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When choosing a car, one of us will most likely want to be four-one has all the features at once, was simply irresistible and incredibly comfortable inside. That he was small and dispersed to a hundred in just a few seconds. Also, that it consumes less fuel, and easily able to accommodate our family with a huge luggage. So far, such a universal car did not come up with that would meet all of these requirements.

Therefore, we opted for the main attribute, which we most needed at this stage. And when it comes to Russian buyers, their choice falls primarily on family cars that are easily brought them to rest, and send to the shops to pick up children from school. But along with this feature, the Russians really want them to be economical as possible and beautiful. We all know the Russian maximalism and nothing can be done about it. But, as it turns out, it is difficult to fully satisfy the desire could a new 2020 Hyundai Solaris in from the Korean manufacturer, which aims to become an indispensable tool in modern urban human realities.

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Specifications 2020 Hyundai Solaris

For this model, the hot two versions available Gamma super new engine, one of which is a 1.4 liter engine, and the second 0.2 liters more. To make the most of all these engines, what they can do, it is proposed management four-speed automatic transmission, as well as the five-speed transmission of mechanical type.

2020 Hyundai Solaris in inherited the design of a new generation, on which, to date, in full working staff of the Korean company. This new design was called “Impulsive line.” Its main attribute is the ability to combine elements of elegance and unrestrained dynamics, which generally allows to achieve perfect aerodynamic performance characteristics. Generally, the interior of the 2020 Hyundai Solaris – is, without a doubt, a source of a new generation of services. His thoughtful features and detailed maintenance envied by the most representative cars premium class.

The perfect blend of originality in design and strict balance between modern equipment and the degree of ergonomics makes this car is just a dream in the hands of its owner. Only when the first close acquaintance with the 2020 Hyundai Solaris, the driver with his passengers can truly unwind and experience the full comfort as when driving, or just standing still. This level of comfort was achieved thanks to the care of the Korean manufacturer. They provided everything – from the sun visor, which protects the driver in the bright sunshine, and pleasant to the touch handles of chrome to the console, which allows the driver to set the ashtray and the cup holder and the heating system of the front seats. But this does not end with thoughtful insights from a car.

With convenient steering wheel control, the driver of the vehicle may be a person absolutely any size. An important feature of each model of 2020 Hyundai is the fact that their vehicles offer maximum protection for the driver and his passengers. This characteristic has and 2020 Hyundai Solaris. To protect every person in the cabin, the car is equipped with six airbags, electronic warning system in the event of imminent danger, as well as special trailers for passengers. In addition, the machine has established a number of systems that give it stability control, good braking and smoothness. Thus, 2020 Hyundai Solaris is hard not to admit the safest road to other similar vehicles.

For additional comfort when driving supports four-speed automatic transmission type, which can be installed on any type of engine, which is available for various vehicle modifications. This means that even very experienced driver will feel the lord of the road on a car, and can not worry about the difficulties that it can trap for the next turn. 2020 Hyundai Solaris – is a comfortable model that is designed for driving in urban conditions. It is advantageous to be used to travel together with his family, for the small work purposes, as well as for store purchases.

Thanks to its wide range of features, as well as a high degree of safety for each of the passengers, including the driver, this car will be more than a dozen times in the spotlight, and all because of its sophisticated style and charm.

Price 2020 Hyundai Solaris

The price of 2020 Hyundai Solaris in as a very diverse This car is available in five trim levels. The price tag on this car is around 443 000. to 659 000 rub. With such a variety of kits, each sophisticated driver will pick yourself a suitable variant of the car.

Photo 2020 Hyundai Solaris

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Reviews 2020 Hyundai Solaris

Reviews owners 2020 Hyundai Solaris car, as well as comments of those who have just decided to sit behind the wheel of this mnogofunktsionala:


Already laminated on it for more than 30 kilometers, and will say that the car is worth the money. I have not felt the no vibration and no noise heard. Maximum clocked it up to 170 km, it is true, then this figure did not, although I know that it can pull and more. In general, solid car for its class.


Just recently I bought the car with her husband. I will say that my husband is quite marker, but felt comfortable behind the wheel, and the rear seats. It looks just gorgeous car. Encouraged by the presence of Bluetooth in the complete set. This car is exactly what we wanted.


Solaris I drive for a long time and still do not have any problems with it. Every day to travel from home to work, with a total distance of 100 km. Just marvel at the level of comfort. Indeed, the Koreans did their best. If you notice any defects and faults, then I will inform you.


It has long dreamed of becoming the owner of this handsome man. Once in love with him and I realized that this is no accident. Office before the light that sometimes is not making any effort. However, that could be improved, so this noise insulation. And so – the beauty and only!


Pokachto only I plan to buy it. Intrigued comfort level in the car, as well as its security. Although I’m a big fan of outdoor activities, so often I go traveling. I do not know how well the car does not show itself in the urban area.