2020 Infiniti Q30

Strong ambition, ready to press the “mastodon” in the C-Class segment. Bright, emotional and stylish hatchback, developed together with Mercedes – 2020 Infiniti Q30 .

For the first time, the factory version of the 2020 Infiniti Q30 was introduced in Germany at the Frankfur

t Motor Show . The small hatchback has turned one of the most vivid and expressive models throughout the model range of Infinity. Externally, the model is similar to the successful hybrid hatchback, coupe and crossover. The front side looks a bit brutal and aggressive. The impression created by the wide hood downward and “gloomy” headlights in the form of petals. The sinuous edge of the grille got a chrome frame and in the lower part of the bumper, under plastic canopies, installed LED foglights and a small aluminum splitter. On the side, the low seating position and large openings in the wheel arches paired with 19-inch wheels, pleasing to the eye and give the 2020 Infiniti Q30 SUV appearance. Multilevel knobs arranged in embossed bending, combined with curved zigzag frame thresholds and rear windows, cars make more dynamic. Immediately it is worth noting that a small area stekleneya will limit visibility from the inside.

Salon 2020 Infiniti Q30

Centre made from expensive materials, and all the parts fit tightly to each other. At the same time, the overall design resembles a Mercedes-Benz model A-Class. The seats are quite soft and comfortable, and all the space that surrounds them, decorated with soft leather. The driver’s instrument panel is easy to read received analog sensors and a color display of the onboard computer. On the center console, under the canopy, “drowned” touch screen navigation and multimedia system InTouch, slightly angled towards the driver. According to the developers, the Infinity Salon will be much quieter than its competitors, thanks to a large number of noise absorbing materials.

The list of equipment includes useful system circular view, a panoramic sunroof, adaptive cruise control, blind zone monitoring system, collision avoidance system, automatic high beam, the sensor detecting driver fatigue and more.

Features 2020 Infiniti Q30

Under the hood, 2020 Infiniti Q30 mounted 2.0-liter turbo engine with 210 hp power and torque of 350 Nm. It operates power plant in alliance with 7-sutpenchatoy DCT transmission and all-wheel drive system. This tandem ensures smooth and confident dynamics. To disperse hundreds happens in 7.3 seconds and top speed is still unknown. Steering is completely linear and balanced – no surprises.

It is expected that the 2020 Infiniti Q30 godabudet model is available in three models: SE, Sport and Premium. Preliminary price – from 1 800 000 rubles.

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