2020 Honda CR-V

Matured Japanese crossover with a sporty design and a long list of advantages. We present you a reliable and exciting car 2020 Honda CR-V .

Pedigree model began in 1995 and currently has already been 4 successful generation. In , it sold more than 335 000 thousand 2020 Honda Vietnam all over the world, but what can “trigger” for the purchase of model , learn on.

Front, urban crossover has received a progressive design: LED lights with chrome stripes connect together a pair of menacing headlights and grille, foglights “hidden” in a shiny frame and the lower part of the bumper has a solid aluminum protection. It should be noted that the design of the front optics is similar to the model of the Kia the Sorento . On the side, the body is shaped like an arrow to the bow, and the “curved” tail lights and sharp angles give the dynamic window. Inside the convex wheel arches are 18-inch wheels with the original design, “shod” in Dunlop tires. Looking at the back of the feeling of deja vu, as if in front of you a 2007 model release. But actually, if you look closely, it is easy to notice the increased dimensions of headlights, a lower level of the trunk, as well as the protection of the aluminum bottom.

Interior pleases quality of the materials used – some of the best in its class. Most of the panels is made of soft plastic and artificial leather with stitching. On the steering wheel there are two “joystick” with the control buttons, and the speedometer stands out on the driver console, in the middle of which is a small display. Do not forget to 2020 Honda on the green button to save the regime, to the left of the steering wheel. “The seat” is represented by a comfortable soft leather seats with improved lateral support. The center console is located two displays duplicate information, which causes some confusion. Tiny buttons located on the left of the main display, inconvenient to use, and enough force to perform any configuration on the touch screen only. But the blue light gives the impression that you are inside a spaceship. Just below the multimedia system is dual-zone climate control unit, and below the gear lever of the box. Rear passengers have at their disposal a “sofa” with high seating, and an abundance of space for the legs, back and head. And thanks to good sound insulation in the passenger compartment can not hear the wind noise and the wheels.

Under the hood is the familiar 2.4-liter all four-cylinder engine, rated at 185 hp and 245 Nm of torque. In “accompanied” with the continuously variable transmission CVT, all-wheel drive 2020 Honda CR-V in 8.2 seconds from zero to hundreds. I am glad that in the event of a sharp pressing the gas pedal, the transmission responds practically without delay.

The only thing “too tough” novelty – a sharp turns, during which there are rather large banks.

Japanese crossover is equipped with adaptive cruise control, a system of control over the lane and alerts the Congress with her blind controlled zones, as well as a system of emergency braking at speeds up to 40 km / h.

2020 Honda CR-V – the perfect family car that comfort and pleasure will transport you from one park to another supermarket and to deliver children to school, as well as to transport a lot of things to the cottage.