2020 Infiniti QX30 year: photo price and equipment, video

International Geneva Motor Show has pleased us with many novelties. Some of them are already fully ready for serial production, while others are all concepts, the realization of which will take years.

Photo 2020 Infiniti QX30 New

But there are other cars which, although they are presented in the format of a concept car, but before they launch into a series of left quite a bit. One of the most striking instances of this kind can be considered 2020 Infiniti QX30 2016, which the Japanese manufacturer decided to show it in Geneva.

The car already received many enthusiastic responses. This is not surprising, because in front of us a premium crossover, which as standard has to be very, very close to the conceptual modification. So exterior promises to be a very original for its time.

Since the Japanese premium novelty really causes a lot of questions, and the increased interest in his person, we offer you to explore the full review. Of course, we will be based only on the data that are known to date and confirmed by official representatives of the company’s 2020 Infiniti.

Exterior 2020 Infiniti QX30

According to statements by the Japanese, a platform for building a premium crossover 2020 Infiniti QX30 made German car. We are talking about the model Mercedes GLA (Mercedes GLA). Despite this, the car looks very little like. And this comparison is clearly not in favor of Mercedes, since Infinity looks brighter, futuristic and original. Although there are already more a matter of taste. To impose his own opinion, we will not be anyone.

Take a look at the best photos and videos, with their own eyes give an assessment of the exterior novelty. In order to make it easier, let’s look at the car on each side.

Photos of the new 2020 Infiniti QX30 , the front

The front part is decorated with original trim grille, which is typical for all current models of 2020 Infiniti. It lies in the chrome edging, and is complemented by an amazing grid. Here we see a huge bumper with air intakes and imposing something like mouth or lips, depending on how you look. Anyway, copious amounts of chrome on the bumper allows only admire the car. Narrowed optics, fins on the bonnet, strong enough slope windshield – all this makes the car an original and unique. Of course, there has not been without LEDs. They are present in the case of head optics, playing the role of daytime running lights as well as a bumper case where LEDs are already responsible for the fog lights.

Photos of the new 2020 Infiniti QX30 , the side

On the side we see exquisite powerful vyshtampovki door, crossover skirts, exaggerated wheel arches, large alloy wheels. All this against the backdrop of the high sills and compact glazing makes the car a real “bodybuilder” with massive “muscles”. Looks, of course, great, but there are critics who consider such an approach to the exterior design of several unsuccessful.

Photos of the new 2020 Infiniti QX30 years back

The rear part, in fact, starts with a bend domed roof, which turns into a neat and small tailgate, moving to the optics and powerful rear bumper. At it’s best to see, even from photographs.

Interestingly another point. As for a number of crossovers for the 2020 Infiniti QX30 has a protective bottom of the doors, edges of the wheel arches, bumpers. But if all this is protected usually unpainted plastic, the concept proposes to replace it with carbon. Moreover, the bumper edge is also protected from steel shields.

Well, there is still plenty of time, so that unleashed a wave of criticism of his comments on this prototype. However, in the 2020 Infiniti now report that they leave the production version of the concept is not going away. It will be very interesting, because there is no such production vehicles now, and it is unlikely they will be soon.

The problem is that many companies are afraid to experiment, to move away from patterns, moving ahead of fashion. Because at the shows we see futuristic concepts, and their serial variations are much easier. And it’s a little disappointing. Let’s hope that 2020 Infiniti will change this approach.


If we talk about the size, the manufacturer and mentioned about them. Apparently, that we have an idea of ​​what size machine in question, and in what niche your product line, the Japanese company will add this crossover. For 2020 Infiniti QX30 are relevant dimensions:

  • length – 4430 mm;
  • width – 1815 mm;
  • height – 1520 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2699 mm;
  • ground clearance – 192 mm.

In many ways, as explained by off-road ground clearance and impressive wheels. The concept showcased alloy with chrome wheels with a diameter of 21 inches.

Interior 2020 Infiniti QX30

Inside, the car is designed as a full four-crossover. In general, given the size of the machine, this was expected. It is not necessary, of course, be ruled out that the manufacturer change the modification of the rear of the sofa, make it suitable for three passengers. Although do not forget, we have a premium crossover.

