2020 Kia Rio – budget car

Before starting the description of the new 2020 Kia Rio in , go back a little – in the autumn of 2011, that’s when Russia hosted the presentation of the car. Why is it so important now? It’s simple – cars caused a stir even during its introduction, however, the interest in this model continues unabated today. It is no secret that the Koreans have always ascribed the budget segment a special place – it is not surprising that 3 THIEY generation of new 2020 Kia Rio takes its rightful place in this class of car. Why, we describe below.

The first advantage is the appearance of the new car, uncharacteristic for the majority of low-end models – Rio looks quite solid: the hood is decorated with distinctive edges harmoniously poured roof rack; Side cars attract attention vyshtampovki unique, flowing lines and enlarged arches that together create a complete image.

The new 2020 Kia Rio Photos

Before 2020 Kia Rio remembered imposing grille, powerful headlights, bumper interesting and stylish foglights. Sedan looks impressive hatchback, primarily due to the back; while the hatchback looks more sporty.

2020 Kia Rio Hatchback Photos

2020 Kia Rio sedan Photo

However, regardless of the type of the body, behind the cars there are big “pylons” lighting and a powerful bumper.

  • Body 2020 Kia Rio Parameters are: length 4370 mm (4120 mm), width 1700 mm, height – 1470mm, the wheelbase – 2570mm, ground clearance – 160 mm, and the body is made of high strength steel (59.5%).
  • Tires for Korean cars available 185 / 65R15 or 195 / 55R16, which provides 15-inch alloy., Or 16-inch light-alloy. wheels.

Additional equipment for Korean cars in favor protection crankcase (plastic), more capacious battery, additional underbody treatment, mud flaps. Note two important for us, especially cars: first, to the external appearance of the Rio personally had a hand in the company’s chief designer – Peter Schreyer; secondly build hatchback and sedan produced in St. Petersburg.

2020 Kia Rio restyling photo

2020 Kia Rio hatchback photo

Not least in the creation of an attractive image of the 2020 Kia Rio played and the proposed options for color cars, especially bright colors: bright white, color silver gloss, gray carbon fiber, beige, sky blue, the color of sapphire blue, emerald green, the color is red garnet, color black ghost.

Updated 2020 Kia Rio Photos

Today, the budget proposes four complete cars: Basic Comfort (for cars with engine 1,4l.), Prestige, Luxe. Most cars equipped version called Premium. Given the low cost car may not be the issues and the elements of a complete set: mainly used inexpensive fabric, as well as harsh plastic. Despite this, the interior 2020 Kia Rio is going very high quality, all finishing does not produce unwanted noise, and there are no gaps between the elements. In this configuration the highest allocated finish some elements of natural leather interior.

The new 2020 Kia Rio photo salon

The steering wheel is amenable to adjustment, however, only in height, driver’s seat quite comfortable, has a large margin of the longitudinal control – about 240 mm. This is clearly not enough lumbar support, as well as lateral support – in the event of an extended location behind the wheel spin tires significantly. Further disadvantages can be called the driver’s seat is not very comfortable armrest, gearshift handle inconvenient location, as well as the general lack of space (width).

Within three deep wells located devices (except the most expensive version). In the central well of hidden computer screen, all the evidence which is convenient to read. The center console accommodates audio system as usual (only with version Luxe). Air conditioning is available in the version Comfort, Premium and Prestige to provide climate control.

2020 Kia Rio photo back seats

On the rear seats, is nominally designed for three passengers comfortably able to accommodate only two – first, the pillow is adapted for two, second, affected by the lack of space. Against the background of the general lack of space are pleased that sitting behind enough space so as not to abut against the front seat backrests knees. We can say that the rear passengers, in general, will be quite comfortable. Standard size sedan trunk of 500l., At the combined seats it significantly increases. In this case the boot of a hatchback Rio in such a state will contain much less cargo -. 389 liters, with the rear seats folded – 1045 liters. Covers sedan trunks (as the 5th door hatchback), have additional insulation.

The trunk of the new 2020 Kia Rio Photos

The basic version was quite modest equipment (which was expected): unpretentious audio system, two front airbags, ABS, air conditioning, power windows (front), electrically driven mirrors heated mirrors, central locking. A more “advanced” version got heated front seats, multifunction steering wheel heating, side airbags. Also provides installation of the systems: the keyless entry Smart Key; exchange rate stability; availability of climate control, rear parking sensors, more powerful audio system.


Specifications of the new Rio is quite competitive: FWD car platform is the basis for quite popular in Europe, Hyundai Solaris. Front – the usual “MacPherson strut”, rear – semi-dependent suspension. Perfectly matched and rear shock absorbers – tough enough to prevent vibration at high speeds.

motors range includes two petrol engines: 1,4l. (107l.s.) with a 5-speed manual transmission (automatic or 4) will drive the car, whose weight 1115 kg (1140 kg) to the first 100km / h in 11.5 seconds. (13.5 sec). The maximum possible speed is 190 (175) km / h. Declared producer Rio consumption with 1,4l. motor in combo mode is 5.9 (6.4) liters. – It would seem, a good indicator, but the owners say that the real consumption reaches 7-8l. On the track the flow rate drops to 5-5,5l.

Video Test Drive

1,6l. power unit (123l.s.), working with a 5-speed manual transmission (4-speed automatic transmission) significantly improves the state employee performance. Thus, the acceleration time to 100 km / h is 10.3 (11.2) sec., At “maximum speed” of 190 (180) km / h. Claimed fuel consumption when combo loop -. 6 (6.5) l, is significantly different from the announced motorists – 9-10l. However, 123-horsepower engine’s on budget car certainly is worth it, because it allows the Rio show completely “off-budget” behavior on the road.

When driving cars pleases clear switching speed manual transmission, automatic transmission operation verified. Reliable brakes along with a comfortable suspension easily cope with all the difficulties of national roads, and enough powerful engines (and comparatively economical) motors in conjunction with high-quality interior and exterior make experience the fun of the drive, which is rarely get from budget cars. Not without its minor flaws, for example, could give greater informativeness power steering, however, the overall impression of the car such trifles will not spoil.

Price and equipment

The price of the new 2020 Kia Rio GG Russia’s official dealers starts at 489900rub. for that of the 1,4 Comfort 5MT., purchased a complete set 1,6 Premium 4AT salons possible for 669900rub. Note that hatchbacks are on average more expensive sedans on 10000rub., Depending on the equipment cost varies from 499,900 to 679900rub. Maintenance, as in most cases, the best place in certified centers – it allows you to keep your warranty. Order any accessories for all types of cars today is not a problem ,, especially beneficial to do it with the help of online stores cooperating with the manufacturer, or – with officials.