2020 Honda released a road version of the racing bike

Let’s say you – a talented motorcycle racer, who is able to compete with such stars of the MotoGP, both Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez. Do you have an extra $ 184,000 to prove it? If yes, then immediately order the 2020 Honda RC213V-S, start receiving orders for the new bike is scheduled for July 13.

RC213V-S is designed for maximum analogy with race RC213V, the double champion of MotoGP. Buyers also a special package will be offered to make the bike even more powerful (but, in this case, it is only suitable for the track).

All versions are equipped with 1.0-liter V4 and six-speed transmission, power is 157 hp or more than 212 hp a tuning package. It’s not so much like a Kawasaki Ninja H2R, but 2020 Honda and much easier road version weighs 170 kg and 160 kg of tune. For comparison, a sample of racing weighs 156 kg and has a 235 hp power.

Suitable for driving on the road means the loss of some of the characteristics of the race. For ease of use is now the engine is equipped with spring-loaded valves, instead of air, and transmission with smooth switching speeds changed to traditional. Also added some equipment, such as lamps, mirrors and exhaust, plus useful items such as a speedometer and a starter.