2020 Kia Model series –

2020 Kia – Korean car brand, intensively developing every year. What is the dignity of the company consider, having studied range of the brand in – .

Class is subcompact cars model KIA Picanto. The car looks pretty compact and dynamic. With a length of 3.6 meters, this small hatchback has contained a lot of useful features: climate control, a good audio package, a lot of small offices, as well as assistance and safety systems. The model comes with two types of engines of 1 liter and 1.2. the last power of 85 horsepower. It works in tandem with the engine front-wheel drive and a 5 speed manual. Optionally available 4-speed automatic transmission. The Picanto – a great city car, and this proves it 5 -. Liter consumption per 100 km of urban “jungle” The minimum price for this miracle of 524,900 rubles.

The next in line is a compact sedan – KIA Rio. Comfortable and stylish, the car has received a more powerful engine and a rich equipment. Exterior design is characterized by smooth sharp lines and aggressive grille. The car is quite compact and easy to use in urban environments and at the same time has a large luggage compartment volume of 500 liters. The range of engines includes two petrol engines of 1.4 (107 hp) and 1.6 (123 hp) liters. Power is transmitted to the front wheels when the involvement of 6 – speed manual gearbox or a new six – speed automatic. Dispersal to hundred occupies from 10 to 13 seconds, depending on the configuration. In the city, this model consumes 8 liters per 100 kilometers. Prices start from 470 900 rubles for the basic package.

More prestigious is the sedan KIA Cerato, which recently received a new look. Aesthetic appeal provides a dynamic and purposeful appearance. We should also highlight the front LED headlamps confidently looking ahead. Cerato interior offers new, innovative technology: a heated steering wheel, parking sensors, keyless entry, engine start button, select a mode the electric power steering, as well as the audio system with 4, 3 -inch LCD display. Under the hood is hidden 150 – strong petrol engine in volume of 2 liters, ensuring quick acceleration and smooth in motion. In simpler versions can be installed 1.6 – liter engine produces 130 horsepower. Sedan received a front-wheel drive and 6 speed manual gearbox, an automatic transmission is also available. The funny Cerato series consumes less than 7 liters per 100 km. The minimum cost model 707 900 rubles.

Among hatchbacks flagship model in the lineup is the second generation KIA Cee`d. Its stylish and elegant silhouette is decorated with acute-angled headlights with adaptive xenon pleases passengers panoramic roof, a comfortable lounge and a spacious (380 liters) trunk. In addition to the technological equipment of the cabin includes 7 – inch instrument panel, an electronic parking brake, automatic parking intelligent system and 4.3-inch multimedia display system. Total to choose from are 5 complete sets: Classic. Comfort, Luxe, Prestige, Premium. Already in the basic version has ABS, ESS, full power accessories, and 6 airbags. The engine range is represented by three variants of motors in volume 1,4, 1,6 and 1,6 T-GDI. The most common version of the engine will be a 1.6 129 hp power and turbo version will be 204 “horses”. Work motors are standard 6 – speed manual or automatic 6 -step. To disperse hundreds can range from 7.7 to 11.5 seconds. Average fuel consumption is kept within 6.8 liters per 100 km. For such perfection would have to pay a minimum of 589 900 rubles. “Charged” version is represented in more refined coupe pro Cee`d GT and four-Cee`d GT. Under the hood is installed the most powerful unit in the 204 hp with 6 – speed automatic. But the main difference from the standard Cee`d is more aggressive and “reckless” design. At the bottom of the front bumper is equipped with 4 high-power LED lamps in satin finish. Also, harmonious design complement the 18 – inch wheels and red brake calipers and the rear side received two exhaust pipes and a diffuser. With 204 hp power and 265 Nm of torque, Cee`d GT can accelerate to 230 km / h. A red line inside the cabin, and aluminum pedals, give a little spice to the interior. This car is very practical for everyday life. The price of such pleasure begins with 974,900 rubles.

For family trips, KIA offers minivan Venga. Spacious interior, nice design and new technologies coexist in perfect KIA Venga. The car is available with two different petrol power units in volume of 1,4 and 1,6 liters capacity of 90 and 125 horsepower respectively. The average consumption of the engine is equal to 1.4, 6.2 liters per 100 km. Minivan is equipped with 5 and 6 – speed manual transmission and 4 – speed automatic. To disperse hundreds may take from 11 to 12.8 seconds. The minimum cost of Venga model is 679 900 rubles.

