2020 Hyundai ix55 just a big crossover

At the Detroit Motor Show in 2007 the presentation of a large crossover 2020 Hyundai ix55. In autumn 2008, the European version of the car was presented in Paris, and to the Russian market model began shipping in 2009. At home in South Korea, as well as in the countries of Latin America and North America, the model sold under the name Veracruz.

Crossover 2020 Hyundai ix55 was established on the Santa Fe II platform. The model has a third row of seats, the wheelbase cars to 100 mm has been increased for this purpose, to 2805 mm. Eventually, the car has a length of 4840 mm, a width of 1945 mm and 1750 mm.

From the outside looks very controversial crossover, the front part of the model implemented by European, head optics in the form of “a la Porsche Cayenne” 1 generation coincides with the drawing of contours of the body, like the off-road from the east. The sides of the body are allocated strict lines, it seems the manufacturer wants to find buyers from among wealthy people prefer harmony and dimension.

On the design side is not sharp design elements, all done without frills and superfluous details, in general the model seems practical. 2020 Hyundai ah X 55 good feel on the road, its ground clearance is 205 mm. Luggage compartment with a volume of 598 liters, will allow it to accommodate quite a few things, very convenient for travel and easy transportation of different things.

If the outside of the crossover looks in soft colors, the interior creates a very different impression. Everything seems too easy, but instead highlight its simplicity of design, we see a little irrelevant style in the design of hi-tech: flat surface, the buttons are flat, in the design of many of the winged metal.

All is certainly not gaudy, but even slightly out of place in relation to the exterior. With regard to comfort and interior equipment crossover ix55 can be pampered with a vengeance. Quite a lot of space for passengers of any series. The driver’s seat is ergonomically and separated from the passenger area. All materials and finishes are executed at the level of embroider high quality.

In Russia supplied 2020 Hyundai ix55 model with a 3.0 liter diesel engine and a power of 239 horsepower, as well as the 3.8 liter gasoline engine V6 c power to 264 horsepower. As PPC is only 6ti-speed automatic.

The price of the new crossover 2020 Hyundai ix55 starts from 1,864,900 to 2,029,900 rubles.

2020 Hyundai Ix55 photo

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