2020 Hyundai ix20 : a photo, price and packaging, video

Such class as subkompaktveny is quite popular nowadays. This is especially true in Europe, where more and more are beginning to prefer a small city car by transplanting a large sedans and SUVs.

Out 2020 Hyundai ix20 was held immediately after the International Auto Show in Paris back in 2010. Moreover, even a few weeks before the official presentation of the manufacturer declassified appearance of his creation.


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The car was built on the same base with such models as the Soul and Venga from the Korean automaker Kia. In fact, the output of the 2020 Hyundai ix20 is a replacement for another small minivan – 2020 Hyundai Matrix.

While a few years on the market, the 2020 Hyundai ix20 has earned quite good reputation, the car has a reputation. Nevertheless, it’s been a long time since the premiere, so the manufacturer had to take certain steps so that their subkompaktven not ceased to be relevant.

Each car will sooner or later require updates. Not necessarily a change of generations. In some cases, only a simple restyling adjusted precisely those places that have become weak side of the vehicle over time.

Apparently, on such principles and restyling it was founded for the 2020 Hyundai ix20 year as the global change in any way you will not name. However, even these small innovations made it possible to refresh the car, to make it relevant to our time, as well as more attractive to potential customers.

The car 2020 Hyundai ix20 has clearly become another. This is especially felt in the external aspects. Inside, the car is also changed, new options have been added in the box. And in terms of performance there was a change. Because everything in more detail we are to you and tell you.

Features of the updated appearance

We begin, of course, with the appearance of a small minivan updated. It is no secret that 2020 Hyundai is now adheres to certain corporate identity, with which manages to combine all the design produced by the new model. 2020 Hyundai ix20 is not an exception and this is clearly evident in the photographs.

Photos of the new 2020 Hyundai ix20 2016 2017 Front

The front part is now sports a new grille trim, which, as before, has retained a hexagonal shape, but it looks quite as before. Five large chrome-plated jumpers allow easily grasp similarities with many current models of the Korean automaker. Adjust the front optics, so that now the 2020 Hyundai ix20 looks interesting and recklessly. Also in the photo can be seen the original form of LED fog lamps, which only added to the pros, the updated appearance subkompaktvenu.

Side of the new compact van

Side car boasts original vyshtampovki door slightly swollen wheel arches, new wheels, high sills.

Pronounced wheel

Plus a very nice look at the rear view mirror 2020 Hyundai ix20 exterior, complemented by subtle strips of LED lights, which act as repeaters turning signal.

The massive rear bumper

The rear part has a good architecture for the bumper, spoiler over the glass OSTEK luggage, elaborate tailgate and new tail lights equipped with LED lights.

Attractive rear optics

Yes, now look at the 2020 Hyundai ix20 was even nicer. Yet, comparing the new appearance with the previous one, notice how changing trends in car design. More recently, fresh and original exterior looks dull and outdated in the background updates.

Rear view on the track


Length 4115
Width 1765
Height 1600
Klesnaya base 2615
Front track 1553
Rear track 1557
Dimensions of wheels 195/65 / R15
205/55 / ​​R16
205/50 / R17

Beautiful lights rear optics

Old salon for an updated model

Oddly enough, but inside the 2020 Hyundai ix20, the manufacturer has decided not to touch anything. That is the model for the sample , the actual interior remains that developed back in 2010. But if you look at the photo and video materials, not everything looks as bad as it might seem. Although the interior is already far more than a year, it looks interesting and modern.

Driver’s seat in the cabin 2020 Hyundai IX20 2016 2017

The driver has at his disposal a stylish three-spoke multifunction steering wheel, decorated with inlays of aluminum, which favorably emphasize all the control buttons.

Old wheel

Behind the wheel of hiding the original instrument panel with trip computer between two large radii tachometer and speedometer.

The center console

The center console and at all is beyond praise, it looks great in the photo. It looks very stylish and bright, plus includes a touch screen infotainment system, a separate block music management, climate and other systems provided for in the 2020 Hyundai ix20. In all this apart from the shift knob is located. Around it are provided by blocks buttons or other components, so afraid that something hurt, switching gear is not necessary.

The front of the cabin

The ergonomics of the machine at a fairly high level. The driver does not have a long time to learn to use a car or even instruction. Everything is logical and understandable on an intuitive level.

Seats in the 2020 Hyundai ix20

As for the seats, they got individual armrests, prominent side support, the ability to adjust the position. That is, if we talk about the front seats. The rear is also a comfortable sofa, ready to take on board three passengers.

