2020 Kia K900 (QUORIS)

Imitating the German values, the 2020 Kia offers a luxurious “living room” for a very reasonable price. Meet, 5-meter “bruiser» – 2020 Kia K900 (on the Russian market, 2020 Kia Quoris).

Luxury 2020 Kia K 900 – a car for business cruises. Interesting fact, that got it

s name after the model luxury sedans market analysis conducted by staff of the Korean company, which stated that all the flagship model in its name combining both letters and numbers.

Externally, the flagship model has received a stylish LED lights, grouped in several clusters. Gaping “mouth” grille coarse mesh gives the appearance rapacity and recognition. A lower part of the front bumper got smooth “broke a smile” air intake, which found its home LED foglights. In profile, the 2020 Kia Kuoris looks smoothly and harmoniously, RV installed 19-inch wheels with shiny needles, which actually looked “too heavy”, given the massive size sedan. 2020 Kia Foods looks stylish and modern. The taillights of a convex shape, are connected by a thin chrome strip, into which are integrated reverse lights. The boot lid is slightly curved, thus creating a small spoiler stamped. The bottom edge is decorated with two trapezoidal tailpipes in gloss black frame.

If you close the brand logo on the steering wheel, that many people do not immediately realize that this interior is not S-Class sedan. For basic 2,039,900 rubles owner receives a luxury front and rear seats of leather Nappa, 12.3-inch on-board computer with digital devices, the location of which can be selected manually, as well as the 9.3-inch touch screen navigation and multimedia system to which is attached 17 audio speakers. In the central display also displays information, climate control and a circular video from four cameras. All the most important information is duplicated onto a projection Head-Up Display. Each passenger can individually select the desired temperature, climate control, and heated or ventilated seats. However, costs such as aristocratic cooler for the rear passengers, rear folding tables and displays provided in the vehicle. The only thing that slightly breaks the perfect atmosphere is modest joystick media management system, installed on the central dashboard.

A large number of noise insulation material, laminated windshield and stiffer suspension combine to create an excellent atmosphere of silence in the cabin.

Under the hood 2020 Kia K900 mounted 5.0-liter V8 engine, with a total capacity of 420 “horses” and 510 Nm of torque. Works engine is mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission ZF, which transmits all the power to the drive the rear wheels. To disperse hundreds happens for a solid 5.7 seconds and top speed is limited at around 205 km / h. Fuel consumption in the urban cycle 15.7 liters per hundred. By the way, the sedan has a nearly perfect distribution of weight – 52 to 48.

If we talk about the 2020 Kia K900, known in Russia as the Quoris -, albeit not as eminent as his German competitors is a very good buy luxury sedan.

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