2020 Kia Cerato – modern Korean sedan

New attractive sedan Korean production, 2020 Kia Surat model year – went on sale in Russia in the middle of last year. third-generation production facilities established in the Kaliningrad “Avtodor” plant. Because updates received cerate correct appearance, there has not been without the familiar Shreyra Peter, who had a hand in the second generation of the car. Also, the car will be equipped with a choice of one of two new gasoline powertrains. Initially 2020 Kia Cerato was shown at the auto show in Los Angeles, then immediately went on sale in Korea. The surprising fact that the car has already three names: Korean cars refer to as the K3, for the US market using their familiar name 2020 Kia Forte, and the third well, the name we know.

The first car was released in 2004, then it was the first generation, built on the popular 2020 Kia J3 reliable platform. For a long time remained a model without an update, only four years later, Schreyer designer had a hand and refined sedan, then in 2008 came the second generation. The third generation, to which we now admire photo and video materials presented in , as a model for the – year.


  • Dimensions of the new Surat remained virtually untouched, long sedan is – 4560 mm, width – 1780 mm, wheelbase has increased by 50 mm – 2700 mm, height – 1445 mm.
  • Ground clearance (clearance) – 15 cm.
  • Curb weight of car is around 1180 – 1320 kg.

2020 Kia Surat photo front

The front of the Cerato – greets us with a completely new radiator grille, typical of all new models of the Korean company. Above the eyes cut into large, beautiful headlights, illuminating the road well. Elegant looks hood with a peculiar U-prominent vyshtampovki.

2020 Kia cerate photo Side

Side of the less memorable, but catches the eye high roof, with smooth lines, which pass through the cluttered door pillar. Large wheel arches easily be able to accommodate 17 drives range with low-profile 225/45 tires. Excellent fit mirrors with LED turn signal.

2020 Kia Cerato photo back of

Car Foods meets our large bright shades tail lights with modern LED filling in the form of elongated eye with bright red pupils stressed, pulling up to the rear roof pillars. With regards to the trunk, he became more capable of accommodating up to 420 liters of cargo.

Photos trunk Surat

In addition to increasing the volume, the manufacturer increased the passage opening 73 mm, which has played a significant role in the convenience of handling bags.


Salon upgraded Cerato the year meets our brand new, high-quality finishing materials, which makes the car much more attractive, competitive and even as it brings to the premium class.

Photo rear seats in the new 2020 Kia Surat

Interior designed to take five people, including the driver. But cutting back sofa so that comfortably accommodate only two people, a third of all available floor space, and a high tunnel on the floor will not allow conveniently placed foot. Well at least go to the stove and air conditioner vents.

Photo salon cerate – year

But you can talk about the comfort of the front, as the new body has increased the space now available in heights of 4 mm greater width seat increased by 9 mm, in combination with good lateral support, driver and passenger feel fine. Also, the front passenger increased space at the feet of 13 mm. The cabin became much brighter by increasing the glazed area that front, that on the sides.

Photo Interior Surat the year

The car is equipped with a great stylish front panel with smooth transitions, create the impression of lightness. In the center located great for basic configuration multimedia system with on-board computer. Already in the base car gets good air conditioning and audio training (CD, MP3, Bluetooth, voice control, Aux, yusb). We think it is not even bad. Well, if you want to pay, you will be able to boast of: 4.4 or even 7-inch multimedia with navigation and rear-view camera, assistant parallel parking, e-filling seats, heated mirrors, leather interior, climate control, cruise control and a host of other amenities.
Special attention should be multi wheel, which is quite convenient adjustable for tilt and reach, open access to the necessary multimedia keys with which the driver feels great.

Price and equipment

For Russian consumers Koreans released the car in four different variations:

  • Comfort RS;
  • Luxe RS;
  • Prstige;
  • Maximum grade – Premium.

About Comfort RS complete basic package, we began to speak up. But besides those already listed, this includes: the petrol engine of 1.6 liters, working together with a manual transmission, R16 steel wheels, sound insulation, immobilizer, mirror heater, and electric, with CH control. Price in Russia will amount to – 680 000, vskidku in Korea for this packaging are asked to 545 000 rubles.

Pictures 2020 Kia Cerato

The top grade – Premium is equipped with a 2.0 liter internal combustion engine operating with automatic transmission, R17legkosplavnymi drives, LED DRL, xenon headlights, leather interior, additional airbags, an adjustable power steering, Supervision instrument panel. Price 2020 Kia cerate , in this configuration will be – 930 000 rubles.


The new generation is equipped with all known Surat engines: Gamma and Nu. Powertrains have been significantly modified, used for the manufacture of modern materials, which reduced the weight of the unit, almost 35%. The introduction of modern technology to increase the power and torque. Of course, all the innovations impact on fuel consumption, which is not unimportant factor in the current realities.

  1. The first engine is mounted on the basic package, this four-cylinder petrol 1.6 liter unit. The torque peak of 158 Nm gives out 130 hp. Turning around the engine to 6300 rpm, a peak is reached at 4800 rpm. The engine can be operated in conjunction with the range of six automatic or six-speed manual. Auto mechanics accelerates to 200 km / h, up to hundreds of take 10 seconds. Fuel consumption with the mechanics in mixed mode – 6.5 liters in the city with traffic jams – 8.8 liters, the track – 5.4 liters.
    Installing the machine slightly degrades performance. Maximum speed – 195 km / h, up to hundreds of 11 seconds. Fuel consumption: city – 9,2 l, track – 5.5 liters, mixed – 6.9 liters. It’s official data, real beneficial owners may reveal the truth of many things.
  2. The second more powerful unit in a series of Nu, is built on the same technology, will only increase the volume to 2 liters, due to this increased speed, maximum 6500 peak torque is also increased to 194 Nm, reached at the same 4800 rpm. Maximum speed 2020 Kia cerate with this beast increased by only 5 km / h, it is ridiculous to be honest. But the better play overclocking up to 100 mph – 9.3 seconds. With this engine the only machine. Fuel consumption in the city – 10.3 liters on the highway – 5.4 liters, mixed – 7.3 liters.

Cerato third generation inherited a modern, feminine body. The front suspension is mounted on independent McPherson strut, rear torsion beam Coupled Torsion Beam Axle. The developers have worked perfectly braking system by installing front ventilated discs, rear usual.

Engine installed in Surat Photo

It’s a shame that the basic configuration is completed only with ABS, all current assistants / aides will be in the top version (Stability assistant when starting uphill, prevention and enhancement with rapid braking, active management). Driving characteristics improved by modern electric power, which retains excellent handling on any road.


New 2020 Kia Cerato Year – is a modern, youth, attractive car. Which had been worked advanced specialists. All in a sedan made qualitatively with the expectation of a large audience. A good selection of functional and complete sets of equipment. Of course, the good can be listed for a long time, but the price, the price is the main disadvantage of this baby, it does not say – it’s expensive. Compared with the cost of the Korean wonder how throws our dealers. Still, 2020 Kia Surat representative of the C-Class, so please, put the amount and ride the attractive toy.