2020 Honda S660 – the original roadster in the series

Compact roadster segment are sufficiently original auto industry. These cars are far from each buyer, and not in any country, such a machine would be relevant.

In principle, this is a car for the city, with a warm, sunny climate. To meet these copies in Russian cities – a huge rarity. What can we say about the version of the open-top or rented by exclusively for couples.

Obviously, subcompact sports roadsters will be in demand in European countries, in sunny states of North America, and in Japan the same, for example.

Photo 2020 Honda S660

It is from Japan came news of the new subcompact roadster named 2020 Honda S660. This car is in the conceptual format could be seen as far back as in the framework of the international motor show in Tokyo. Then in the name of the manufacturer of 2020 Honda showed a prototype. Its positioned as a successor model Beat. It is, if you remember, was issued for a total of five years – from 1991 to 1996 inclusive.

The project was approved by the auto giant’s management last year, and eventually in started production.

The machine, with its modest dimensions, has a very interesting appearance, well-decorated interior, as well as modest specifications. But let’s talk about everything in detail.

Photo exterior design S660

Serious visual changes compared to the prior art did not happen. Nevertheless, some elements had to adjust designers. In principle, the production version to get even more interesting concept.

Photo front

The front part is decorated with a large, smiling like a false radiator grille and air intakes on the front bumper edge – it’s like a pit on the cheeks. The good-natured and cheerful look of this machine. Basically, like and expect from a compact car. Especially the Japanese roadster. Original fins on the bonnet and narrowed LED head optics give a little bit of aggression and rapacity. As a result, we have a very unusual front design that combines the goodness and rapacity.

Side part

On the side we see a large radius of the wheel arches with designer rims, air ducts at the base of the rear arches, original vyshtampovki along the doors, narrowed the large exterior mirrors. But the roof is made of matter and removed manually. Thus, the machine can be operated both in sunny warm weather, and during the rainy and cold weather.

Photo rear of the 2020 Honda S660

The back of the thought is very unusual, and has little to do with race cars. It was too close to him design the back, starting from the backs of seats, ending the rear optics. Lamps, by the way, also look great. Huge diffuser on the rear bumper and exhaust pipe at the very center of the architecture only add sophistication and uniqueness of this vehicle.

Judging by the size and design features of the stern, not difficult to guess that the motor is located at the rear. Under the hood is a traditional hidden storage compartment. Apparently, it is there and it will be possible to remove the tissue removable roof.

As for size, here 2020 Honda S660 is fully consistent with its relation to the class subcompact roadsters, as it has the following parameters:

  • length – 3395 mm;
  • width – 1475 mm;
  • height – 1180 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2285 mm;
  • ground clearance – 125 mm.

But weight is 830 or 850 kilograms. The fact that the presence of the variator drive add twenty kilograms compared to the version with the mechanics.

Salon 2020 Honda S660

Many talk about the interior is not necessary, because the machine double. Consequently, there is no need to discuss the rear row since its total absence.

Photo salon 2020 Honda S660 year

The driver’s seat – a likeness of the cockpit, which is organized around the entire interior. Despite the compactness of the machine, the experts managed to introduce here is literally all you need to modern cars.

Driver’s seat

So, before the driver is a convenient, flat bottom multi-function steering wheel in leather sheath, followed by an analog tachometer located on the dashboard, inside of which there was a place already for the digital speedometer. On the sides appear different data about the amount of fuel, engine temperature and so on. Even the basic version of the machine receives a motor start button.

The center console is fairly narrow, about even here there was a place useful equipment and buttons control various systems. At the top of the center console sits multimedia touchscreen.

Passenger seat

The front passenger seat also has a high level of comfort and the ability to adjust the position under its own parameters, so to speak. There is no sensation of tightness, even if your height exceeds 180 cm, weight – 90 kg.

Options 2020 Honda S660

Officially, the car equipment is still a mystery. Apparently, the manufacturer will distribute the relevant information when it will be ready for the start of sales of its most interesting novelties.

Although some elements of the complete call, we can now:

  1. multifunction steering wheel in leather sheath;
  2. engine start button;
  3. sound system;
  4. HVAC equipment;
  5. electric folding door mirrors;
  6. electric seat adjustment;
  7. removable fabric roof;
  8. multimedia complex;
  9. multimedia display with touchscreen 6.1 inch;
  10. Rear View Camera;
  11. navigation system.

And precisely it is reported that the last four options are available only in the most expensive trim levels. So do not rely on the touch screen in the database. Its there just will not.

The price of a new 2020 Honda S660

Well, call the price of the car 2020 Honda S660 , the most conventional thing for our domestic cars lovers. The fact that the expected appearance of the subcompact roadster in the networks of authorized dealers is unlikely.

Although we should not forget about the existence of gray dealers who, in principle, can get anything. Plus, residents of some regions can count on the possibility to use an open roadster in mind the different weather conditions.

The upper part of the car

It is necessary to note one very important point. The fact that the first 2020 Honda S660 will be exclusively available on the Japanese market. After S660 for a while and can appear in other countries, but most likely not.

Instead, it creates another modification, especially export. It is called the S1000, and is responsible for its development at court tuning studio company 2020 Honda – Mugen.

With specific regard to price tags, in Japan for the base 2020 Honda S660 will ask about 1.98 million yen, which is similar to our 955 thousand rubles. Top version would cost 2.18 million yen, or more than 1 million Russian rubles.

Zavarazhivayuschaya optics

In the model, the output of honor, the manufacturer will launch a special limited edition Concept Edition. They will be only 660 units (symbolic, if not true), and the initial costs 2.4 million yen or 1.15 million rubles.

Featuring a special version of the usual 2020 Honda S660 will be pearl white body, movable roof burgundy, black inserts on the rear-view mirrors and a leather interior. Moreover, each of the 660 cars will receive a special plaque, on which will be applied to the serial number.

Specifications 2020 Honda S660

Now we can talk about what specifications will offer us in its subcompact 2020 Honda roadster.

If you think that 660 in the title refers to the number of horsepower, then hurry to upset you. This is not true. Yes, it has to do with the engine, but it does not mean power, and volume.

power plant

At 2020 Honda S660 has an engine capacity of just 0.66 liters. This three-cylinder turbocharged engine develops 64 horsepower power and 104 Nm of torque.

It operates unit with six-speed mechanics or semidiapazonnym CVT with manual shift as a paddle.

But a car consumes just 4.7 liters with the mechanics, or about 4.1 liters of petrol with CVT for every 100 kilometers. Interestingly, the volume of the fuel tank is only 25 liters.

Usovershenstvovvannye chassis

Obviously, the Japanese realized that these characteristics do not particularly attract potential customers outside of Japan. Therefore the export version of the S1000 was created. The volume of its engine is already “a” liter, and the presence of the turbine allows the issue has much more impressive 140 horsepower. Plus machine decorate aerodynamic.

Over time, if the model will be popular, the Japanese automaker plans to launch a hybrid version of its subcompact roadster.

Video Test Drive 2020 Honda S660


Even if we do not see the 2020 Honda S660 in Russia, but this machine is clearly able to give a lot of positive emotions to their owners in Japan and abroad.

While the exact list of markets not announced new items. Obviously, the priority will be given to countries with warm climates. Because European and American 2020 Honda brand fans can count on the purchase of Japanese news. Well, such states as Alaska unlikely to be interested in the 2020 Honda S660.