2020 Jaguar XE – interesting aluminum sedan

The company 2020 Jaguar Land Rover in early September organized the first official presentation of the European sports sedan E-class. Car 2020 Jaguar XE – year presented a quite unusual. At first his ride in a helicopter, placing the car on a special platform, over London, and then transplanted to the ship and take a ride on the Thames. Thus, the novelty brought to the exhibition center, which organized a special event in honor of the model.

However, a full-fledged global debut at the international Paris Motor Show, which began its work with the fourth of October. Production of the new 2020 Jaguar XE will establish the factory 2020 Jaguar and Land Rover.

2020 Jaguar XE photo

Despite the fact that 2020 Jaguar is currently under the control of the Indian company Tata Motors, the company is still called the European. Or rather British. Because today we want to offer you a full review of this interesting British sedan class D. It is not just a car, but a very serious competitor to giants such as Mercedes-Benz C-Class , BMW of the third series , the Audi A4 .

A special feature of novelty is the fact that sixty-five percent of it is made of aluminum. Imagine, no hood, trunk lid and doors, body weight is just 251 kg. Throw these three elements, and the weight will increase slightly – up to 342 kilograms. At the same time the body as a manufacturer assures, very reliable, with high rigidity, even higher than the performance model 2020 Jaguar XF twenty percent. Incidentally, in conjunction with a motor car weight around 1.5 tons.


For the exterior of the car is completely otvechat Design Director of 2020 Jaguar – Ian Callum. His task was to create a sedan in its external data as close to the car compartment F-Type. Look at the photo and video materials, and tell me if it got him? We believe that happened. And very good.

As a result, the car boasts a long hood, somewhat shifted back parlor, and a very compact rear. Generally exterior turned feast for the eyes. Stylish, sporty, energetic, modern, bold. Here is how just a few words can describe it. But let’s go through each part of the body separately.

2020 Jaguar XE – photo

The front part was small, narrower headlights with LED running lights, presented in the form of a boomerang. Raised grille is made in the traditional style of the company, and the front fairing equipped with air ducts and a number of aerodynamic elements. Very beautifully and elegantly managed to construct ducts on the sides, in the center, as well as the grille.

2020 Jaguar XE – photo Side

Side of the car clearly strikes the gas at the expense of a long bonnet and a small stern. This profile was also large wheel arches, which seamlessly fit the wheel to the twenty-two inches, stylish window frames, dome-shaped roof. Unfortunately, the car is more than pleasant to those who are going to come. Due to the design of the roof and the cabin displaced back, and only a small opening rear doors. Places in the crown is not very much, even though the space is enough for your feet.

Photo 2020 Jaguar XE – back

Behind the big note marker lights, LED by filling, as well as a small but elegant boot lid, complete with a small spoiler and bumper, filled with various elements of aerodynamics. Plus very pleased integrated into the bumper diffuser and a modern, athletic fit over the exhaust system.

The presence of the aerodynamic elements and features of the body structure have borne fruit in terms of drag coefficient. This figure is at the 2020 Jaguar XE 0.26 Cx, which is a solid achievement for a sports sedan.

We can not tell you about the dimensions of the car. They have British aluminum sedan following:

  • length – 4672 mm
  • width – 1850 millimeters
  • height – 1416 mm
  • wheelbase of 2835 millimeters.


Let’s start from the back row, as it is a weak point of the machine. Here you do not get a lot of space in the legs, and even more so over the head. Quality comfortable sofa designed in such a way that it has two clearly marked seats. This 2020 Jaguar is positioning novelty as the five-seated cars. Yes, you can sit in the back in the middle, if desired. But still not worth it, because the central tunnel will only complicate your trip.

Photo salon 2020 Jaguar XE – year

But the front row is much more welcoming host to the driver and passenger. I place a lot, because people here will be able to take any complexion. Seats are comfortable, stylish, a little sports, have excellent lateral support and anatomical shape.

2020 Jaguar XE photo salon

The driver from the comfort of the place, seeing the very thoughtful driver’s space. Leather trim, equipped with multiple functions. The instrument panel is not only informative, but also a stylish, modern, easily readable.

