2020 Honda CR-V – updated cross-connecting from Japan

In the middle of last year, the company 2020 Honda officially unveiled their car 2020 Honda CR-V for the European market. In fact, this crossover is exactly repeats the shape of the fourth-generation 2020 Honda CR-V , intended for sale in the North American market. Well, the difference is except that only in a different color execution turn signals.

In the international arena the European crossover from the Japanese company made its debut, more importantly, at the Moscow Motor Show .

Let’s go back a bit in history. The first generation of the crossover called the CR-V has appeared in quite far already in 1995. That is the next model year will be twenty years. One way or another, but the first generation was relevant until 2002, when he was replaced by a new version prepared. She held out on a conveyor belt for five years, and 2007 was a year for the debut of the third generation of Japanese prossovera account. Another five years passed, and today it is the fourth generation is important. The new generation should be expected only after three or four years.

Throughout its existence, regardless of the generation crossover enjoyed a high enough demand. Actually, the car deserves. In preparing the fifth generation, before the company 2020 Honda was a serious challenge to surpass in all components of the third generation, which, in principle, at the moment is still the most successful.


If you look at a photo and video materials, it becomes clear – the designers have tried very well. Indeed, the appearance turned out excellent. Compared with the US version does not make sense, because unlike you’ll find only one thing – it is white headlights on the front turn signals.

2020 Honda CR V 2016 photo

The front part of the lure narrowed slightly predatory headlights with rather complicated content, which, of course, there was a place and LEDs. They serve as daytime running lights. Plus a very stylish and modern look trim grille with three chrome bars and a label maker on the second of them. The front bumper is quite massive and includes a special plastic overlay for the crossovers. Along the edges of the bumper into the mesh recesses housed fog lights.

It is worth mentioning that the plastic protection not only prevents damage to the front, but also present at the wheel arches, on the lower edges of the side doors and even on the rear bumper.

2020 Honda CR V photo

In profile, of course, the car became more solid, more stricter and more interesting. There is no longer the ease that was present at the third generation. But it’s a good thing. Extended wheel arches, stylish and successful size side doors, trim door handles, and modern exterior mirrors with integrated turn signals repeaters successfully complete the look.

2020 Honda DAB 2016 photo

Behind it is impossible not to notice the huge, almost vertical trunk lid, which is decorated with a small glass. Overall LED lights have filled. The correct form, practical approach to the creation of the back of the designers did not stop to make exquisite and attractive feed.

Actual dimensions of the car are as follows:

  • length – 4570 mm
  • height – 1650 mm
  • width – 1820 millimeters
  • wheelbase – 2620 mm
  • ground clearance (clearance) – 185 millimeters.


It is pleasant to note improvement of the quality of finishing materials used. Now, 2020 Honda CR-V fourth generation even look inside looks even better. Although the precursor is unlikely to complain in terms of interior design.

Torpedo got a new shape, a center console abated somewhat in size, but the handle of the gearbox is still very well positioned and convenient for the driver.

Photo interior of the new 2020 Honda CR V 2016

The first row now allows you to get more free space. The driver and front passenger are placed on modern, anatomically correct seats, equipped with a heating system and, if necessary, the driver’s seat will complement electric drive. At the same time the seat was lowered to 10 centimeters down when compared with the position of the chairs in the crossover predecessor.

2020 Honda CR V 2016 interior pictures

Multifunctional steering wheel right size optitronnaya instrument panel, easy to read and easily manageable data rates give an extra reason to praise those who are engaged in these issues in the company 2020 Honda.

The center console has traditionally placed a screen entertainment system for five inches, and is located directly under the climatic equipment control unit.

The new 2020 Honda CRV 2016 photo from behind the cabin

For the back row – a separate praise. Engineers placed the sofa almost four centimeters lower, which will now even very tall passengers do not feel the lack of a place in the top of the head. Plus sofa itself provides the ability to easily carry three passengers, with adults and with any dimensions. Even sitting in the middle is quite convenient, as the central transmission tunnel is practically absent.

Photo CRV trunk in the year 2016

Enjoy Japanese chip pleased. The fact that the back row equipped with a special electric. In the process of folding chairs begins pressing the desired button. The process takes only fifteen seconds. Due to this, the standard boot capacity 569 liters converted in 1669 liters of free and available space for loading things.


In principle, we have called a lot of equipment and options that the company now offers a 2020 Honda for his crossover. But still we want to call some of the components separately.

