2020 Infiniti Q50 – a breakthrough in the premium sedan

“Luxury daughter» Nissan never ceases to delight fans (and rivals, even such famous as Bavarian Mashinostritelny and Mercedes – keep in constant tone) with new models. Looking for a new Q50, are clear and reasons for concern German automakers: the car was really superb.

Presentation 2020 Infiniti Q50 was held in in Detroit. By car, according to the manufacturer, entrusted with honorable and responsible mission: Q50 2020 Infiniti has opened a new page of history. How will this affect the further development of the concept of the family is likely to find out in the current year. But first things first.

Photos external sedan design

Respect for the new 2020 Infiniti Q50 inspires even at a distance. First of all, contribute to this impressive overall performance.

  • So, sedan width is 1820 mm, length – 4790 mm, wheelbase – 2850 mm ground clearance – 150 mm, height – 1455 mm.
  • The impression is reinforced by the power of 17-inch alloy wheels, which is equipped with a car as standard.

But this was not enough for the creators – optionally available wheel 245 / 40R19. At the same time the dimensions of the new sedan does not prevent him to look graceful, and dynamic. The flowing lines of the body, along with a lot of attention to detail aerodynamic elements (which we’ll discuss below), have provided a striking factor for this class. counter air flow resistance – only 0,26 Cx. Individual attention, design and design decisions, provide zero lift force on both axles.

The front part of the Ku 50

Before the body is executed in the usual corporate style: false radiator grille is made trapezoid, angles which diverge to the sides. The stylish LED headlights stand out round the tides, and the bumper, get another air intake is covered with elaborate grid of identical grille; the bottom side of the bumper inserts harmoniously arranged fog, near which were attached compact LED daytime running lights.

The company’s designers have worked notably on the image of a leader of a new family. This is confirmed by modern aerodynamic elements and side spoilers along the bottom edge. These elements effectively crowned front cowl, and a massive sedan hood with large, wavy edges, creates an elegant image of a modern car.

Photo in profile

No less impressive looks and the side of the body 2020 Infiniti Q50: under the windows of prey ribs first go smoothly to zero, and then climb up. Also emphasizes the solidity and impressiveness of the new car and punching, which constitute the edges. The general form of news feeds perfectly blended and decorated heavy-duty bumper, fitted with chrome exhaust pipes and nozzles horizontal shades LED technology.

The back of the Q50

With characteristic thoroughness he approached the Japanese and to the color of the body: the new sedan are available to choose from as many as eight premium enamel colors:

  • red;
  • white;
  • light gray;
  • the black;
  • dark Grey;
  • Rough gray;
  • silver;
  • garnet-red;

A further “highlight” of all coatings is the ability to regenerate during pulmonary damage the outer layer – scratches and scuffs.

Before we begin to describe the internal luxurious interior Q50, it should be mentioned that even at the design stage in the technical specification for the project of the future auto premium were made to the requirements of creating Vysokoergonomichny, comfortable, richly equipped interior, with the design which permits the use of extremely high quality materials. In addition, all elements used besides perfect appearance had to be pleasant to the touch. Designers perfectly fulfilled all the conditions. As a result, the interior of the 2020 Infiniti Ku salon 50, together with the placement, the external forms and materials of manufacture of all elements of the interior – from the door handle to the seat, it can be called an exemplary – indicative.

Interior salon Photo

The original dashboard is implemented as a double wave. Air deflectors are arranged vertically on it. Large center console received a brand dual touch screen 2020 Infiniti In Touch. Appointments both monitors are clearly separated: the top displays the navigation map and the rear camera image. At the rear is entrusted with functions to manage multimedia system, Internet access, configure operating parameters of cars. It is from the bottom of the screen can be controlled by changes in engine performance, suspension, gearbox. Pleased multifunctionality and steering wheel – to access phone, player, cruise control and on-board computers made it with him. Steering column, of course, has an electric drive. Mirrors with armchairs got the memory settings for the last four drivers.


The front seats are equipped with active lateral support, a high-profile, perfectly fitting shape, and guaranteeing a free land. Availability of Power, heating and ventilation in the car seats of this class is meant by itself. The second row is able to accommodate three passengers, and the free space remains in excess without difficulty.

Second row passengers

Salon 2020 Infiniti Q50 was a 2-zone climate control. For a fee, it provides installation intellectual climate system. Her “trick” – the ability to determine the number and location of the cabin passengers.

Color options to interior design of the new car only three light-dark, graphite, light wheat. Q50 The trunk holds 510 liters available as standard. The hybrid option, because of the volume of batteries, can accommodate 110 liters. less – 400 l.

For the safety of the driver and passengers meets a lot of different systems, intelligent cruise control, ten airbags, Distance Control System Assist (monitors the safe distance to the vehicle ahead of walking). There is also a Blind Spot Warning system (responsible for monitoring the “blind spots”); Forward Collision Warning (warning about the threat of a collision); Lane Departure Prevention (tracking system dividing strip).

The basis of the new 2020 Infiniti Q50 – year is the upgraded platform 2020 Infiniti G37, having fully independent suspension. Another distinctive feature of this platform was the wide use of aluminum components. At the same time arranged in front of the double cross levers, rear multi-link scheme is implemented. It is also used by regulators to ensure lateral stability. The 2020 Infiniti Q50 has found its place and the famous adaptive electric power steering (modernized), received as many as four modes of communication. Its main difference from its predecessors was the combined connection with steering wheels: in normal mode, the control commands to the wheels passed over the wire, in the exit of the electronic system failure control automatically switches on the mechanical connection. disc brakes equipped with Brake Assist and ABC EBD.

Powertrain Q50

Technical characteristics of the basic version of the new premium sedan boasts equipped with automatic transmission 7 having two clutch disc and manual selection of gears gearshift paddles function. 2020 Infiniti Q50 had rear-wheel drive, but all-wheel drive can be optional installation All-Wheel Drive. The same basic equipment to choose from can be equipped with the V6 petrol, 3.7-liter capacity (328 hp) or a hybrid power plant, which is included in sostoav gasoline 3.5-liter. V6 (302 bhp) paired with a 67-horsepower electric motor E. The total output of the hybrid installation is within a 364-hp, giving the car a pretty decent dynamics – 5,4 s. up to 100 km / h. (More than a gasoline embodiment).

For Europe it is further provided a 2.2-liter 170-horsepower diesel engine the Mercedes minute, dispersing the first sedan to 100 km only 8.5 sec., And capable of a top speed of 230 km / h.

Sales of the new 2020 Infiniti Q50 started in the US and Canada in the summer of . Home sales in Russia is scheduled for the end of winter this year, in the same period, announced the final price of the various equipment.

Video Test Drive