2020 Infiniti FX 37/50

Car 2020 Infiniti FX – quite big crossover, it is based on FM platform, which is used when creating a Nissan 370Z. On the Japanese market this car is not for sale. Since 2003, it manufactured for export and sale in foreign markets.

Until 2008 it was produced the first generation of the crossover, which became available in these variations: FX 35 and FX 45. The cars were equipped with power units with the option volume of 3.5 and 4.5 liters. To date, it produced the second generation FX, presented 2008 by 2020 Infiniti Motor Show in Geneva.

Dimensions Infinity constitute FH length 4865 mm, width – 1925 mm Height – 1650 mm. Parameter clearance is only 184 mm, which is not enough for serious off-road trips, however, to overcome the obstacles that are not available, it allows for passenger cars. The size of 376-1 870 liters by volume vary luggage compartment.

2020 Infiniti FX has a distinct personality, so it can not be confused with the cars and the competition with other models of the company. Pleasing to the design of interesting design solutions. Crossover on the exterior stands out from the background of classmates because of their size of proportionality. It has large wheels, a relatively small glass area, minimizing the overhang. In the models of competitive companies is not often see.

Horizontal lines boards 2020 Infiniti FH absent, giving the car the external massiveness of mind. It has a certain swiftness because of the height of the bonnet and “shoulder” line and low roofline.

Design solutions in interior decoration are striking in their originality. First of all, it is the possession of a vertical position on the board of the front panel, which is a rarity today. Pleasing to the eye tasteful interior elements of car: control buttons, the steering wheel, analog clock, wood and leather materials – all this makes the car pretty solid.

At present, the technical characteristics of FX access to potential customers with three types of power units. 2020 Infiniti FH 37 has a base V-shaped engine with 6 cylinders, 24 valves, displacement of 3.7 liters and the ability to achieve maximum capacity of 333 liters. from. at a frequency of 7000 revolutions / min with a maximum torque value at a frequency of 363 Nm at 5200 rev / min.

The top model 2020 Infiniti FH 50 has a second V-shaped engine, which has 8 cylinders, valves 32 pieces, the power unit of 5.0 liters of displacement. The maximum torque of 500 Nm, the maximum capacity is 400 liters. from. and is achieved at a frequency of 6500 rev / min.

February was marked in Russia 2020 Infiniti FX30d sale, which has a 3.0-liter engine that runs on diesel fuel, which reaches 238 liters. from. and setting a maximum torque of 550 Nm, it is available in the frequency range of 1750 – 2500 rev / min.

These motors are equipped with cylinders and cylinder heads made of aluminum alloy, and low-friction pistons with molybdenum coating. There is an automatic transmission in 7 steps with manual shift. All-wheel-drive version.

Car 2020 Infiniti FX 37 is available in these trim levels – is Elegance, Elite and Hi-Tech. Price Rubles most accessible version is about 2 558 000. This car has a safety curtain airbags and airbags, which are inflated, ABS, EBD, and dynamic stabilization system, traction control, gas pressure sensor in tires, alarm system, parking sensors front and car and the rear. Also, bi-xenon headlights with autoregulation, fog lamps, the ability to heat the windscreen, electrically operated tailgate, sensors that react to light and rain.

Despite this, the basic model of PC crossover surprised by the presence of alloy wheels of 20 inches, the paint that resists small damages, dvuhzonovogo climate control, upholstery made of leather, by-wire sunroof, rear-viewing camera. And, in addition, the presence and function of ventilation warming Car seats, cruise control, and a Bose sound system and interior, which was used in the finishing of natural maple.

2020 Infiniti FX 50 produced a complete set of Hi-Tech. The price of this car in rubles approximately 3 573 000. In addition, it is equipped with alloy wheels in 21 inch steering wheel sports type, the navigation system to the presence of HDD, screen monitors in 8 inches and a DVD-player. Another has cruise control, high-quality information and entertainment center, sports type suspension system with the ability to change the parameter of rigidity suspension and steer the rear wheels.

The main competitors are the 2020 Infiniti FX 37/50 Mitsubishi Pajero Wagon, Volkswagen Touareg and also SsangYong Rexton II, Audi Q7 and the Toyota Sequoia, Toyota Land Cruiser 200 and the Ford Explorer.

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