2020 Jeep Compass – a new compact crossover

For the first time the car was presented in 2006, even after 5-years old car has undergone a slight restyling. Despite the very outstanding “off-road proschlo” of their predecessors, 2020 Jeep Compass is a typical crossover, not ready to overcome this terrain.

The greatest changes affected the exterior front of the 2020 Jeep Compass – during restyling model for designers clearly served as the latest generation design the Grand Cherokee .

2020 Jeep Compass photo

It should be noted that the application of this concept was good for our hero – saving recognizable branded grille falshradiatora, got severe head headlights and received a powerful bumper with integrated foglights.

Forage is allocated a large tailgate, whereby access to the boot has become much more convenient. Note compact and marker lights and chrome rear bumper trim.

2020 Jeep Compass photo

Side review demonstrates significantly increase the wheel arches, the shape of which has now become almost a square. It produces a decent impression and massive rear roof pillars, extending along the sides of the plastic protection and hidden in the glass rear door handles.

In general, a crossover appearance, in spite of the introduction of changes, can not be called a particularly outstanding – external crossover is fit for purpose, but nothing more.

  • Dimensions 2020 Jeep Compass ‘, point to the car belonging to the compact class: a length of 4448 mm, width – 1812 mm, height – 1663 mm.
  • The dimensions of the wheelbase – 2635 mm, with 205 mm ground clearance, the total curb weight of the updated crossover – ranges from 1530-1585 kg.
  • The crossover is equipped with protectors 215/60 R17, or 215/55 R18, worn on the alloy wheels suitable dimensions.

Developers have traditionally taken care of the presence of a sufficiently large range of colors for a new “Compass”. Now customers can choose the color of the cars of the copper, black, silver, white, red, dark gray, blue and green colors.

Interior shows about the American crossover affiliation – this is referred to as trim materials (too stiff leather and hard plastic) and a rich filling of different devices and systems. front row seats got heated, driving in addition has elektroregulirovaniem in 6 directions. From the obvious shortcomings of the driver’s seat armrest note too wide, which substantially reduces the space.

Photo salon

Multifunctional steering wheel is fully covered with the skin, it is adjustable in height only. The rear seat has received a short pillow space behind for the comfortable stay of three passengers is not enough – the average passenger would interfere with a large central tunnel, as well as the armrest located between the two front seats.

In the case of placing two passengers in the width of the place becomes a lot more, but the knees anyway will abut against the front seat backrests. Note and quite uncomfortable boarding passengers in cars.

But the volume of the luggage compartment really impressed – it is placed 643 liters without problems. payload. On the volume of the luggage compartment has not affected even located right subwoofer. When the second row seats folded, the luggage volume increases to 1719 liters., Area resulting luggage compartment is almost perfectly flat. Saloon cars and is designed for transportation of bulky goods – it is necessary to lower the forward passenger seat that will significantly increase the length of the cabin.


A large torpedo has impressive dimensions of ducts, the center console has received an advanced multimedia system, which is controlled by means of a color monitor (voice control, CD, MP3, DVD, 30 GB hard drive, 6-Th-quality speakers). Also in a restyled crossover present cruise control, climate control and a trip computer.


The basis of the compact crossover has become a good platform to express themselves Mitsubishi GS (the first model created on the basis of this sample was the Mitsubishi Outlander 2005), therefore the technical characteristics of cars are quite predictable. Vpereedi crossover has a MacPherson strut , rear – multi-link arrangement. Also present power steering, disc brakes (Brake Assist the ABC, the ESP , and Traction Control).

The front part of the car

New car for local motorists will be available with only one powertrain – petrol 2.4 liters. (170 hp), is aggregated with CVT CVT II. All-wheel drive is activated electronically, is also on board krosssovera set positive locking, which is activated by hand – it distributes the torque between front and rear wheels in a ratio of 50/50. In the case of the rear wheels slipping Freedom Drive I system includes rear.

New Compass Speed ​​dials reluctantly – According to the statement given by the manufacturer, to the first 100 km / h cars will accelerate in 11.3 seconds – this slowness is due to the slowness of the variator. At the same time at the maximum available speed of 185 km / h clearly manifested low informative value of the steering wheel, the slightest unevenness of road surface are transmitted to the steering wheel. When cornering crossover also proved to be not the best way – essentially cars roll during cornering overcome at large angles the wheels are turned outward.

Rear part

Of the merits of note and a comfortable soft suspension, as well as excellent noise isolation. Overall, a decent asphalt car proved to be quite good, it can not be said about the lack of roads, and broken country roads. Even when locked clutch connects the rear wheels, it is extremely difficult to overcome even minor obstacles encountered on the local roads, and the flow rate increases with the claimed 8.6 liters. to 14-15 liters.

The conclusion is quite simple: the crossover was perhaps the first representative of the 2020 Jeep family, completely devoid of the famous “Dzhipovskoy” terrain, the road turned into urban crossover with a relatively high fuel consumption, leather interior, and “elitism” of other attributes.


Note that the price at which the car is available in Russia (1.308 million rubles for packaging Limited), is much higher than the cost of a crossover in America – where cars can be purchased for 26,045 dollars. (About 863 472 rubles).

Video Test Drive