2020 Hyundai Aslan – Korean large sedan

In South Korea, this car went on sale in early November this year. 2020 Hyundai Aslan was built on the basis of Grandeur model. But if he supports more Korean direction in his image, that Aslan is positioned as a premium sedan E-Class, designed to impose a competition to such cars as the BMW

five series, Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Audi A6.

Of course, the Korean company really appreciates your chances at the moment, because for start of competition impose on the native market of the above-mentioned European giants. And then try to climb the world markets. By the end of this year, 2020 Hyundai plans to sell about six thousand Aslan models. Plans for more ambitious – sold 22,000 sedans.

zavarazhivayuschy vnshny view

If you are already familiar with such models as the 2020 Hyundai Genesis and the seventh generation Sonata, you will certainly be interesting to find out in detail about the new for many of you car – Aslan. It is a modern, full-bodied and solidly filled with premium sedan.


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Let’s say a few words about the name. Generally it is a Turkic word meaning lion. If someone read or watched The Chronicles of Narnia, probably remember that name was Aslan the lion. In fact, not really clear on what basis in 2020 Hyundai chose this name. It may be enjoyed. Do not forget, the lion – the king of beasts.


If you look at a photo and video materials to study, it becomes obvious that when creating the design of its new products, the manufacturer greatly relied on the corporate identity of 2020 Hyundai. You can even hold a certain parallel with the model of Genesis, but she looks aggressive, while Aslan was more refined sedan.

Elegant light optics

The front part is decorated with a small but exquisite trim grille, enclosed in a chrome frame and supplemented by vertical webs. Optics attracts attention, especially through the use of LEDs. Close bumper got a small slit for the air intake, fog lamps made of horizontal form in the form of strips. The boot lid is not just beautiful, but also functional. In that case, if the car crashes into a pedestrian, the cover is automatically raised, in order to minimize injuries fell under the wheels of man.

Expressive line side of the

If you look at 2020 Hyundai Aslan to your profile, then we have a solid and classic big sedan with a long hood, big wheel arches, large doors, high sills and the impressive stern.

Large cap bogazhnika

The back of both suggests solidity and brutality, but at the same time does not deprive the feeling of sportiness and audacity. Most of the boot lid, large overall LED lights with 3D effects, the powerful bumper, very stylish exhaust pipes allow you to create a complete and very attractive image of Leo.

As for dimensions, the 2020 Hyundai Aslan in , they were as follows:

  • length – 4970 mm;
  • width – 1860 mm;
  • height – 1470 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2845 mm.

Buyers will be able to choose one of eight design options Body – silver, gray, beige, white, red, black, blue or dark brown.

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About the interior of the vehicle can say is not much. However, this large sedan allows you to easily place a high level of comfort of the driver and four passengers. Front seats are made very high quality, with pronounced lateral support. Rear sofa is designed for three adults, and also provides all the comfort, even for long trips.

Chic salon

In general, the development side can be somewhat nareknut because here they are clearly following in the footsteps of Chinese automakers, who like to copy the European, Japanese cars. In this case, 2020 Hyundai Aslan to his model is clearly borrowed from the idea of ​​organizing the interior of the BMW. Although the German company is almost the best in this component, because frankly it was not worth copying. Moreover, 2020 Hyundai has always coped well with the creation of the interior itself.

Roomy interior

But the manufacturer says that the cabin is very quiet. This is achieved through high-quality sound and noise insulation, installation of double glazing on the side doors.

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If we talk about the Korean market, there 2020 Hyundai Aslan year is offered in three trim levels, and they are fixed.

  1. Modern. This is the initial version of the equipment, which is:
    1. alloy wheels of 18 inches;
    2. active bonnet;
    3. front xenon and LED headlights;
    4. heated exterior mirrors, electric, folding function, LED turn signal;
    5. front and rear parking sensors;
    6. leather trim;
    7. nine airbags;
    8. Head-Up Display;
    9. electronic handbrake;
    10. system access to the salon and start motor button;
    11. dual-zone climate control;
    12. multifunction steering wheel in leather sheath;
    13. light sensor, rain and tire pressure;
    14. adaptive cruise control;
    15. electric power steering;
    16. full elektrosteklopaket;
    17. multimudiynaya system with touch screen 8 inches;
    18. voice control;
    19. navigation system;
    20. premium sound system 12 dinamikov.elektroprivod front seats, heated and ventilated;
  2. Premium. One of the two richer equipment, which includes further:
    1. Nappa leather upholstery;
    2. 4.6-inch color display of the onboard computer;
    3. powered steering column;
    4. Memory steering wheel, exterior mirrors and driver’s seat;
    5. armrest for rear seat passengers with the climate control unit and Media.
  3. Exclusive. The latest available complete sets and, as you know, the very rich. In addition to all previously listed, buying 2020 Hyundai Aslan in this package, you will receive:
    1. electronically controlled suspension;
    2. Assist for crossing the intersection;
    3. frontal collision warning system;
    4. tracking system for the blind zones;
    5. tracking system and lane departure warning;
    6. LED lighting for the passenger compartment;
    7. Camera panoramic view;
    8. curtain protection from the sun on the rear window with electric drive.

But if you want to include in a sedan still hatch, equipped with electric drive, wheels 19 inches, an assist for parking, then have to pay extra separately, in addition to the price of the selected configuration.

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Since about bundling all quite well known, it is logical that the price should be called. So, for the basic equipment in Korea in terms of our currency required to pay 1.6 million rubles. Now imagine Aslan in the equipment, and contrast it with value. Tell me, can a price tag to offer Mercedes, BMW or Audi? No. A 2020 Hyundai can.

Spectacular view

For a more advanced version will have to pay a little more – about 1.7 million rubles. Well, the top version will cost about 1.88 million rubles. Even taking into account the additional options in the full equipping of the price of 2020 Hyundai Aslan mark of 2 million does not go.

Krasvye ceiling side lights

Unfortunately, it is not clear whether the manufacturer is going to supply 2020 Hyundai Aslan on the territory of Russia. According to unofficial information, it is the Russian market together with the North American and Chinese are the highest priority for 2020 Hyundai, as there is a very large demand for sedans. So it is wise to ask the question, “When Aslan appear in Russia?”.

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If we talk about the technical characteristics of the Korean news, it offers at the moment with two petrol engines, both of which – six-cylinder.

  1. The first has a working volume of 3.0 liters, it produces 270 horsepower and 310 Nm of torque.
  2. The second engine is more powerful and more – is 3.3 liters, 294 horsepower and 346 Nm.

Both engines are paired with six-speed manual transmission. But for those who like to self regulate speed, paddle shifters are provided. In addition, the box is programmed to work in one of three modes at the touch of a button – Sport, Eco and Normal.

At the exhibition

As for consumption, it is about the same for both engines. The city car will spend about 11,8-12 liters and beyond – from 8.1 liters per hundred kilometers of distance traveled. As a result, the average can be called consumption, which is 9.5 liters. The fuel tank, by the way, fits 70 liters of fuel.

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2020 Hyundai Aslan year – the new name for local motorists. However, very soon, this machine can be one of the most popular, because the ratio of price, quality and equipment Aslan simply magnificent.

It will be interesting to study the reviews of the owners and a more objective look at the sedan. Still, he deserves respect for its impeccable appearance, impressive technical specifications, high level of interior comfort and, of course, an incredibly attractive price tags. Repeat this can be infinite.

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