2020 Kia Sportspeys : a photo, price and packaging, video

In the last days of the International Geneva Motor Show was shown, as it turned out, one of the most interesting cars.

It’s not in its exclusive, high-value, premium, and so on. This machine, which has a huge potential prospects may go to the masses, become a very sought-after and popular car. We are talking about the 2020 Kia SportSpace, which claims to be the best-selling vehicle in the performance of the company 2020 Kia. Of course, in the future. First you need to see the production version of the new items.

Photos 2020 Kia SportSpace year

The beauty is that the car is almost completely ready for mass production. This is clearly evidenced by the numerous road tests, as well as providing some authoritative media to test the car in quite extreme conditions – on snow-covered mountain tops.

As it turned out, from the concept of the car is not much. Obviously, the manufacturer simply require to make a presentation at a very high level. A Geneva – this is the place where you can tell us about your design so that it learns about the world. The reaction of the public, potential customers, car assessment by – that’s what you want to 2020 Kia. That it will make a final decision on the timing, volume and even the geography of sales.

Still, try not to get ahead of ourselves. There is a concept, there are wide enough data on it. We have much to discuss. Because we conduct a full review, bearing in mind that this is a pre-production car. That such he, in fact, is.
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Exterior 2020 Kia SportSpace

The first thing that catches the eye, it is, of course, appearance. At 2020 Kia SportSpace she’s gorgeous. Indeed, the car looks great. A full wagon it is difficult to call. The design combined all the charms of the family station wagon, charged hatchback and GT series car.

But something here gives a more Western, European decisions in terms of exterior design. Certainly not traceable Korean concept. It seems that over the appearance of new items not working company 2020 Kia.

Still, she said. More precisely its European division. For the development of the car exterior meet experts from the design center, located in Frankfurt. Responsible for the project is Gregory Guillaume, head of European design bureau company 2020 Kia.

If you know of such a body as the Shooting Brake, then perhaps it is closer to him is 2020 Kia SportSpeys. It’s just not versatile in the format that we used to see.

Outside car allows it to reach a very wide audience. Those who like the family, charged rounders, “hot” hatchbacks, the real race cars and so on. Do not fall in love with this car is difficult. Let’s try to describe the concept in more detail.

Photos 2020 Kia SportSpace Front

The front part was a broad, constricted trim grille, which is literally one with the head optics. Chrome trim on the hood, LED light head lights, LED curved strip of daytime running lights – all very tastefully and even a few “predatory.” The car obviously makes it clear that it has yet sporty character. The ribs on the long hood of the 2020 Kia nameplate on the “nose”, a powerful sports bumper with large air intake in the center, only elements of aerodynamics in the best possible way complete image of the front.

Photos 2020 Kia SportSpace Side

Side has to wrestle, so that the right word to describe the body type. Let us all the same on the Shooting Brake. The long bonnet, large hollow wheel arches, almost flat roofline, weighty food, stylish wheels and a chrome edging on the top line of the glazing creates a swift silhouette. Pads on the bottom edge of the door, the air ducts on the front wheels, narrowed exterior mirrors with LED turn signals repeaters – magnificent components, allowing only extol the designers who worked on this project.

Photos 2020 Kia SportSpace back

The rear part welcomes us quite compact but wide glazing of the luggage compartment, designed and comfortable tailgate, the spoiler above the rear glass, optics and amazingly lean powerful bumper. It is complemented by two large diffusers, as well as exquisite plates of the exhaust system.

Practicality, flexibility, sportiness, aggressiveness charged. Around these words can describe the car 2020 Kia SportSpace.

Interestingly, even the manufacturer has provided data on the size. This once again confirms the maximum approximation to the concept represented by the production version expected. As a result, the machine has the following dimensions:

  • length – 4855 mm;
  • width – 1870 mm;
  • height – 1425 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2840 mm.

Interior 2020 Kia Sportspeys

Already in size it can be seen that the car is offered with a very decent wheelbase. Therefore, it is logical to expect a spacious interior. And so it happened.

