2020 Honda Shuttle : photo price and equipment, video

Even in the already distant , and in the summer, the company held a presentation of the new 2020 Honda vehicle. It is a model called third-generation Fit sample. Only two years later, the car has moved beyond his homeland, that is, Japan, and was presented in a slightly different, as already European. Also, the model has changed the name on the Jazz.

Photo 2020 Honda Shuttle year

Anyway, despite the change of names of Jazz and Fit cars are virtually identical, having only minor differences.

Already in 2016 this spring, representatives of 2020 Honda arrived in New York, at the International Motor Show through here. The reason for the arrival of the delegation from Japan has served a new wagon. We have not just started a conversation with the Jazz and Fit models, because it is on the basis of the hatchback, and was created by the car, which eventually called 2020 Honda Shuttle and is made in the body wagon.

But if the second generation wore a double name – Fit Shuttle, the third generation of the first part of the name is escaped and became a full-fledged Shuttle without any additions.

The Japanese decided not to make major changes to the exterior, because wagon and hatchback third generation were very, very similar to each other. Of course, in terms of practicality wagon exceeds its soplatformennika because it has an enlarged body that provides and increased wheelbase, luggage compartment and so forth.

Well, it is possible that 2020 Honda Shuttle and eventually get into the Russian market, because with a special interest to study this new product, which arrived from Japan and is going to be sold in European countries.

Exterior 2020 Honda Shuttle

As we have said, the Space Shuttle and Fit is largely similar to each other. This is not surprising, because the manufacturer of one common platform. Yes, and the manufacturer has always adhered to the tradition to preserve similarities between hatchback and wagon. Here you have the result that photos and videos will provide more detailed answers, if there are relevant issues.

Photo 2020 Honda Shuttle Front

The front part is decorated with a double trim grille with copious amounts of chrome elements. Long, tapering headlights stretched almost to the windshield, ensuring a very, very attractive head optics. No less interesting looks and front bumper with aerodynamic elements and a hint of sportiness. Complementing all this a couple of sections on the edges of the bumper, which housed large LED fog lights. Although the ribbed hood should not be left unattended.

Photo 2020 Honda Shuttle Side

Sideways observe slightly swollen wheel arches, beautiful alloy wheels, vyshtampovki on the sidewalls, the similarity of body kit, a rather unusual in its form of the roof line. Generally, in the profile of the car is a bit better than the hatchback. But it is so purely subjective opinion. Although it is not necessary to deny, the next generation of the versatile 2020 Honda Shuttle really got elegant and attractive.

Photo 2020 Honda Shuttle back

Foods welcomes us recognizable lines, but still with new lights, more convenient tailgate slightly re-registration of the rear bumper.

Summarizing, we can say that the new generation of 2020 Honda Shuttle – is the result of hard work. Experts from the Japanese company not only took hetchek, stretched his long and changed the name. It was done much more laborious and delicate work. Either way, the result is pleasantly pleased. It is obvious that even in Russia on this wagon hardly have refused.

Alas, at the launch in New York, representatives of 2020 Honda did not report on how much it has increased the length of the body, as well as the rest of the changed dimensions of the car compared to source code. But exactly clear what the previous boot volume of 354 liters, which sported a hatchback, not a trace remained. Universal will receive a minimum of 500 liters of space behind the second row seats.

Interior 2020 Honda Shuttle

Inside the car was essentially the same as the source and Jazz. This decision is to be expected, since the hatchback has received at one time a very decent interior, find a replacement that does not make much sense.

Of course, there is always something to strive for and where to develop. Yet 2020 Honda Shuttle model year is not entirely independent, because for the most part based on the hatchback, and it is a small offshoot. Therefore, to invest great effort and resources into this model does not make sense, since positioned as a hatchback with increased body length.

This does not prevent the 2020 Honda Shuttle get a great wheel, which will be at the disposal of the driver, good thought-out dashboard, intelligently distributed controls and air vents on the center console, as well as much more.