Materials used in high-quality, assembly is not satisfactory, the plastic does not creak. In principle, now it becomes clear why the manufacturer did not make adjustments to the interior.


The only innovation is available in the cabin, the two new color variants of design.

Components updated kompaktvena

The company 2020 Hyundai has left the old configuration options, but it has added several new features.

The basic equipment of the owner of the 2020 Hyundai ix20 will be able to count on such equipment:

  • front airbags;
  • side curtain airbags;
  • Stability;
  • Start-stop system;
  • air conditioning;
  • audio to MP3.

Head optics

It can be noted from the following new features:

  1. new audio from the connected device via the AUX. USB and bluetooth;
  2. heated steering wheel;
  3. LED fog lights;
  4. repeaters LED turn signals on the outside rearview mirrors and so forth.

Attractive droplets protivotumanok

As for the options available for a fee or in more expensive models, the 2020 Hyundai ix20 is here you can include:

  • full power accessories;
  • LED taillights;
  • electric and heated door mirrors;
  • New alloy wheels unique design;
  • information and entertainment complex;
  • touchscreen multimedia system;
  • navigation system;
  • climate control;
  • a set of security systems and so forth.

ix20 The cost of the new body

About the price the manufacturer has decided to remain silent. Most likely, from his dorestaylingovoy predecessor, the new 2020 Hyundai ix20 , in terms of value will not differ seriously.

Expressed on a body line vyshtampovok

Therefore, buy a car 2020 Hyundai ix20 will be priced at about 16 thousand dollars. Unfortunately, the official car to deliver at the moment is not going to Russia. The machine is intended solely for the European market.

In principle, it is not surprising, because there love these cars is much higher than in Russia. In addition, there are gray dealers, and in Ukraine, officially presented the car, which will without any problems to get subkompaktven Russian buyer.

A roof with a panoramic view

Production of the updated ah X 20 is scheduled for May . The machines will be produced at the facilities of the company located in the Czech Republic. Consequently, the start of sales may begin closer to 2016.

Specifications ix20

In the camp of the company 2020 Hyundai has already initially stated at the launch of the first production model 2020 Hyundai ix20, that their model should become the leader in the class for efficiency and economy.

The elegant appearance in the night

As part of the restyling they once again confirmed this intention, equipping every vehicle start-stop system, special tires with reduced rolling resistance. Plus, in the radiator grille 2020 Hyundai ix20 settled active shutter. All this has allowed to show even better fuel economy in cars. Unfortunately, the exact figures are not specified. Nevertheless, there is every reason to believe the Korean automaker.

The range of powertrains has been expanded to four motors, two of them petrol and two more – diesel.

The petrol engine has an initial volume of 1.4 liters and power of 90 horsepower. Senior gasoline engine with the volume of 1.6 liters produces 125 horsepower.

Version Engine model engine’s type Volume, cm3 Capacity, l. from.
1.4 Gamma 1.4 CVVT R4, petrol 1396 90
1.6 Gamma 1.6 CVVT R4, petrol 1591 125
1.4 CRDi UII 1.4 CRDI R4, diesel, turbo 1396 77
1.4 CRDi UII 1.4 CRDI R4, diesel, turbo 1396 90
1.6 CRDi UII 1.6 CRDI R4, diesel, turbo 1582 116
1.6 CRDi UII 1.6 CRDI R4, diesel, turbo 1582 128

As for diesel engines to 2020 Hyundai ix20 , the starting amount was 1.4 liters and power of 77 hp with 240 Nm of torque. The top diesel power unit with a working volume of 1.6 liters produces good 128 horsepower and 250 Nm of torque.

Around town

The initial base engines are offered with a five-speed manual gearbox, and two diesel engines can be equipped with a six-speed mechanics. But top-end petrol engine with 125 horses offered with optional dedicated six machine.



The long-awaited restyled 2020 Hyundai ix20 largely met expectations. The car began to look more interesting and modern appearance, it has maintained excellent interior, a list of basic and optional equipment. All this is combined with effective and efficient powertrains.

Photos from the exhibition

It will be interesting to see if the Korean manufacturer will dare to expand the geography of its subkompaktvena. After the model is intended solely for the European market, and in other countries to guide the party 2020 Hyundai ix20 company was not going to.

It is possible that the situation will change soon. The machine has become markedly better, and therefore its potential has become higher. Though to be frank, such a model in the same Russia do not enjoy special demand, and Europe – is a big market with a lot of potential customers, who love the compact and fuel-efficient vehicles.