2020 Jaguar XE photo perednh seats

The center console has placed on itself a modern multimedia system with touch screen color display, which can work with your devices based on Android or iOS. There is also climate controlled control unit. The central tunnel divides like the front seats into two separate cockpit. It looks very neat and interesting. Plus the hands of the driver and passenger do not interfere with each other.

Photo rear seats 2020 Jaguar XE

Generally, if we do not take into account the back row, but rather a question of his comfort, the interior turned out great. Separately say about the materials and finishes. They are not just high, but insanely great quality. The cabin is used as leather and suede, and many aluminum components.

The luggage compartment can accommodate 455 liters of luggage. But the rear row backrest lowered, increasing the luggage space. By the way, you can optionally order a servo opening tailgate.


Of course, such a vehicle as the 2020 Jaguar can not have poor equipment. It is already known that it will be included in the basic and optional equipment model 2020 Jaguar XE. So that the package can include the following elements:

  • multimedia system
  • dual-zone climate control
  • leather
  • electric handbrake
  • panoramic electric sunroof
  • external camcorder
  • for drive-cars in heavy traffic tracking system
  • for road markings and road signs Tracking System
  • the blind zones tracking system
  • parking assistant
  • the automatic braking in an emergency system
  • electric and heated front seats
  • ventilated front seats.

And this is not a complete list of options for the car, which belongs to the category of business-class sedans.


But what pleasantly pleased and even surprised, because it is the price of a brand-new 2020 Jaguar XE -. The fact is that many of the media and guests of the event, which took place in the framework of the presentation of news and voiced its prices were downright impressed.

No, the car is not going to cost ten thousand euros. But expensive and it can not be called in any way. Judge for yourself, in the UK it will be sold at a price of 27 thousand pounds. For Europe, the starting price of 35 thousand euros.

As the car goes on sale on the territory of Russia, like the European price tags make it possible to rely on a very, very favorable purchase this very stylish modern sports sedan our motorists.

By the way, production will begin in January or February next year, and the authorized dealers 2020 Jaguar XE will come around April or May next year. Toward the end of the spring should expect the first batches of 2020 Jaguar XE – in Russia.


At the moment, 2020 Jaguar will launch production in two versions of power units for your sedan. Everyone gets a start-stop system in the basic equipment. Pay extra for it is not necessary.

  1. The role of the base engine performs four turbo 2.0-liter with an output of 160 horsepower and a torque of 380 Nm. It can be paired with an eight-automatic, or else with a six-speed mechanics. At the same time with the manual transmission in the combined cycle consumption will be only 3.9 liters of diesel per hundred kilometers of distance traveled.
  2. The second engine is much more powerful and serious. This three-liter gasoline engine with six cylinders. Its capacity was 340 hp and a torque figure reached 450 Nm. In this work this engine will only be paired with an eight-gun. Due to the power plant and transmission, to the first hundred 2020 Jaguar XE accelerates in just 5.1 seconds. Top speed is limited electronically to a collar on the traditional European mark of 250 kilometers per hour. According to the manufacturer, for every 100 kilometers on the average car will consume 8.3 liters of petrol.

However, two years later the car can get another two-liter turbo diesel engine with increased capacity, as well as two new petrol engines, 2.0-liter, too.

Motor Photo 2020 Jaguar XE

The company reportedly plans to launch all-wheel drive version and does not exclude the possibility of the emergence of variant station wagon. When exactly this will happen – it is not specified.


We met a very interesting car of the British production, which promises to be very, very popular both in Europe and in Russia. It is interesting to read reviews of the owners and find out what they think about the news from the UK.

Pictures 2020 Jaguar XE

Obviously, appearance, quality and expensive salon, richly equipped, impressive specifications, combined with a relatively affordable price make the 2020 Jaguar XE – very attractive acquisition for anyone who appreciates style, sporty character and reliability. Do not be afraid 65 percent of aluminum in the composition of the body. With the strength and rigidity at it all at the highest level.

It’s really a wonderful sedan. What is true, it is more focused on two passengers, or else a young family. Yet the rear row of seats has disadvantages in the form of a lack of sufficient space to comfortably accommodate adult passengers. Children will be there at the time.