2020 Great Wall Voleex C30

According to official information sedan Chinese 2020 Great Wall Voleex C30 soon, or rather in the spring of will appear in the showrooms of Russian cities. The fame of the Russian market due to the Chinese company received the first sedan 2020 Great Wall C30 Volex (Voleex C30), it went on sale in May 2010 and sold these off-road vehicles on the Russian market under the name Hover.

Chinese production model sedan 2020 Great Wall Voleex C30 occurs at factories in China (Baoding) and Bulgaria (Bahovista). Most interesting is that in Ukraine, which is located next door compact sedan Voleex C30 became available to motorists at the very beginning of 2011. Buy model 2020 Great Wall Voleex C30 may be as low as 109 900 to 124 000 for a complete set Comfort. In Russia, according to preliminary information, dealer price for 2020 Great Wall Voleex C30 will be about 450 000 – 500 000 rubles. Also there is information that the car will be produced at the plant Tagaz, which is located in Taganrog.

2020 Great Wall Voleex C30 Photos

At first glance, sedan Voleex C30 has a modest exterior design simple and concise lines, but really simple and unique style looks attractive. Compared to its competitors, budget class sedan fits into the general pattern. It is understood that before the appearance of the Volkswagen Polo and Hyundai Solaris Chinese profile is still far, but the 2020 Great Wall Voleex C30 easy way to draw attention to his person, this can be ascertained by looking photos and video of this kid sedan in this article. The car is very neat, modern and harmoniously balanced, all thanks to the Chinese designers, which is not bad at this job.

In front of the body are located quite compact headlamps, radiator falshreshotka has a narrow shape and three chrome crossbar, the bumper feature classic round foglights. Profile of the Chinese sedan looks solid and rational. Compact hood pokatnoy form on rear-view mirrors are repeaters turns, doorways large enough volume of feed indicates roomy luggage compartment, the roof is almost flat and has a powerful rear pillars under the wheel arches are tires 185 / 65K15 disk 15 radius of legkosplava or become.

Photos of 2020 Great Wall C3 Volex

At the rear you can see the eye-catching volume ceiling dimensions, unique luggage compartment lid, which is decorated with inset chrome and stylish bumper with aerodynamic reliefs.

  • Body size of the new 2020 Great Wall C30 Volex has 4452 mm in length, the width of the new items in 1705 mm and 1480 mm car.
  • Wheelbase is 2610 mm, ground clearance of 155 mm. Track of wheels: front – 1471mm, rear – 1457 mm.
  • The total weight of the sedan ranges 1200-1220 kg.

According to announcements, the Chinese manufacturer became known that the sedan Gretvol Volex C30 is European with the class. But the right is likely attributed to the sedan overgrown B-class, where the models have similar dimensions in length and wheelbase.

Now about the awards, in February 2011 sedan 2020 Great Wall Voleex C30 received 5 stars for safety based on crash test results at the site China-NCAP, and in December 2011 received a certificate in marketing on European Union. With the certificate of the Chinese company was able to sell the sedan in all EU countries.

  • The new model Voleex C30 has five variants of body color: black, white, bright blue, bright red and silver.

Feedback from owners and journalists from Ukraine auto publications, Salon sedan 2020 Great Wall C30 Voliks really leaves a good impression, not looking at the budget materials, but with an eye on costs. Casing inexpensive fabrics and artificial leather, hard plastic, but all interior elements are assembled really high quality. When the vehicle is in motion, the cabin is no extraneous sounds, cod and squeaks of plastic, very quiet. Another of the advantages of the cabin – a modern look, various shelves for small items in the rear seats only two headrests, but the five-seat sedan fully.

Photo salon 2020 Great Wall C3 Volex

Let’s look at the front for the driver and passenger seat. Front row chairs are very comfortable, tightly packed, good profile and backrest cushions and still have the support of the side bolsters. Though when you turn they almost do not keep, but still nice that they are there. There are some mistakes developers: a front-row seat-mounted above the standard and if the height of more than 185 cm, it is simply rested on the ceiling, it is not enough travel control wheel adjustment, well, it’s probably all, do not wake up to find fault, you know that we are talking about the budget Chinese sedan.

Interior 2020 Great Wall C3 Volex photo

The front of the sedan’s interior can be seen outwardly beautiful instrument panel on which there is a trip-computer, convenient and easy steering wheel and the original torpedo from a central console.

The rear seats are comfortable arranged for three passengers, the place is sufficient, the legs do not abut, but the head does not press the shelves. Due to the wide doorway, boarding and disembarking from the car is very comfortable.

The rear seats 2020 Great Wall C3 Volex photo

Major food model ensures the trunk with large cargo capacity, the volume stowed the luggage compartment is 510 liters. Large wide opening at the bottom is kept full reserve, and if necessary, the rear seat backrest can be lowered and increase the luggage compartment, but a flat floor without leave. Although it’s a sedan, he and 510 liters is enough.

Trunk 2020 Great Wall Voleex C30 Photos

In the Russian market new Chinese sedan 2020 Great Wall C30 Voliks release will be available in several packaging options. Let’s look at a complete set Luxe: has two front airbags, door unit while driving, ABS and EBD, fastening isofix specifically for child seats, interior chipped finish fabric discs with 15 radius of legkosplavov, air conditioning, front seats heated mirrors, central locking audio formats MP3, CD, USB, power windows for all four doors, mirrors, electrically (rear), fog lights front and rear parking sensors, the ability to adjust the steering column on the scale in height, as well as power steering. Yeah then do not say anything, it is a decent set.

At the very top of the range Super Luxe has everything listed above and added: steering wheel rim has a leather finish and easy audio control, power sunroof and climate control.


On the technical side sedan 2020 Great Wall Voleex C30 has at its disposal an independent front suspension, as well as MacFerson rack, rear suspension with auto semidependent beam, brake discs on all wheels, front wheel drive.

2020 Great Wall C30 Voliks under the hood of which the four-cylinder engine with 1.5 liter, multi-point fuel injection, as well as a system VVT variable valve timing adjustment. Sedan eating 92nd gasoline and exhaust all norms corresponds to Euro IV standard. Engine power is 105 hp and torque of 138 Nm.

A choice has two gearbox, five-speed manual transmission and CVT variable CVT. According to the developers, the sedan can reach a top speed of 170 km / h, fuel consumption in mixed conditions is 6.8 liters.

In Ukraine sedan 2020 Great Wall C30 Voliks can be bought from Bulgarian production, this model is a gasoline 97 hp engine with less power. In fact, the difference between the motor is very small, it is almost not there. Acceleration up to hundreds of two variants of the motor is achieved in approximately 12 seconds, fuel consumption in urban areas about 10 liters of gasoline, but not less.

Separately want to note the good side of the sedan suspension tuning Voliks C30. It would seem that the standard suspension, but the Chinese craftsmen have managed to set it up so that on the one hand it smoothes small and medium-sized pits, sometimes even larger, without feeling for passengers. On the other hand, the suspension does not allow body roll in cornering, confident high-speed control is guaranteed, you can not worry about losing control of the car hard. More surprising, that while driving when the arrow has passed for 150 km / h, the Chinese sedan behave confidently and easily manage it enjoyable and interesting.

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