Photo salon 2020 Kia Sportspeys

Front seats are made to match the sport buckets with a high level of comfort and the possibility of adjusting the settings individually for any driver and front passenger. Further, we have a stylish, sporty steering wheel, devoid of multifunctionality. It is likely to be replaced. Instead of the traditional analog instrument panel – a modern color display, is responsible for the display of all necessary and useful information about the car and its systems.

Photo panel 2020 Kia Sportspeys

The center console is occupied only by a wide multimedia display and a few buttons, responsible for such things as opening a flap Fuel tank, including alarm and so on.

The high central tunnel, decorated with carbon fiber, we met several control buttons, joystick control mulimediey and stylish shift knob.

Minimalist style is very suitable for the description of the vehicle interior. But too conceptually it looks. The probability that it would be such a production version of the interior – the minimum. But, of course, many of the interior elements of the concept is required to move into the serial wagon 2020 Kia SportSpace.

The second row also leaves a small chance that it will move in a series. Although, as an optional version of the cabin, on request, you can leave and such modification. The fact that we see the back almost similar to the front seats. Consequently, the concept salon full four, without any possibility of a fifth passenger to fit inside.

Pleasantly pleased luggage compartment, the size of which, unfortunately, is not specified. But photos can be seen as a large supply available in the trunk. Experts do not exclude that after the launch of serial production of the new wagon will be offered with three rows of seats as an option.

Options and prices 2020 Kia SportSpace

Combine these sections of our review was quite logical. Agree to talk about the cost of the car and stuffing when the manufacturer shows only a prototype, it makes no sense.

Yes, some basic options that are present in every modern car can be called. This entertainment system, climate control, electronic display the dashboard, airbag, and so on. But it’s all the same things too obvious.

Do not forget that the equipment most directly affects the cost of the machine. How much will cost about buying a 2020 Kia SportSpace – no one knows. It is unlikely that even the company itself mill 2020 Kia have already decided what price to set their beautiful wagon with a sporty character.

It is necessary to wait for the new items in a series. Or, at least, to see is completely ready for mass production version of the car. It is possible that it will show on one of the largest dealers, which will be held this year. As one of the most likely called the Paris Motor Show. It will be held in the autumn, which is quite suitable for the timing. Six months should be enough for the company 2020 Kia in order to spend the last revision, and prepare the cars for the world premiere.

Plus, since Novik European designers developed the Korean automaker, it is obvious that 2020 Kia SportSpace is oriented to an audience in Europe. And the Paris Motor Show – one of the most important automotive events.

But while this is only a hypothesis. Therefore we are patient and wait.

Specifications 2020 Kia SportSpace

Now interested to know on what kind of specifications are based a new, if still a concept, 2020 Kia SportSpace.

Under the hood wagon he appeared at the moment of their small weight and volume of the engine capacity of 2.0 liters. By using turbocharging system managed to achieve power of 250 horsepower.

The KIA claim that the development of this engine used the latest technology, as a result of what has been achieved of excellent performance, productivity and profitability at the same time. Alas, while experts do not indicate exactly how consumption can boast the petrol power unit, equipped with a turbine.



Well, we were able to examine in detail the new Korean car. What impression it produces? Perhaps the most positive.

Ethnicity out amazing, which side would neither look. The interior is still too conceptual, although many components pretends to 75 percent remains the same, but in the production version.

Filling is unknown, but there is little doubt that the package would be very, very interesting. And if we talk about the technical characteristics of the presented turbocharged engine produces a very good impression to its small volume and solid power. To know more what his fuel consumption.

But this engine the car is clearly not limited. 2020 Kia representatives claim that he does not have a representative in the segment of charged diesel wagon. And this is a very promising direction. The prolonged absence of the Koreans in this division could have a negative impact on the positions at the moment one of the leading car manufacturers.

Given the popularity of models produced under the brand 2020 Kia, along with a wide range, the appearance of such a versatile, such as 2020 Kia SportSpace, close one of the few empty niches available to the company.