2020 Honda Pilot

No more square and rough forms only stylish, smooth and slightly futuristic shape. Meet the third generation of a family crossover from Japan – update 2020 Honda Pilot.

The world premiere of the car took place in winter in the Chicago Auto Show . “Bones” new flagship model 2018-2019 Honda include in its membership high-strength steel, aluminum and magnesium. In general, for the crossover succeeded in reducing the weight and to make 130 kg body 25 percent stiffer than the previous generation.

New style 2020 Honda Pilot model year turned out quite unusual at first glance. The front end is a hybrid designs CR-V and Accord models. One of the three chrome bands grille “connects” with expressive headlamps with LED backlight. In the middle of the front bumper “cut” a large hexagonal air intake vent and the side part is decorated with inlays of prey with turn signals. In profile, the car too much looks like a minivan rather than a crossover. The impression created by the disproportionately short hood, big “square” salon with large windows and low “waist.” Worth pocherknut wide wheel arches and plastic underbody protection. On wheels mounted 20-inch wheels with an unusual “wavy” pattern. Aft received quite a large glass, spoiler on the trunk lid, as well as a brand new two-section optics. The lower edge of the plastic bumper is decorated with a small chrome lining. But the space for the pipes of the exhaust system apparently is not enough.

On board, in a cozy atmosphere, the occupants offers comfortable seats for long trips and heated electroresettings. Most of the decoration is made of leather, decorative inserts ebony and soft plastic; Places where there is hard plastic is almost gone. The driver’s console has a 4.2-inch display-board computer with a digital speedometer, spread along the edges of the analog sensors. To the right of the steering wheel is the engine start button, illuminated sinister red. The top-end configuration is provided in the center console touchscreen display diagonal of 8 inches, has received from the interface of Android and the Garmin navigation. However, touch control buttons to the right on the screen, sometimes quite “tight” perceive clicking on them. Optional passenger back two rows is also provided a 9-inch multimedia monitor system with DVD-drive. The future owner can choose to be the second-row seats consist of one “couch” or two separate seats, which greatly facilitates the landing at the gallery. Also optionally available panorama glass roof and a “range” of electronic nannies, including adaptive cruise control, for the band control system, the automatic collision avoidance and so on.

Under the hood was a well-known 3.5-liter V6 engine. After receiving a number of modifications to the engine generates 280 hp and 355 Nm of torque, which is 30 “horses” more than its predecessor. Engine power is distributed to all four-wheel drive with 6-speed or 9-speed automatic transmission. Direct fuel injection, the engine shutdown system and cylinder deactivation, not only makes a strong motor, but also more economical. According to engineers, the new product will consume 11.7 liters per hundred in the urban cycle.

Smooth steering, good suspension, high levels of comfort, plenty of storage space, as well as extraordinary design make 2020 Honda Pilot interesting “player” in the automotive market. It remains to wait, when they announced the official price of a novelty.

Home sales in Russia updated 2020 Honda Pilot is scheduled for the autumn of this year.