Photo salon 2020 Infiniti QX30 year

Of course, all machines can be traced to the attitude quite expensive category. Then you and the skin, and a high-quality plastic, inserts made of expensive materials, and more. All done accurately, soundly, without any complaints.

2020 Infiniti QX30 front seats

2020 Infiniti QX30 back sofa

But globally reflect on the theme of interior design today is still too early. It is necessary to wait for the production version. Of course, the high level of finish and materials used no override, but a modification, distribution of interior space can drastically change. Although we will not be surprised if the interior will suffer from concept to serial crossover.

2020 Infiniti QX30 trunk

Options QX30

So, too, are focusing on what we are talking about a concept is still a crossover. But since the manufacturer is positioning its prototype as an almost ready for series production car, and the theme is already picking relevant.

According to information received from representatives of the company 2020 Infiniti, the machine will literally filled with all sorts of equipment, security systems and other “chips”. Something already offered as standard, but something would be available only for a fee.

The most interesting equipment that is likely to be in the car, include:

  1. LED backlighting salon;
  2. modern electronic instrument panel (large display);
  3. multi-function steering wheel;
  4. multmediynaya system;
  5. touchscreen multimedia complex InTouch;
  6. dual-zone climate control;
  7. large set of security systems;
  8. complex electronic safety and assistant assists;
  9. LED optics;
  10. alloy wheels with a radius to choose from;
  11. advanced audio system;
  12. navigation system;
  13. rear view camera;
  14. Blind Spot Monitoring System and so on.

Enumerate especially electronic systems and assistants too long. Therefore, we note that the car should get all the advanced solutions, aimed at facilitating and improving the driving safety of the driver and passengers.

Of course, in terms of equipment 2020 Infiniti should try in order to be able to surpass or at least be on par with its competitors. These are the Audi Q 3, BMW X1, Mercedes GLA, based on which, in fact, built the current concept.

The price of the new 2020 Infiniti QX30 in Russia

You should also understand that about the prices too early to say. However, even in this regard the preliminary information announced. And by the representatives of the 2020 Infiniti.

According to them, the estimated cost of the new crossover will be about 30 thousand euros. But remember, this is the initial price you will be asked for the simplest version. A majority of customers prefer to maximize equip 2020 Infiniti car. Therefore, do not be surprised if most packaged QX30 variations will be twice as expensive than the claimed 30 thousand Euros.

See new product will be on sale next year. At the beginning of 2016 mass production starts. It happens to be in the UK, in the city of Sunderland. As soon as the vehicle gets to Russia – an open question as of yet.

Specifications 2020 Infiniti QX30

Many wonder what the specifications will be based 2020 Infiniti QX30 since its launch. The answer to this question is the company’s representatives have already let in the framework of the presentation.

And in most cases pproizvoditel only reports that is under the hood of the prototype, and no more. And here we have not only talked with which came the prototype, but also voiced entire powertrain line planned.

At the Motor Show in Geneva the concept was demonstrated with a two-liter turbocharged gasoline engine, whose power is 211 horsepower. Semidiapazonnoy staffed with an automatic transmission.

As it turned out, this top-end engine. Boxes will be two programs – said semidiapazonnaya, as well as six-speed. Both automatic transmissions.

Rules engines initially involves the use of four units. It sounded already a top 2.0-liter engine, plus a turbocharged 1.6-liter engine with 156 horsepower impact.

The two petrol engines to add two diesels. The first has a volume of 2.1 liters and 136 horsepower. That is a simple aspirated. The second diesel engine has a similar volume of 2.1 liters, but it complemented the turbine, which allowed to extract 170 horsepower.

Both diesel engine, by the way, borrowed from the company’s Mercedes. To be precise, in soplatformennika 2020 Infiniti QX30, whom, as you know, stands GLA model.

Video test drive 2020 Infiniti QX30


Let us to the concept, but it is clear that he is ready for serial production.

2020 Infiniti QX30 new

At the moment, there is one urgent question – whether serial prototype looks preserve, or facilitate car, make less futuristic than it looks now. If that happens, we will be faced with a certain disappointment. Painfully it turned interesting concept.

On the other hand, the issue is not sufficient for the relevant exterior of the car will be a major step for the 2020 Infiniti and even some risk. Over the next year the company, apparently, will assess the potential customer audience reaction to your car. From this it depends largely preserve or change QX30 exterior as standard.