2020 Honda Vezel – new Japanese crossover

Not so long ago, at an auto show in Tokyo new 2020 Honda Vezel was presented. This massive event took place in November last year, and a month later the first models of 2020 Honda Vezel appeared in official stores at a price of about 600 thousand rubles. The good news for Russian motorists will be the fact that the new 2020 Honda will go on sale in the summer of ..

2020 Honda Wezel GSC constructed on the platform, which is typical for most of 2020 Honda’s crossovers, including the 2020 Honda City and 2020 Honda Fit / Jazz. As we know, the 2020 Honda Corporation intends to develop several models on the basis of this framework, which means that our test subject 2020 Honda Wezel has excellent “trolley”.

Photography appearance

The very news that soon we will see the new crossover from 2020 Honda appeared on the network a year ago. Then in Detroit, which hosted the exhibition concept 2020 Honda Urban SUV, Japanese designers have made it clear, both in the near future will look like a new model of Japanese SUV.

If we analyze the news photos, we can see that the new model 2020 Honda Vezel almost completely repeats the design of the conceptual model Urban CAB. Despite the simplified headlights and slightly enlarged door mirrors, new 2020 Honda Wezel retained the latest design ideas and highlight the concept.

Photo front of car

Talk about a foreign car. In front of us will be pleased with the compact and stylish headlights and bumper traditional, flowing in the radiator grille. As usual, 2020 Honda Vezel has dipped in LED lamps, and LED strip connected to the sensor light. I almost forgot a couple of words on the bumper: Then he simply gorgeous, I would even say a divine blend of style and beauty. In general, a compact crossover got a very solid car, which is also very similar to the front of the 2020 Honda CR-V. But, as in most it turns out that this is all that is the similarity between their appearance.

Photo crossover to profile

Characteristic for the side of the 2020 Honda this news is a personal style: a domed roof, hidden rear handles a number of doors, very compact rear, the presence of large waves and play of colors on the surface of the body. In short, our model is very strongly reminiscent of the compartment car, not a crossover.

Photo rear of the car

Forage has not gone unnoticed geniuses of the Japanese company 2020 Honda. Characteristic changes for the new model 2020 Honda Vezel are ceiling design dimensional illumination, of course, with LED lights, a massive tailgate, black plastic bumper and a compact rear glass tailgate. If you have noticed, the black plastic covered with all the lower part of the body, from the rear bumper to the side skirts. So the design of 2020 Honda’s surprise any discerning motorist.

  • It is time to numbers: in our 2020 Honda length is 4295 mm, width – 1770, height – 1605 Wheelbase 2610 millimeters is smooth, and the axes of the track – 1535 (front) and 1540 (posterior).
  • Clearance may depend on the type of drive, whether it is full or back, respectively, 185 and 170 millimeters.

Vehicle weight also depends on the type of drive and complete database, and ranges from 1190 to 1270 kilograms. Hybrid trends will weigh a little more, from 1270 to 1380 kilograms. Fuel tank several small as crossovers, and, nevertheless, contains a 40 liters.

At 2020 Honda Wezel set, initially, tires 215 / 60R16 or 215 / 55R17, which corresponds to a radius of 16 and 17 inches. But this is not the limit for the wheels and arches: You can also set here the larger the wheel, for example a diameter of 18 inches. Separately, I note an abundant number of colors to paint the car.

The main task of the designers of 2020 Honda – is to make the most spacious interior with miniature size crossover. And it is, of course, possible. Oddly enough, but inside 2020 Honda’s very spacious, I would say, there are so many places, though outwardly the car has a compact size. Apparently it is a merit 2020 Honda’s designers.

Photo salon, Interior

What is to be expected from the Japanese craftsmen, so this function rear seats fold for what to get more space in the luggage compartment. In other matters, this function is in most SUVs. But few people have even folding the front passenger seat, but this is really a novelty among classmates. This option is very useful when you are transporting goods long length, such as rolls, logs and so forth.

trunk Photo

A lot of work has gone to ensure passenger comfort while riding and more. The front row of seats has wide adjustability, the back row has a high-mounted pad, and vertical landing leg. It seems that you go in this large-size crossover. And if you have the average height, you will be very comfortable here.

Not less comfort and the driver feels 2020 Honda Wezel: controls are properly placed within reach is not too crowded, no matter what a mistake. Among the controls it is worth noting the steering wheel, which has multi-functionality, and also has two control plane. Also, on the instrument panel and has the seven-inch color monitor with touch screen control, which certainly gives you easy control.

For our new items provided updated package configuration, which includes an electronic handbrake system ABS, VSA and TCS, help system at start on lifting, electric power steering pads, multimedia system, LED interior lighting, heated seats for driver and front passenger, climate -control, fog lamps with LED strips, rear-view camera. Naturally, this is not all the components of the car, but to count all the benefits of complete sets rather boring affair for review.

I’m not going to talk a lot about the technical information, except to say the general specifications. Traditional engine has a volume of 1.5 liters at a power of 131 horsepower; torque is 155 Nm. The main feature of such a low-power motor that is 100 kilometers it consumes only 5 liters.

But the hybrid version does not gone far: the volume of the gasoline engine has remained unchanged, only the power (132 hp) and torque (156 Nm) increased quite a droplet. In addition, we have received an electric motor with performance: – 29.5 hp, torque – 160 Nm. All work synchronizes 7-speed automatic transmission. Incidentally, the hybrid version of the 2020 Honda Verzel may be a four-wheel drive, and the front-wheel drive. Calculate the fuel consumption of the hybrid complex, since electricity involved in the process, but on average it will not exceed the value of four and a half liters.

While it is known that in the near future the company plans to develop such a model, but on powerful diesel and petrol engines. It is assumed that the novelty of our engine already is inserted, the volume of two liters or diesel engine, a volume of 1.6 liters.