Interior Photos 2020 Honda Shuttle

Apparently, the space in the passenger compartment by increasing the length of the body also will be more, because even on a photo noticeable increase of the free zone at the knees of rear passengers. Comfortable and will stay ahead, because there are good seats are placed, even with good lateral support. This is not a sports car, so wait for some Recaro buckets manifestly not necessary here.

In general, the interior makes a positive impression, even if he borrowed from the hatchback. For this course no one condemn 2020 Honda will not be exact.

Options Shuttle

Equipment is also pleasantly pleased, though also largely repeats the equipment offered to the 2020 Honda Fit.

The exact list of things that will get the buyers in choosing the base version is not yet known. But we know what should count as an option for the richest performance wagon:

  • navigation system;
  • Cruise control;
  • multimedia complex;
  • touchscreen multimedia system;
  • advanced audio system;
  • leather upholstery;
  • system access in the cabin;
  • a full set of airbags;
  • LED fog lights;
  • LED rear optics;
  • alloy wheels 16-inch, and so on.

In fact, to list additional equipment, as well as the more expensive option of complete sets can be quite long. At the same time we should not forget that even basic equipment carries a lot of useful and interesting. At least that was the case with the source of the Shuttle in the face of the 2020 Honda Fit (or Jazz as you prefer).

Because equipment – this is another big plus in favor of a brand new Japanese wagon. Let’s see how he will appreciate our prices, and that will offer as technical characteristics.

Price 2020 Honda Shuttle

Unfortunately, about prices during the presentation of new products the manufacturer did not mention. Although we can hardly expect a serious increase in the cost compared to the hatchback, and with the previous generation 2020 Honda Shuttle, which survived the last update in the near .

Alas, the 2020 Honda Fit in Russia the third generation of the sample has not been formally presented, although its predecessors have attended. The likelihood of a new version of the versatile shuttle also is not as great as we would like.

In any case, for the third-generation hatchback is now asking from 15 650 dollars, which is only a hundred dollars more than the starting price of the second generation of this car. But with the launch of the versatile 2020 Honda Shuttle will ask for a little more – from 17 thousand dollars. Shuttle cost in the top-end version will be about 20 thousand dollars.

As you can see, the price tags rather modest. This was discussed in the framework of the review of the hatchback, which has set a very serious bar for its competitors. Who really few can offer such a worthy and richly stocked car like the 2020 Honda Fit and 2020 Honda Shuttle, given the price tags that set them Japanese automaker.

Specifications Shuttle

If we talk about the technical specifications for 2020 Honda Shuttle, here we are dealing with a line of power units, which consists of only two motors.

The base engine will be offered the role of a traditional gasoline internal combustion engine capacity of 1.5 liters and output of 110 horsepower. Nothing in it is not remarkable, though their task of good dynamics and economical movement performs.

Much more interest is the alternative motor that has become a hybrid power unit, a set of all-wheel drive system. It used all the same 1.5-liter gasoline engine, but now he works together with an electric motor and a set of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

It works complex on the Atkinson cycle. Transfer traction to the wheels is carried out by means of a robotic gearbox supplemented with two clutches. What is the total power of a hybrid – it remains a mystery. However, the manufacturer claimed average fuel consumption is an impressive 2.7 liters per 100 kilometers traveled path. How these figures will fit really – we know only after some time.

While it is possible to bring certain results based on the data that the Japanese automaker announced.

Video Test Drive


Before us is a completely new generation of 2020 Honda Shuttle, built on the new generation 2020 Honda Fit hatchback. From the old station wagon novelty is too much, in order to seek some kind of connection.

The car has become more modern and distinctive appearance, received a quality and comfortable interior, a rich and complete set of more or less good performance. This is complemented by a very, very nice price tag.

One can not disagree with the fact that now for the money that ask for them in the 2020 Honda wagon Shuttle, find decent alternatives extremely difficult. Of course, if you do not look at the same time the Chinese range. And there can only find competitors at a price but not in quality, performance, equipment and especially the exterior.

It will be interesting to see how successful will be the third generation of versatile, created based on the popular in Japan and Europe hatchback. It is a pity that this car is not for sale officially in Russia. Although with time the situation may change. We will check for updates and notify you, our dear readers!