2020 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight : photo price and equipment, characteristics

Not so rarely remember their company cars, which a few decades ago were in great demand, or simply were sufficiently original and popular in the market.

Photo 2020 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight year

But often, the revival of the model is carried out by creation of a modern car with modern filling and design, only remotely resembling a car from the past.

However, the company 2020 Jaguar decided to enter a completely different way. The British took as a basis the popular car of the sixties of the last century, and revived it in its original form. It is a model called the 2020 Jaguar E-Type, which at one time was almost the fastest and most elegant car. Not surprisingly, the production line in the UK produced more than 70 thousand such cars.

But the racing version used by low demand. In 1963 he was issued a modification called the 2020 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight, which was planned to make only eighteen pieces. But only able to collect twelve due to objective reasons at the time.

The remaining six platforms for a long time kept in the warehouse of the company 2020 Jaguar, but get rid of them do not have the courage, I guess. And good. Because now 2020 Jaguar has decided to restore the car, to let new life into them.

Experts have finished all six cars, but used it only those technologies that were available during the time of the car. That is, in the sixties. As a result, we have very close to the original vintage cars gathered on technologies of the past based on the present opportunities.

Appearance 2020 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight

Describe in simple terms how this car 2020 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight very difficult and not entirely correct. Take a look at the photo and video materials which will allow you to make your own opinion about the car.

Photo 2020 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight Front

Its front part is decorated with large round headlamps, advantageously combined with an oval grille trim. Interestingly, the front bumper missing at all. But at the very edges of the neat turn signals are located under the headlights. Very long hood with a huge edge in the middle and nearly vertical windshield – very characteristic for that time decision, but extremely interesting for modern machines.

Photo 2020 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight Side

On the side we see a slightly rounded wheel arches, partially hiding under the top edge of the wheel in the classic drive, compact door through which to carry out landing in the interior is not so simple. Incidentally, the wheels whose diameter was 15 inches performed using magnesium, while the body is assembled from aluminum. As a result, the car’s weight was no more than one ton.

Photo 2020 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight back

The back part was narrowed optics, original air duct on the boot lid and on the roof, dual outlet exhaust system.

It should be noted that this is a two-door coupe, transforming into a convertible. Rigid roof can be removed fairly easily, which further enhances the value of this instance.

Yeah, to get acquainted with these machines is very difficult, because they are absolutely not typical for our time. But this 2020 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight becomes even more unique. It’s totally working interpretation of the car of the last century, built on the platform of the original sixties years. In fact, a copy of the car can not be called. This is a true original, whose assembly simply detained for several decades.


If anyone is interested in 2020 Jaguar’s size, they are as follows:

  • length – 4440 mm;
  • width – 1650 mm;
  • height – 1194 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2440 mm.

Interior E-Type Lightweight

If you thought that the look in the salon and see the interior of a sample of modern 2020 Jaguars then forced to upset you. Or vice versa, please. Anyway, the British and repeated in all exactly as was typical for the 2020 Jaguars in the 60s.

Photo salon 2020 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight

Before the driver great steering wheel rim is narrow enough and made of wood. Three metal needles in the center are combined into a single structure and combined with the horn. Neither of which multifunctionality and there can be no question. Standard equipment with large radii tachometer and speedometer, various indicators, sensors, and switches on the center console. And the transmission knob looks like a simple metal rod sticking out of the central tunnel. A feeling that you are inside the aircraft cabin. It thus seems to this salon.

Everywhere prevails outright and no decorated metal. But the seats themselves are made with the use of high quality leather. The headrest on them is absent, and the pipe inside tell us that this is a rare car racing modifications because these tubes is nothing but a protective shell.

Photo driver’s seat 2020 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight

In fact, the owners of such vehicles will be able to take part in the popular racing vintage cars. Most importantly, unlike the majority of participants, the owners of 2020 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight do not have to worry about reliability. Let the machine looks like a rarity, but the engine in her order, as developed in the conditions of modern features.

Options and prices 2020 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight

As you know, about the complete set here speech can not go. In addition to leather seats or steering wheel of wood is nothing special to highlight. And there was at that time, electric windows, air conditioning, some assists. Even the music in the car is something unimaginable.

But these cars are valued not for their equipment. This is a rarity. For such instances chase collectors from all over the world. And the news of the revival of the six models of 2020 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight quickly spread through the true connoisseurs of beautiful cars.

As a result, immediately after the presentation of the car at the exhibition of vintage cars in Pablo Beach, in the United States, in spite of the announced price, we received pre-orders for all copies. That is, at the moment to buy 2020 Jaguar has no chance.

Well, except that if you contact the buyer and ask him to such a transaction, from which he will not give up. But most likely, I acquired one of six 2020 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight is the man who in life do not give such a unique car.

But the price of it was really far from modest. Each car is valued at one million pounds sterling. Translated into more familiar to us European currency, which is around 1.25 million euros. In the US, as you know, it’s almost all the half million conventional units.

Though to be frank, there are such rarities at auctions, for which true connoisseurs give crazy money, sometimes in excess of all the visible and invisible borders. Well, we can only be glad for these people.

Specifications 2020 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight

After such a classic exterior and interior, as well as announced by the cost, it is interesting to know what technical specifications based 2020 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight.

Under the hood of the 2020 Jaguar installed petrol six-cylinder power unit with 12 valves. Its volume is 3.8 liters, and is complemented by three two-chamber carburettors. Though if desired, the client may replace the fuel injection system. It is also present in the list of options at the beginning of the sixties, because even here continues returns tribute to the past.

The power of this engine was an impressive 344 horsepower, while the torque has reached a point 380 Nm. It operates power unit together with a mechanical four-gearbox. The maximum speed that is able to collect this rare car is not rare 274 kilometers per hour.


That turned out to be such that revived 2020 Jaguar created entirely on the principles of the last century car, using only those technologies that engineers could use in the early sixties of the 20th century. Of course, due to more advanced technology and production process materials, these six instances favorably with high quality and reliability.

Because acquired curiosity will please its owner reliable and durable operation. Given the specifications, the buyer 2020 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight there are great chances to make serious progress in the framework of racing races vintage cars. If cars were bought especially for this, then this step can be called a very competent and promising.

Video Test drive E-Type Lightweight


Not so often seen built classic cars that can be considered new. It is not restored copies, and started from scratch the car. The new engine, new body, fresh skin in the salon, and much more.

Also, 2020 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight car lets you know how much the auto industry has stepped forward, but how original and unique cars were at the time. We have much to learn. The current massovat in production makes us forget those values ​​that are characteristic of the vehicle.