Executive class brand is represented by two models: KIA Quoiris and KIA Optima. The last of them, recently received a brand new, tempting design. Massive hood, “predatory” grille, LED headlamps and stylish design in general, forced to respect this model. The interior is made of skin, and all units have a red “cosmic” light. The center console is slightly angled towards the driver and has a protective visor, steering wheel. And all the things easily fit in a roomy trunk. Most models get a 2 – liter petrol engine capacity of 150 hp and 6 speed automatic transmission. Acceleration to 100 km / h will take in a given engine 10.6 seconds and average consumption will be 7.6 liters per 100 km.

More prestigious modification can obtain more dynamic and “voracious” 2.4 – liter engine capacity of 180 “horses”. The minimum cost of a prestigious sedan is 989,900 rubles. Another representative of the business segment is the model KIA Quoiris. From its initial value of 2,039,900 rubles, the car includes innovative ideas and the latest developments of the company. Externally, the car resembles the BMW 7 Series, although it has a massive grille. The wealth sedan equipment includes: door closer, electric trunk, vehicle safety management system (ACSM), a digital instrument panel with a 12.3 – inch display, blind spot monitoring system, active cruise – control, head-up display NUD, multimedia package for the rear passengers and much more. Quoiris received a 3.8 – liter petrol engine capacity of 290 hp and 358 Nm of torque. Works engine mated to a 8 – speed automatic and rear-wheel drive. Acceleration to 100 km / h comes in 7.3 seconds, and the average flow rate of 10 liters per 100 km.

Class crossover in the lineup KIA offers a bright, emotional and “spiritual” model Soul. This small crossover is sporty, muscular looks and enough high landing. Body Soul decorated with stylish LED headlights and wide unique lines. Bright color body will attract additional attention of passers-by. Inside the cabin passengers will appreciate the stylish and high-quality interior design, panoramic roof, multimedia system with 8 – inch display, a plurality of pockets for coins, as well as heated seats and all audio package from Infinity. Two power units are available for this lightweight and maneuverable crossover: gasoline and diesel. Both engines have a capacity of 1.6 liters and approximately equal power: the diesel engine 128 hp and 124 hp a gasoline engine. Both engines are paired with a 6 speed automatic or mechanics. And the average consumption ranges from 6 to 7.5 liters per 100 km. Basic equipment KIA Soul is worth 724,900 rubles.

A more powerful engine and high traffic can “boast” a new crossover KIA Sportage. Stylish design allows the car to look modern and stand out from the flow of “urban jungle.” Equally popular model has to its credit a beautiful interior with excellent ergonomics. In addition there is an excellent audio package, intelligent parking system, sunroof, multifunction display in the center console and a variety of useful pockets, including a compartment for glasses. The power plant is represented by 2 – liter petrol engine capacity of 150 horsepower. The choice, the buyer can choose a full or front-wheel drive. Runs motor in tandem with a 6 -speed manual or automatic transmission, consumes 8.5 liters per 100 km. Prices start at 914,900 rubles. Also in the sale is a 2-liter diesel version with a capacity of 180 horsepower.

Class high-grade, high-end SUVs are two models: KIA Sorento and KIA Mohave. The first SUV includes a variety of high-tech systems that make driving safer and more comfortable. The ground clearance of 185 mm allows you to overcome many obstacles, and 7 seats to transport over long distances large family. The range of engines is represented by a diesel 2.2 – liter engine capacity of 197 hp and 2.4 – liter petrol motor capacity of 175 hp .. On Sorento is set 6 – speed automatic or a 6 – speed manual. Diesel engine accelerates to a hundred in 9.9 seconds, consuming an average of 6.7 liters per 100 km. The minimum price for the SUV with front-wheel drive is 1,304,900 rubles.

Model KIA Mohave looks owner of the road. Ground clearance mm 217 allows to pass any obstacles with high comfort. Excellent dynamics ensures gasoline engine 3.8-liter, 275 hp A more rational is the 3 – liter diesel engine, producing 250 hp and an average consumption of 9.3 liters per 100 km. In this case the motor gets 8 -speed automatic transmission. Both engines maximum speed is 190 km / h. The price of such pleasure begins with 1,884,900 rubles.

Sophistication forms a stylish and sporty design and high-tech equipment of vehicles KIA – model year will definitely come to your taste.