Purchasing 2020 Honda CR-V, you can optionally receive:

  • dual-zone climate control
  • actuator on the driver’s seat
  • heated front seats
  • Heated outside mirrors
  • electric exterior mirrors
  • telescopic steering column adjustment
  • advanced audio system
  • a modern multi-media system with DVD support
  • adaptive cruise control
  • for stripe vehicle tracking system
  • leather upholstery
  • ABS safety system, EBD
  • Break Assist
  • when the trailer stabilization system installation
  • System Stability
  • warning system of possible collision with automatic stop
  • full power
  • etc. airbag.

Paris debut a restyled version

While in Paris, we found out not too many details about the updated version of the crossover 2020 Honda CR-V in Japan. In appearance, a new optics with LED filling, as well as a slightly modified radiator grille. We changed a little design exterior mirrors and offered new options for wheels. Even behind the modernized bumper appeared, although from the previous distinguish it can be difficult.

Updated 2020 Honda CR V 2016 the year

Inside, changes in general almost none. Only the replacement of the former multimedia display diagonal of 5 inches by 7 inches larger air ducts and rear passengers podrihtovannye reissuance of the armrest on the center can somehow jump into the eye.

When there was a restyling version at the Paris Motor Show, announced the addition of several new features. Namely:

  1. powered driver’s seat in 10 ways
  2. adaptive cruise control
  3. tracking system that prevents inadvertently cross the road markings
  4. frontal collision warning system.


Ever since November last year the car is available in Russia. First, the car is offered only with four-wheel drive and two-liter engine with 150 horsepower. But it is completely digested 92 gasoline, which saves the cost of refueling.

For basic equipment for their crossover 2020 Honda asks of 1.18 million rubles. For this money, the car will be equipped with six-speed manual gearbox and the engine by 150 hp Due to the base equipment includes:

  • eight airbags
  • multimedia system
  • heated front seats
  • dual-zone climate control
  • alloy wheels 18 inches
  • ESP and ABS systems.

If you want the same packaging, but with an automatic gearbox have to pay on top of another 50 thousand.

A further embodiment of equipment worth 1.38 million rubles with the mechanics, or from 1.45 million for the version with automatic retrofitted a 2020 Honda CR-V such options.:

  • fog lights
  • advanced audio system 6 speakers
  • rear view camera
  • rain sensor
  • electrically folding exterior mirrors
  • front and rear parking sensors.

In March last year, is now available version of 2020 Honda CR-V with a more powerful engine, which is offered in four different trim levels, costing from 1.39 to 1.65 million rubles.

As for the updated version, then it is likely to retain the level of cost dorestaylingovoy crossover or slightly increase, which is likely. As in Europe, sales will begin only next spring, its pricing policy 2020 Honda decided not to voice. Yet it will focus on current-day prices.


We remind you the technical characteristics of the current version yet, and say, what has changed in the engine compartment restyled version.

Thus, in Europe the 2020 Honda CR-V currently offered with a diesel engine of 2.2 liters and output of 150 horsepower, as well as the new engine of 1.6 liters and output of 120 horsepower.

This 2.2-liter diesel unit fell producer choice when 2020 Honda decided which one to replace diesel. In its place will be another version of the 1.6-liter engine, which will give out 160 horsepower.

Photo powertrain 2020 Honda CR V 2016

The new diesel power unit that is true, is only available in a version with all-wheel drive. Instead, buyers will have a choice of transmission. So, a couple of the engine can make a six-speed mechanics or the nine-gun.

Apparently, the gasoline engine will leave. The decision reasonable, because this engine is 2.0 liters and 150 horsepower. It is in high demand because it cost a little bit cheaper than the crossover with diesel powertrains.

Also, Russia must continue to deliver the 2020 Honda CR-V to the present only in the middle of last year engine capacity of 2.4 liters. This petrol powerplant with 190 horsepower and 220 Nm of torque came many to taste.


What dorestaylingovoy that the updated and presented in Paris crossover from the Japanese company produces the most positive impression. Yes, and reviews of the owners say the same thing.

2020 Honda CR-V image

Of course, restyling went to benefit the crossover from 2020 Honda company, though much in the car not needed. But if the Japanese found it necessary to do so, they know better. As soon as the update point than global, it’s time to talk about the output of the fifth generation already. When it will be – no one knows. Of course, restyling says that the manufacturer wants to hold an actual model a couple of years. It was during those two or three years, the company will begin the preparation of the fifth generation of the crossover. Do not be surprised if the designers and engineers are already thinking what would be the car’s appearance, and what parameters will have a novelty.