant rims made of light alloy. Slightly inflated arches give the muscles kompaktvenu.

Photos KIA Venga back

Behind the changes is not as much as expected. However, a convenient luggage compartment, stylish optics do their work, providing the required functionality and attractive appearance. This photo and video materials show very clearly.

Photo elephant 2020 Kia Veng

Obviously, the designers set themselves the main task – to make the interior a spacious, roomy and functional.

KIA salon Photo Veng 2016

Due to the high roof and the panoramic sunroof, which is available for a fee, with no problems to stay on any seat can even a very tall man. Feature of “decoration” of the interior visually expands even interior space.

Front seats Venga 2016

Alas, this masks and certain disadvantages. For example, because of the visibility of the front struts is suffering. Plus when landing on the seat is too upright body position, does not allow to sink comfortably in an armchair in front of. Plus, a manufacturer obviously forgotten about the role of lateral support. On the front seats, it actually is not.

Seats second row

But the second row offers plenty of opportunities for transformation. Special slazki allow moving the sofa by 13 centimeters. Lots of legroom, free space in the shoulders and the top of the head. Due to the wide landing doors inside the cabin is very convenient.

decomposition of the trunk

If necessary, the rear row can be omitted, creating almost perfectly flat surface for loading luggage, all sorts of things. Designated tool is enough. Moreover, a special section for it is located in the double floor. It is enough to raise the shelf, and you will gain access to the box with a variety of sections, plus a spare wheel.


Unfortunately, inside the car it looks quite pale and cheap. Luxury finishing materials are present except on the decoration of the center console. For the rest, there is cheap, hard plastic.

Frankly, on a background rich with all kinds of equipment, it is not clear why so openly 2020 Kia save on the interior. Although let’s be honest, the level of comfort, ergonomics and safety become much higher.

The new multimedia system

For example, of the beneficial innovations restyling can note the presence of a new center console, color touch screen 7 inches, which will replace the huge deposit all kinds of hardware buttons. What is true, you can get it only optional.

On the security level, we can say very briefly. Car under the test EuroNCAR got the whole five-star. That says a lot.


2020 Kia Veng will be available after restyling in three variants of equipment. All three trim look solid base called Comfort, and two richer -. Luxury and Prestige respectively.

The basic package included a manufacturer of:

  • immobilizer;
  • 6 audio speakers;
  • Security ABS, BAS;
  • emergency braking system warning light;
  • air conditioning (only from 1,6l engine).

If you pay another 50 thousand rubles to the basic version, you get:

  • heated front seats;
  • heated steering wheel;
  • heated windshield;
  • air conditioning;
  • multi-function steering wheel;
  • bluetooth;
  • electric rear.

More expensive equipment, whose name Suite will allow you to get such equipment:

  • VSM control system is active;
  • aid system at the start of the hill;
  • ESP system;
  • fog lights;
  • rear parking sensors;
  • scattering of the airbag;
  • active head restraints;
  • climate control.

The maximum equipped version assumes some additional options in the appendage to the previous configuration. Namely:

  • LED taillights;
  • LED daytime running lights;
  • button engine start system;
  • keyless entry system in the cabin;
  • Cruise control;
  • a roof with a panoramic view.

However, 2020 Kia has prepared some unpleasant surprise, because if you want to get a color touch screen of 7 inches and the latest navigation system, then you will have to shell out extra for 10 rubles.

The price of the new 2020 Kia Veng year

Fortunately, prices have long been known, even in the restyling version 2020 Kia Venga.

For the basic version of the manufacturer asks about 800 thousand rubles. If you want the version available, but with automatic gearbox, you have to pay at least 860 thousand rubles.

The average level of equipment starts with a mark of 940 thousand rubles. If we talk about the top-end configuration Prestige, the dealerships with the customer will be asked to 1 000 thousand.

Equipment Engine Price Fuel Drive unit Consumption maximum speed
Comfor 1.4 MT (90 hp) 800000 petrol front 7.5 / 5.5 168
1.4 MT (90 hp) 850000 petrol front 7.5 / 5.5 168
1.4 AT (124 hp) 860000 petrol front 8.6 / 5.2 180
1.4 AT (124 hp) 900000 petrol front 8.6 / 5.2 180
Luxe 1.6 AT (124 hp) 940000 petrol front 8.6 / 5.2 180
Prestige 1.6 AT (124 hp) 1010000 petrol front 8.6 / 5.2 180

As you can see, the price is really impressive. If frankly bad in quality (no way of ergonomics and space allocation) interior, the cost can be considered adequate. And the purchase of such Compact MPV quite controversial in terms of financial costs.

Specifications KIA Venga

Maybe someone does seem surprising, but the specifications are quite diverse 2020 Kia Veng. Under the hood is a whole placer power units running on diesel and petrol. In addition, each of the available engines meet the stringent requirements and standards of Euro 5.

Two engines will be available to Russian buyers:

  1. The first has a volume of 1.4 liters, it runs on gasoline and produces 90 horsepower.
  2. I received a second motor the working volume of 1.6 liters and 125 horsepower. Also running on gasoline.

Diesel version, alas, to supply to Russian consumers the company has no plans to 2020 Kia.

In general, the power of all of the proposed powertrain is far from the sports and racing opportunities. In principle, this surprising fact is not necessary, since 2020 Kia Veng was created not for racing.

Nice to the presence of the electronic assistant is surprising for a manual transmission, which suggests that it may best change gear. Plus there is a system Stop & Go, which will turn off the engine at idle and run it by pressing the clutch pedal.

All this contributes to the excellent in terms of saving fuel consumption. The combined cycle, depending on the engine, it will consume about 6-7 liters. On the track the flow and completely falls to delight the eye marks in 3-4 liters. So with this car you’re not a frequent visitor of petrol stations.

Upsets only a few that cost a couple of motors is an old five-speed manual gearbox and four-stage automatic. But they work at the same time extremely effective. What is true for the turbo diesel engine manufacturer offers a six-speed automatic.

Video Test Drive 2020 Kia Veng


The restyling of the car 2020 Kia Venga 2016 the year went largely kompaktvenu benefit. He apparently was able to get closer to their main competitors, and even in some moments to get around them.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not take into account the shortcomings of quality materials in the cabin, and had not taken any steps to his weak side turn in strong. But against the backdrop of a very fuel-efficient engines, a comfortable interior and rich equipment, such as to the background departs cheap plastic.

Of course, the company 2020 Kia still have work to do. But in the process of restyling wait drastic changes is not necessary. There is already a need to wait for a new generation of models.

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